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Raja Rajan.k (Engineer)     24 April 2012

Husband and wife

Dear sir,

Hi,My sister given dowry case in 2010 against her mother in law,father in law and husband.My brother in law staying always in abroad after marriage.We are trying our best to bring my brother in law to India through legally,but Police and court is not taking any action.After that we depute one lawyer,there is no improvements.From their side Intentially they are making delay the case like they are bringing case from local court to High court like that for various reason to escape from the case one by one.

Some time he is coming and going to India  in short period.Even I informed to Police that time but no use.

I given my request to SP but no action.

1.Now My Problem is how to bring my brother in law from abroad to india through legally?

2.How to expedite my case to bring the result or fast way to finish this case?

3.If any other way to move my case to solve issues?

4.Can you tell me any specialist lawyer in chennai for this type of problem to give ideas?

Thanks and regards




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Shantanu Wavhal (Worker)     24 April 2012

everything in court happens on legal grounds

furnish ur evidences if u want the court to take some action.

Anjuru Chandra Sekhar (Advocate )     24 April 2012

Inform the consulate office of the country in which your brother in law is residing about the case filed against your brother in law.  Even Email will do. Their laws do not generally permit people who are booked in the country of origin to reside in their country.  They will send him back.

Raja Rajan.k (Engineer)     24 April 2012


Thanks for your Information,

Whether I have to send  FIR no to Indian embassy which he has been staying that country or In India residing  that country embassy.

Any Evidence like  police FIR copy or court copy.Please send me your confirmation.

Anjuru Chandra Sekhar (Advocate )     24 April 2012

Copy of FIR and Notice served by Court will do. To the embassy of that country in India. If you have copy of his passport, visa also encose those copies too. However let me admit, I am not sure whether this will work because it all depends on the laws of that country. Generally every country takes care to ensure that criminals of other countries do not land up in their country.  In that process they make strict rules to avoid giving visa or citizenship to people having criminal background.  Just try your luck.  If this clicks, it will trouble him and may force him to come back to India.

Raja Rajan.k (Engineer)     25 April 2012


Thanks for your information!

Anyother section can I file against him,Kindly inform me?

I already file domestic violence case and dowry case both.He is simply earning money only,he does not care his wife.So let me know anyother section I can file?

manish (cdsdfasd sdf)     25 April 2012

you cannot just send an fir copy to indian embassy and expect them to make your brother in law return home. He may be not staying in a banana republic..

has ur BIL done some serious thing like murder or terrorism that you expect him to be deported. Just because you have a grudge against him doesnt mean that the country where he resides will take action against him. Moreover even the supreme court says that 498a is legal terrorism, your attempt also looks like using the law against him.

its very easy to put 498a against the boys family - people think that only the boy's family suffer. its clear that you and your family is suffering too.





>He is simply earning money 

>I already file domestic violence case and dowry case both


=He is earning money and & begging to you dowry from foreign country?


another simple fake case so court is not interested.

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