how much can i earn from advertisements on my website?

All website owners,who have their websites registered in India,please answer this..

I have opened my own website recently and it's doing extraordinarily well.So many companies want to display their ads on my website.

 But I have no clue how much I should charge these advertisers who want to display their advertisements.

1. So,how much can I charge them for their advertisement that is displayed on my website?Just give me a rough or an approximate idea.I don't know anything about this aspect at all.

2. Are rates of these ads charged on per hour basis?Or on per day basis?Please give an example.

Do explain me stepwise,very simply.

Thanks in advance :)

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It is your business you have to calculate it.  Make a financial statements and calculate the proft  how much you profit you get from this business.  It is better to go for project report.

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Thank you sir for your response.Still i will appreciate a rough idea from website owners.An idea of average prices existing currenly,so to say.

Else,i may end up charging too much from advertisers,that they may refrain from advertising at my site in future.Or i may charge too little,that it may not be profitable enough.



Also advise me about disclaimer policy.I am yet to write it and do not know how to write it.Should I write it myself,or take a lawyer's help?


If it is the latter,please recommend me an honest Delhi lawyer,who can do this for me at reasonable prices and is very good in this work.


Hi Divya,

wrt to Costing and Revenue Modals i can suggest you something which you may fine useful, Although am not Website owner.

  1. wrt Price and profit:  firtst thing is to Target recovery of ALL the cost at least variable cost. Secondly, Profits/ margins depends on the demand of your product and competition in market.
  2. Tehre are various method of charging adveertising:
  • "Per Click Basis": the customer is charrged certain rate for each time the visitor click his advertisement. this method works when Volume of per Click is more. in this case rate per click is less and reveenue is more due to volume.
  • Fixed charged for dispaly: Fixed rate for certain time may be days/ months etc.
  • Display in order:  certain space is reserved at the home page which is fixed even the user of website changes page the advertisement keep displaying . The display may be logo with slogan, the produc detail etc. and at the same time 2-3 advertisements are kept and price charged on the basis of order of display. no. 1 has to pay more. 
  • Intermittent display: while user uses the website suddenly after 2-3 min the advertisement flasshes for 10 sec and by this time eveerything freezes
  • and so on... lots of method are there...

3. there are certain methods of ascertaining cost and genetating revenue All can not be discussed on this forum.

hope this will help you.



what is your website?


Related to health,beauty and related fields.Not published yet.


Please read my latest thread below,where I posted new question,and recommend any good lawyer to my thread tto answer my question.He must have good knowledge of copyright issues.

Once that question is answered thoroughly I will launch it in a few days.But I am still waiting for a suitable answer.I cannot proceed with its launching,till I know the correct answer.






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