how to change sc certificate to obc (i changed religion)?

Hi all. I belog to SC(-C). I have had a job in govt. sector org. A few days back, I did take Baptism and accept Christianity(Don't think in wrong way, I did it on my own will and respect all others' believes).
I have two questions these are asked in the past, but nobody answered related.

1)How to change religion on caste certificate. In which caste I will be considered. Is it BC (OBC)?
   what proofs should I give them for change?

2)Whom and when should I inform this in my job organization? What changes would happen in my job?

Please reply,

Thanks & Regards,

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Christianity comes under minority group.the people of this group may be ST,SC or OBC it all depends on ur cast.

You mean SCs can keep going even after converted to Christianity? I knew that ST's remains same even after conversion to any religion, but if SC's converted their identity goes to BC-C (OBC). So I still waiting for correct answers for my 2 questions.
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sorry you are either worngly advised or wrongly understanding.


See tha language of SC certificate.  You ar eno more SC after converting any any religion other than hidu/sikh/buddhist.


You are now a general candidate. Use of this certificate will now be a crime.


Sceduled casts converted to christianity is classified as BC/OBC.If you are having OBC, obtained from the authority,ie Tahsil you can use the same for service records.




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