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Hello All,

I would like to put my details:


I got a CIBIL report from  CIBIL two weaks bank through online. There was some discrepencies under one account. I then immediately raised a Dispute request and simultanuiously sent letter to the concerned bank. 


Post 3 days of the letter to bank , I have recieved a reponse that they have updated the data and requested me to verfy with CIBIL. I thought of calling CIBIL and called them up , they told me the account has been deleated from the report. I was surprised to hear that. To confirm again I then called up CIBIL after two days and then the response I got they are waiting from response from the bank. 


When I told them that two days before I got response from CIBIL that the account has been deleated then after that he told me yes the account has been deleated. Then I thought of asking the bank as way the account was deleated as generally the account in CIBIL remains for 7 years if not updated after being closed.


I then sent letter to the bank asking about the update in CIBIL related to the account. After two days I got reponse that the account is already updated and they have even shared wth me the updated data.


I then again called up CIBIL , then they are saying they are waiting for bank response and when I asked about the account delation then they responded that the account has not been deleated.


I basically wanted to say the CIBIL has been misleading me in the report updation and telling me lies which amounts to mental harassment and CIBIL being a very serious issue.


I would like to complain against CIBIL and escalate to the higher management in CIBIL. Since info@cibil.com does not go to officer rank / higher management. 


I would like to know how can I escalate and complaint against CIBIL to the higher management or shall I complaint to RBI. I don;t want to go to court as I don;t have recorded data of the conversation I had with the CIBIL executives.


Request if canyone can help me on this.








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