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bob (manager)     07 November 2013

How much did your ab cost ???

Dear Friends and fighters,

               could you share with this fourm, how much your your AB or Regular bail cost you (A1) for 498A, 406, 506,DP 3+4 ....etc .  It will be one kind of guidance for fighters. PLease come forward.


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Raj (law)     07 November 2013

sir..Its vary from place to place.. I am citing my example I am resident of New Delhi and my family members has been implicated in Dist Haryana..None of delhi lawyer ready to vist such remote area and we don't have trust with the local lawyers as they often get influenced by the opponents..So our counsel charged Rs 11,000 per member ( 5 member = 55,000) but he drafted one application for all the applicants..We got the A.B there therafter he charged miscallneous which costs around 10,000...After few days we applied for regaular bail which we got after difficult procedure..He charged 11,000 per hearing which goes about 55,000 and total expenditure we have to made 1,50,000/- and we could not arrange sureties so we have been asked to pay RS 25000 per member which again costs 125000 around 3 lkhs we have to spend on this ground that the girl has tussle with boy over the tea...THANKS TO NCW AND WOMEN EMPOWERMENT IN THE COUNTRY

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I am sorry to say ...but CAW did no gud to me....i was kind of punished to have come to wud be gud to go the court rather than CAW....(My exp)

T. Kalaiselvan, Advocate (Advocate)     07 November 2013


Raj's experience towards shelling out amount for AB is sheer exploitation.  He became a victim once again due to a greedy lawyer but thats how it happens in many places.  Thus there is no fixed payment to the lawyer over the AB or other events, it depends on the standing, place, nature of case finally innocence of the client(victim).  Consult a good lawyer and proceed, all the best.

bob (manager)     07 November 2013

more inputs invited...... pls contribute.

bob (manager)     08 November 2013

comeon brothers....there are several sufferers here, who can use your experience. pls share your experiences.

Raj (law)     08 November 2013

T.Kalasevian..there are circumstances you have to compromise ..if we don't pay money we surely be landed up in jai..Its true saying Money speaks every where ..In our circumtances, I cosnulted the dozen of lawyers but no one was agreed to go there at remote area and we cannot trust local lawyers asthat lawyer too admit  that he suffered a lot of humiliation and influence outside the court premises because  of local lawyers and localities..When the complainant and made capmpliant at his area the polic, local people and local lawyers support the girl party what will you do??

Dr J C Vashista (Advocate)     09 November 2013

There is no standard/ yardstick to calculate  and charge fees  by any professional including legal feee which differs from advocate to advocate and client to client 


On one side party dont want to end up behind bars, so advocates make use of this opportunity to s-u-c-k money from party, thats all.  Consult few people around and then hire lawyer.

bob (manager)     09 November 2013

Dear helping Hand ,

                      Thanks for your advise, but this is exactly what i am trying to do here. so, it would be better, if people come forward and share their actual experience ( for eg: i had to pay  rs. x K , for my Bail , or Xk as bribe to PP / IO , Rs.Xk as bail bond ). Atleast people would get some concrete ideas as to what the expenses could be. I know ultimately, it has to be borne by the victim and he has to negotiate , but i cannot understand why no one is coming forward and divulging the details of was the expense they had to undertake for their bail !!!! i am sure almost all victims on this forum have had taken bail at one point, so why not share the experience !!!!!

Raj (law)     09 November 2013

See it wastheri profession..and we cannot blame to the lawyers only  because he may be helping in that situation...After that situtaion is over then we may think lawyer has taken much money..but see  and imagine the situation..when the police is going to arrest you of charge which only you know that you have not committed and suddenly an agel comes to you....we can imagine the same situation when our c;lose associated is there in ICU and doctor charge several lakhs on ventialator and other expenses ...Person in all case looks for imagine..that's why i am saying that MONEY SPEAKS EVERY WHERE ITS MONEY WORLD..if not the petty criminals even for Rs 200/- unbale to pay Rs 10,000 for his bail bond languished in jail for several months..If not the fault of the lawyers but the fault of the system...

Aazad Sufferer (Advocacy-Family and women oriented laws)     09 November 2013

Dear Querist,


The actual amount of AB can't be told here. AB depend's on number of facts :


1. Type of allegation in FIR or Pvt. complaint.


2. How many persons has been framed.


3. The lawyers status proportionate to your status.


4. Type of city you are prevailing.


5. The desperateness and actual situation of the husband and his family.


However, a typical civil court lawyer starts AB with Rs.8000/- which raises to 50000/- who are HC lawyers.






Join hand’s to fight against Misuse of Law, their Legal extortion & terrorism.





The value of freedom is measured by the cost of struggle,If you need freedom then you have to become a fighter ….as no other option.






Shekhar (Proprietor)     28 November 2013

Dear All.

My First Advocate Charged me 15K for AB, 20K For DV & 50K for 498A, 506 & 504. I am Pay to pay 46K. For Divorce Asking 10K. No Money For Regular Bail. This she filed in Aug-Dec 2011. 

My Second Advocate has charged me 5K for 125CrPC, which I have filed on My Wife in 2013.

Shekhar From Bangalore


Dr J C Vashista (Advocate)     29 November 2013

Mr. Shekhar,

I have all my doubts on maintainability of your case u/s 125 Cr. PC against yur wife ? Could you please educate me too?

I fully agree with experts this type of charging fees can be defined as "extortion" .

However,settlement of fees is a personal matter agreed between advocate and his/her client.

Thanks and Regards

Shekhar (Proprietor)     30 November 2013

Dear Dr Vashista,

I am not intrested in her money what she is earning, She declared me pauper in DV case, hence I filed 125CrPC to atleast get back my litigation cost. If not 5K down the drain.



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