how to clear record from lok adalat

Hi Everyone, I had borrowed education loan from SBI in the year 2005 for completing my post graduation. However, I could not repay this loan in timely manner due to financial crisis & then my loan account got transferred for recovery to SBI SARC. SBI had launched a case against me in Lok Adalat for this loan. I repaid entire loan including interest couple of years ago & received no dues certificate from bank. However, during my background verification my employer found that a case was registered against me in lok adalat though it is settled now. I want to know if there is any way to remove my name from the lok adalat records so that it will not reflect in background verification in future. Any suggestion on this matter is highly appreciated.

There is no way in which it is possible to remove the records or your name from the case which had already taken place.

In regard to background check, you can always explain the fact position to whoever asks for details and also show the final settlement of dues. That's it.

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Thank you for the information Sir.It is really appreciated.

Court record remains..

Instead you could have negotiated with M/s SBI to call back your name from list of defaulters in credit bureau’s e.g;  CIBIL, EQUIFAX, EXPERIAN etc etc

Explain the difficulties to employer and convince the employer…




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