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Naga (Software Engineer)     03 October 2009

How to retain land alloted to a freedom fighter in Hyderabad

Hi All,

My hearty greetings!!

My Query is:  30 Years ago, Government has alloted 12 acres land(in Hyd) to my Grand Father who is a Freedom Fighter. We lost those allotment papers in a fire accident at our home in Karepally, Khammam(Dt)  long back.
Please find below my queries:
1. From where we can get the copies of that allotment papers
2. Is it possible to retain our land now?
Kindly respond to my query and help us to retain our land.
Anticipating your reply.

Kind Regards,



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Y V Vishweshwar Rao (Advocate )     03 October 2009

It is better to contact the Village officer and obtaiain the Pahanies of the Sadi Survey Number , it will be recorded as Freedom Fighters Assigned land , you may also get some proceedings in the MRO /Thahasil Office , or in RDO Office or in District Collector office , The assignment records will be maintaiend in a particular section of the said Office/s , there will be a separate file for these assignments in Collector Office , There will a Govt Memo or GO for these assigned lands , contact Advocate for searching all these records and to get copies of the said records , it is better immidietly obtain the pahanies they will give some information to get copies of other connected records .If the land is still recorded in the name of Your GF and he & his family members is/are recorded in possesison , there is no problem in retaining the land You have to furnish the Survey Number and Village name. name of the Mandal/Tq and Dsitrict, to the Advocate for Search of records !

Raj Kumar Makkad (Adv P & H High Court Chandigarh)     03 October 2009

Opinion of vishweshar Rao is complete in all respects.

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Naga (Software Engineer)     03 October 2009

Hi Visheshwar rao,

Thanks for your valuable information. As per your comments, we will proceed further.

Please find below my queries:

1. From where we have to collect the pahanies/connected records. ( Hyderabad-place where land is alloted   Or  Village where we stay- 300kms from Hyd)

2. My Grand father has passed away in 1993. Son/Grand son can fight on this?   And what if my father details are not recorded at the time of allotment.

3. Just came to know that ,  land has been alloted in the early 1960's and there were no registrations at that time. Only Govt. records will be there. That will do???

4. Around 1965, My GF has taken loan on that land and repayed also.  Does this add more favour?

Thanks for your valuable information.

Kind Regards,


Y V Vishweshwar Rao (Advocate )     03 October 2009

1- From Thahasil Office under which Your Lands are situated & From Village Officer where your  Land is  situated - palce where the land is situated

2- Your father and You can fight for the land ,

3- Yes - that will Do  -  No Registration of any deed is required for Assigned land - Assignment orders / records / pahan ies  are sufficient  records

4-Taking Loan in 1965  by Your GF agaisnt the Security of the said  Land is one of the Plus Point for you  .


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Naga (Software Engineer)     04 October 2009

Oky... Couple of more queries I've are:

1. Against whom we can fight,   if  hundreds of houses are built  in that 12 acres of land???

2. Wt can we do,    If anybody questions us  that,  what we did in these 30-40 yrs without visiting / take care of that land.

3. One more thing I heard is:  if any body is staying in a house/place for certain period of time ( around 10/20 yrs),   that place/house becomes of their own..   Is it true?  In this case,  how can we proceed?

Kind Regards,


Y V Vishweshwar Rao (Advocate )     04 October 2009

 Mr r Naga    you have not mentioned all these facts in  your query-  in Fiorst  Posting ,

However ;-

1- Yes- if you are not in possession for about 12/10/20/30/40  years - your rights are extinghished  by eflux of time - adverse possession infavour of the persons in occupation will be point in their favour  

2- If there is any open place of your land with out any body occupation , you cna take steps agaisnt the part of that open place -

3- It is true the question that - what you were doing all these years is there - is point againt you

4- Adverse Possession of other  parties will effect your rights

It is better to personally discuss with  any Advocate  for take a conlusion on the issue considering all the facts of your land   !


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Sarvesh Kumar Sharma Advocate (Advocacy)     04 October 2009

agree with mr. rao's view.

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Naga (Software Engineer)     26 December 2009

Hello Vishwesharrao,

Sorry for the late reply. Thanks for your valuable suggestions. At last we managed to get Pahanies and came to know that its an open place in the city outskirts. Could you please let me know the next steps we need to follow to retain our land and get it registered on my father name?

Also, how could we know if it is already registered on somebody else?

I await your reply.

Thanking you in anticipation.



Y V Vishweshwar Rao (Advocate )     26 December 2009

You can apply for Survey of Your land and get the Boundary Stones fixed by the Survey and ladn records , by that you will be knowing whther the entire land is occupied by some others or a part is occupied by others or it is totally vacant land

Apply for Mutation in the name of Your father and initiate mutation proceedeigns 

Apply for EC on the entire Syrvey number and ask the SRO to reflect all the transactiosn which took place on the Survy number so that you will be k nowing  about any trasaction on the land


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Raj Kumar Makkad (Adv P & H High Court Chandigarh)     28 December 2009

I do agree with Rao.

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Naga (Software Engineer)     28 December 2009

Thanks for your suggestions. I will update you about the progress.



Naga (Software Engineer)     31 December 2009

Hello Vishweshwarrao,

We got pahanies and till 1985, it is showing my grand father's name. we have taken pahanies from 1970. As per the pahanies, from 1985 to 2000,  that 10acres land is distributed among 4 persons (2.21, 2.22, 2.20,2.20).

What shall we do now?  As per my knowledge, no one can sell/buy Govt assingned land (political sufferer). Can we do anything by taking shethwar & other related documents in collector office?

I await your early response.



Y V Vishweshwar Rao (Advocate )     31 December 2009

1- As per the Pahanies from 1985 the land is distibutated among 4 persons - who  are the said perosn  - how it is  distributed - Whate  are the documents of the said  distribution - ?

2- Freedom  Fighters Assigned land   sale is not  prohibited   as  per the Terms of the Assignment - i.e;- After Ten years from the dat eof assignment

3- You can take the other records

4- Whether it is  sold by your grand father ?  How the said  4 persons  distributed the said  land among themselves ?

Details are required for further consideration  !



Naga (Software Engineer)     31 December 2009

As of now, we dont have any information regarding the distribution. we need to gather more info on how their names are populating in the pahanies. 

We are sure, that our grand father didn't sold land to anybody.  Kindly suggest us on how we can proceed further in this case and what are all documents/information we need to collect?

Between,   I wish you and all members in the group,  WISH YOU A HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Many Thanks for your quick response and will look forward for all the needed help.



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