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How to prove in court that there was never intercourse

Page no : 2

V R SHROFF (Sr. ADVOCATE Bombay High Court Mob: 9892432152)     30 March 2012

listen trial of rape cases, you will learn a lot, how long it traced, 30 days!!, even more 


listen Medico cross examination by defence lawyer in Sessions Court 9 u/s 375/ 376) you will learn a lot abt it. 

V R SHROFF (Sr. ADVOCATE Bombay High Court Mob: 9892432152)     30 March 2012


Roshni B.. (For justice and dignity)     30 March 2012

@mr shroff


i have been reading your wise,intelligent replies in this thread since 2day afternoon.


kindly ignore these retarded fools as they have nth. better in hand.


i am curious to know something from an enlightened member like u..


u said 30 days.


but here the author says he's separated for 1 other words,not enjoying s*x for 1 how will he prove absence of his semen?

the wife can always say that his semen cannot be found in her >>>>>> since they have been separated for 1 year.


please clear this..


Tajobsindia (Senior Partner )     31 March 2012

Civil remedy for @ Author:

What we understood from query is that the @ Author is "contemplating filing divorce" on grounds of "no intercourse" resulting into 'mental cruelty" to him. I suggest him not to take this ground and instead use grounds of "frigidity" of his wife resulting into "no intercourse at all from day 1 of his marriage" hence "mental cruelty" to him. There are catena of Citations from SC down to various HC’s reading them and or using them during pleadings will help you succeed. See wven SC says s*x is the foundation of marriage and marriage without s*x is an anathema. This suggested ‘ground’ is devils unbeatable "ground" and he will get divorce.


1. “Frigidity” of a woman is equivalent in words and phrases interpretation as per matrimonial common Law to be what is used for men the blasphemy word - “impotency”. I am just suggesting same ‘allegation’ of common Law to wife of yours and now see the fun how she and her side twists and turns trying to prove which cannot be 50:50% unproved from her side at all

2. @ Authors wife as per his query says 'they' have 'healthy s*xual relationship" means they had and or were having intercourse which also means they were 'cohabiting' as husband and wife inside four corners of their 'bedroom'. Law takes inferences by this that the marriage has been "consummated" - right? see the devils inference how it builds your case.

3. Whereas actually the husband is confessing within four corners of his devils chamber that "his marriage was never consummated" - right ! So how on earth they were actually believed to be 'cohabiting" before society they keep as 'husband and wife' having 'consummated" their marriage? Your advocate needs these to stress in reverse engineering pleadings to draw inferences upon inferences.  

4. Now the moment @ Author takes the ground of "frigidity" of his wife from day 1 of their marriage wife as usual will try to cover her 50% wrongs as her proof that "see my lord she is no more like a virgin" and "she had s*xual intercourse" several times during "cohabitation" and here are array of parroted witnesses - right J Now, is the time when the @ Author now subjects his wife to gyane. And path tests to prove and or to come to his side of 50% rights probability assumption to prove his ground for 'divorce"

5. Sum-total result from 1 till 4 will be that in gyne. and path. tests wife's v**gina will speak for itself that "she is not habitual to s*xual intercourse" the moment this is planted as 'doubt" the case of this @ Author is proved before matrimonial Court. The @ Author will now succeed and he will get divorce and no Law on India can stop this @ Author not to send his wife for gyne. and path tests and for specific tests names he can come here later and we will give him names of those tests which we use in "rape" cases to demolish "frivolous female victims" allegations ki rape ho gaya ji mera. Till that time all @ Author needs is a devil criminal advocate to file and take forward his civil matrimonial case and not an ordinary civil matrimonial lawyer to service previous thought ‘grounds’ for divorce.



Lastly I once again reiterate that @ Roshni you should leave this legal forum if you have any shame left.

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Dear Tajobsindia,

Your article is very intresting and educative.Its better to put a coma to this thread than keeping on giving scope for misunderstandings.Enough has been adviced by the experts,and by this time the ignorant qureists would have gained ample knowledge of this thread.

Niny (Junior Advocate)     02 April 2012

Science can dig up dynasor, before million years.

if it dry in a day?? who you r born after 9 months??


No s*x can be proved . even after two years.

Aid & cancer  starts after 3-4 years of contact, s*x or tobacco/ gutkha.

Science test have unlimited  capability to finf out the fact.

Husband  can suceed to prove. .

Swapnil Shirodkar (Process Control Engineer)     13 April 2012

Shroff Sir, we are happy to see u online... Please dont get upset by the postings of some irresponsible ppl... I have heard many things about you thru my friend and indeed youre a great asset for Victims who need geniune help..

randomethic (Professional)     13 April 2012

Your first line says she didn't want to have s*x with you because of constant quarelling....if you are fighting all the time with each other, why do you expect her to still want to respond to your s*xual advances? 

I do not think it is fair to label her as frigid or purposely denying you s*xual pleasure at all. Women's needs for s*x differ greatly from men and often, they are unable to respond once there is a fight or if there is a continued state of disharmony with the spouse. 

It would be preferable if you actually get counselling with her rather than just claiming mental cruelty and filing for divorce on those grounds. 

Does she refuse your advances even when there is peace? How do you behave towards her, when you fight? Do you call her ugly, unattractive, etc. etc.? Please understand that when you both quarrel you are also part of the fight. Just because you are able to get over the fight quickly and want to have s*x afterwards, it is not necessary and essential for her to want the same. Neither is that unreasonable or cruel.

randomethic (Professional)     13 April 2012

The reasons why she denies you s*x can be best explored by counselling by a third person. Explore why before you jump the divorce gun. Maybe you need more s*x than she does...I don't know the truth behind how you have been married and lived together for so much time and never once had intercourse..but if it is true, I would suggest counselling before divorce. 

Also, can I ask why you're choosing to discuss your s*x life with your relatives and hers? Either side is likely to be biased not to mention, if your wife is not very open about s*x, you might just be embarassing her and putting her off further.

Get counselling.

Shonee Kapoor (Legal Evangelist - TRIPAKSHA)     15 April 2012

Shroff Sir are experienced and mature enough not to give weight to such ramblings.





Shonee Kapoor


she is simply harrasing you.

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