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Raju (Software Developer)     28 April 2012

How to approach in check bounce case

Hi Sir,

My Name is Raju. I have check with me which was given my friend. He need to give money to me so he gave check of 30000 which was bounced in the bank. Now i want make a check bounce case but i don't know how approach for this case and how much time it will take if i want approach in this case. if i want approach in this case what are the documents i need to submit to court.How many times i need to attend to court (because am an employee).Please tell the approach details


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DEFENSE ADVOCATE.-firmaction@g (POWER OF DEFENSE IS IMMENSE )     28 April 2012


The case has to be proved beyond doubt at many points that is  a) there was legal liability b) cheque was actually given by the accused from his account , presented  to the bank of the complainant  and returned  for want of funds e) proper dully authorized  legal notice was given f) such legal notice was received by the accused g) thereafter proper pleadings are made and  all documents are attached at first instance while filing the case.


Even if the presumptions are there in NI ACT the accused has legal right to rebut them which is more simple , sure and easy., and complainant  make mistakes on one or more  points/ steps., in over confidence.

k.kumar raja (advocate)     29 April 2012

mr.jsdn is correct

abhinav3060 (lawyer)     29 April 2012

in this case you must first show paper and the reason and proof of loan of 30000 from you .if u dont have that then the case might bounce back against you .you might be caught in a series of litigation.thats why always be carefull whilst lending ,make an agremment and register it u can only expect to fight the case but u still have a merit and upperhand in this case and will get ur 30 k plus damages as mr jsdn has carefull though of not linking any physical contact with the accused raju or going to his place .avoid interaction at all times.

abhinav3060 (lawyer)     30 April 2012

do one thing very clearly and right now ,goto the cop station ,tell them ur problem ,cops often understand if u approach them first in a friendly them 5k to make them witness that they have sufficient evidemnce to prrove u owe 30k so he better pay it or district magistrate will arrest him without even producing him in court .believe me he will fall on your kneees and pay but remember only pay the cop his 5k after ur job is done n pay 2k advance and take help of a beat officer or a inspector.he is being unlawfull go ahead teach him a advise try it and if you want contact me on and i will get it done for you if u tell me where he lives and where u live or only the jurisdiction of this matter .i have my guy take care of this ,this kid will pay you for sure.

ramesh (wer)     30 April 2012


This forum is meant for giving leagl advises, not to give illegal advises  and try to deviate the route.

Law is common for every one.(It is prooved in the recent cases with big shots like politicians,IT tycoons etc,being send behind the bars).Inspite of having billion dollars they could not escape from the law.then 2000 or 3000 Rs is nothing and meaningless.

How ever intelligent the criminal is,he will left a clue (Quote in criminology,proved also in many court cases)

Satyameva jayathe


DEFENSE ADVOCATE.-firmaction@g (POWER OF DEFENSE IS IMMENSE )     30 April 2012

This person is openly abusing the facilities of this site , adm pl check it.

Openly offering that this person has goons with him is itself crime , pl tell where is you that you can face what law and legal procedure is.

ramesh (wer)     30 April 2012

Thanks for the support Mr.JSDN,

Mr.Abhinav please stop giving illegal advises to the queries.

The forum is meant for helping the people who are struggling  for the justice.

Satyameva jayathe


ramesh (wer)     30 April 2012


Did you personally discussed  the cheque bounce matter  with your friend ? If not, it is advisable to discuss with him once and try to settle.If nothing works out,then consult a good advocate in your locality and proceed further within the time frame mentioned in Negotiable Instruments  act.Keep all the good and legal evidences/records with you.Dont try to frame  ingenuine records/evidences, you may held up in trouble in the later stage.


Satyameva jayathe


R Trivedi (     01 May 2012

Ideally speaking the NI Act shold not be applicable for friendly loan cases without documentary evidence.


But courts take cognizance under S.138 based on dishonored cheque and bank slip.


Proceed with the case giving facts, many a times the hassles of criminal case for this kind of amount may make the drawer realise to settle.

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