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CompelledToLearnLaw (Financial Examiner)     09 July 2015

How to inspect a file of a case which has been disposed

Dear experts, a divorce case proceeded exparte and the prayer was allowed uncontested. Now, to assure himself, the petitioner would like to inspect the court file. He does not want certified copies. He just wants to inspect all the content of the file to satisfy himself. How can he inspect the file after the district judge has already disposed the case about a week ago? The petitioner is familiar with the reader of the judge and the reader will most likely allow the petitioner to view the file at a cost of 1000 rupees or thereabouts. The money is not the issue but the petitioner would like to see the file legally. Pls offer directions to inspect the file legally. I mean where do I deposit the application to inspect the file? Is it in front of the same judge who disposed the case or do I need to go to the registry? Or is there another way? 


Thanks and appreciations.




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CompelledToLearnLaw (Financial Examiner)     29 September 2015

For information's sake, here's the answer:


Whether the case is pending, decided, withdrawn, or whatever else: just approach any two-bit photocopier in the courtroom complex and ask for a form for a file inspection. The photocopier, the loser, may tell u that only a lawyer can inspect the file (not true). Plssssssssssssssssssssss do not ask anyone to help u to fill the form. Just ask a person, who looks like a lawyer, to direct u to the Inspection Room. Go to the Inspection Room and be humble: explain them ur situation and they will help u to fill out the form. In my district, the form is less than a page long. So it should take u no more than 10 minutes to fill the form. A few rupees worth of stamps will go on it. If u reach the Inspection Room in the early morning, u should be able to inspect ur file on the same day. Otherwise, the next day should not be a problem.


I approached the Inspection Room after 11am. So they told me that I would have to wait until tomorrow. Personally, I believe that time is more meaningful than money so I offered money to the guy working there and he declined my offer very politely but advised me to try my luck in the room where they store the files. Went there, offered to pay the guy to look up the file. The guy there looked for the file but the file was not there. Regardless, offfered to pay him but he said no and  he directed me to the room where the files r stored temporarily for a particular judge or for a particular courtroom. Went there and found the file, inspected the file (It's so illegal but it's India). The main guy there asked me to pay his helper "kuch nominal amount." I paid the helper Rs 300. Believe me, if I wanted, whether the case was pending or decided, I could've stolen any document, if not the whole file, by paying some nominal amount to the corrupt court officers.


So anyway: it was a piece of cake: applied for certified copies and inspected the file, both, within less than 90 mins. Cost: official cost Rs 20 plus the unofficial cost of 300. Boost to the self-confidence: priceless. In life in general, if u think u r smart, try doing ur own chores: I do my own taxes, my own plumbing, electrical work, most of my car repairs, most of my home maintenance etc. Not only u do a more honest job than the professionals but u also give a boost to ur savings account and to ur self confidence. 

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