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reunion2   01 August 2015

How to stop wife coming to office

Hi All,


Actually i am not staying with my wife last 6-7 months. First 6 moths my mother was not well so i was taking care of her in which she didn't help me. Last 1 month i came and join my regular office. First 6 months i was in my home town and she was in Bangalore (My work place). Now i am in Bangalore and staying in PG. She knows that i joined the office and each alternate day she used to come to office and do hungama at office reception. As i am planning for dioverce i don't want to stay with her. What should i do to stop her coming to office. I am planning to file dioverce case not now might be 3 months down the line. I can say to Security not to entertain her and ask to leave whenever she comes. But the problem comes when she simply sits at reception at night 9-10 PM. 


Should i complain to Police that she is giving me problem or should i ask the same to do by Office security.





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prabhakar advocate (advocate)     01 August 2015

It is obstinacy on your part not to have communication with your wife, who may want to settle the problems.  She is still your legally wedded wife and has got legal, moral and statutory right to have your companionship.  You have left her no choice to stoop so level to come to your office regularly and wrangle with your security staff and face awakward hours in their and entire staff's presence.  You look at it in unidirection that her intention to come to your office and create a hungama is only to rile you down and run you down and ridicule you before your colleagues. But there is another side of story.  Your inaccessibility in private places forced her to take such drastic steps harming your and her prestige in the public eye. 

Now, you can try this legal course of action, which I doubt myself how far you can achieve and effective:  File a civil suit for permanent injunction along with interim application for temporary injunction in the civil court seeking prohibiting her to enter your office premises and stay there and communicate with you.  If the court grants such relief to you, court also will ensure that she will have access to your person in someother place.

I am sorry my legal advice is distasteful to you.

reunion2   01 August 2015

Thanks Prabhakar. You are wrong that she wants my companionship. We are married last 3 yrs. i know her very well she just want to give me tension. I talked to her last week. She told tat she just want me and ahe will not take care of my parents. Actually my mother got strokes 7 months before and due to that i was in my home town for take case. When i asked to give accompany she denied. What i feel both wants separation but just the matter is WHO will start the thread.


Olle henti, olle gand padkolaku padkondbandirbeku.

Appa ammana nodkolo hendti sigodu bahala rare. Getting wife who takes care of old age parents is like finding penguin in banshankari IIIrd stage.

These are the days when guys want some girl who can take care of themselves a bit and also take care of the praani called as husband, and this is the year 2015, and you are expecting your wife to look after your old age parents?  Dont you think you are expecting too much where chopped vegetables are availabe in supermarkets?


Be advised that getting divorce is not a joke and you are headed towards dooms day.  If your wife talekett contests divorce case, you will spend ext 10 years in court hall and drinking.


This one has this problems, new one will come with newer problems.


I suggest you somehow carry on with this wife itself.  Dont be too harsh on wife and your own life.

Amol Kende (No)     01 August 2015

Ok i have different side your wife needs consiler treatement,

Its different aspect of Gyanprakash but now its legally bind to the sons to take care to the old aged perents correct?

henc if he staying with wife then old aged mother father will charege and if staying with mother father wife will charge its correct its not easy to balance on that but brother its a life more than that married life you have to balance there your wife can stay with her mother father might be remarried after divorce but what will do your mother father if no body take care him?



Philosophy has no place in law and judiciary.U have not mentioned the reasons clearly for her behaviour.U need two hands to clap,but U are showing only one hand.Come out with real facts for her behaviour to obtain a correct legal solution.

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