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ranjini (-)     17 August 2011

How many year will take for divorce case in chennai

Hi all

I want know the maximum years to complete a divorce case in chennai. Our law always support for women only, its good too. But in some case women take advantage and mis-using it now a days. So how can a male can get divorce fastly if they won't have child. Reply pls.





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Shonee Kapoor (Legal Evangelist - TRIPAKSHA)     17 August 2011

How we all wish, there was a maximum period to finish off any case.

Unfortunately there is none

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ranjini (-)     21 August 2011

If women is not giving divorse then male what has to do? what will happen to their life. They loosing their life (its visa-versa for women also if bad men is not giving divorce)

Shonee Kapoor (Legal Evangelist - TRIPAKSHA)     22 August 2011

The law is not concerned with it.


A lot of injustice has been done in the name of justice and under the golden words.... "saving the institution of marriage."

ranjini (-)     30 August 2011

Truth so only culture going rubbish. Thanks for your responce. If you know any soluction for this in coming days please post about that. Thanks once again.

Krish Narayan (Advocate)     16 October 2011

At present family courts at chennai disposing the cases as expeditious as possible. If everything goes in right direction, the case will be disposed within 2 years. But normally in matrimonial disputes, everything will not go like that... A mutual agreement for divorce by consent will work fastly except the waiting period of 6 months.

Best of luck.

Ad. Meena (Sr. Lawyer)     28 October 2013

Though several laws have been passed with the progress of time, the divorce procedure in India is still complex and you have to contest the divorce for several months. Its never possible to give maximum years to finish a divorce case.The long distressing process of divorce will be easier for you to handle if you have a firm determination to get the divorce.


You can find chennai based lawyers who can help you in this link.


Samir N (General Queries) (Business)     30 October 2013

If you want to expedite the case, file an application with the Family Court providing the reasons for you to seek expedited hearing. Tell the Judge that you have sick great-grand-parents, a parrot who is about to die, a dog who is suffering from cancer, a little birdie who used to visit but appears very depressed these days... And that they all want to see you get remarried before they die.  Of course, don't use these reasons but think of some genuine ones. The Family Court will most likely reject the application. Then approach the High Court and get an Order to hold hearings on a weekly basis. The Family Court will then be bound by the HC Order and you may not get weekly hearings, but you certainly will be on fast track. Thats how you get around the procedural delays clogging the court systems in India. It will work if you have a good advocate. Get someone practicing in the High Court to do this from the start.  Always look  very depressed before the Judge. 




Northern Queen (Manager)     30 October 2013

I don't think the queriest needs to put on a performance in front of the judge - just being married to one of these troll wives would make any man miserable and depressed!

Northern Queen (Manager)     30 October 2013

@Samir N - I don't think the queriest needs to put on a performance in front of the judge - just being married to one of these troll wives would make any man miserable and depressed!

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