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ZeroLife498 (na)     29 September 2014

How long cdr we can get of postpaid airtel mobile number




Please, can someone give inputs on following :-


If I have Airtel Postpaid mobile connection which is  in suspended mode,


1.  How old CDR (Call details record) [where, my calls and tower location at that point are shown.] can be
given by mobile operator ? ..  is it 1 year, 2 year, 3 year or any other time frame ?


2. how to get this in case of case of Domestic Voilence.


3. what can be bottlenecks and any tips to get around  issues.


4. is it possible to get  this with Authorization of any senior  or DSP any other senior Police authority ... as I need to provide proof ...  I am ready to give affidavit with reason why I need it urgently..

and if case gets delayed ...then I might loose this data..  4.1 Airtel cell no is on my name.  4.2 I am owner of that cell  ... 4.3 I am paying bills of that cell ...  Please, help me with these...













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LoneFighter (IT)     30 September 2014

Post paid connection should have records for more than prepaid.

I guess it is 1.5 years or so. 

We tried it thru police, but we could not succeed, But if you personally know higher officials, it would be easy to obtain these records. 

it would be good if you could file a application in the court and court can order for such data.

It would be useful if you could share the info on how you are proceeding on this,  here so that it would be useful to everyone. 

Fighting_Back (AM)     30 September 2014


Prepaid 6 Last months data can be fetched out
• BILL MMM send it to 144…You will receive hardcopy at the address on which you brought the prepaid connection.
• 1 year data can be received.


Prepaid Last 6 months data can be fetched out
• Type ACTPIH MONTH YEAR eg. If you require OG call details for the month of August 2014ACTPIH AUG 2014 send it to 12345.
• You will be asked Hardcopy (Rs Charge… hardcopy need visit Idea Care with 1 photo and ID proof with which got connection) or softcopy (Free of cost)
• To add Email ID…EMAILID jiten.Jiten1983@gmail.com send it to 12345…
Postpaid (Last 3 Months data can be received)


Prepaid Last 6 months data can be fetched out
• Visit customer care with 1 photo and ID on which prepaid connection was brought…
• Fill a form given by customer care executive
• You will be charged Rs 50 and the hardcopy will be send to the address.

Postpaid Last 6 months data can be received

Call Customer Care

Reliance GSM/CDMA
Prepaid Last 6 months data
• Call customer care *333 (STD Code-30333333), Ask for CDRs …You will be charged Rs 25/-
• Hardcopy (15 Days)
• Softcopy (Same day)

Postpaid (Last 6 Months CRDs can be taken out)
Call Customer Care


Tata Docomo / CDMA

Prepaid (Last 2 Months can be fetched out)
• Call customer care 121 , Ask for CDRs …You will be charged Rs 25/-
• Hardcopy (15 Days)
• Softcopy (Same day)
Postpaid (Last 6 Months CRDs can be taken out)

This is information only about Outgoing call records…

One can also try to get it through 91 CrPC.


LoneFighter (IT)     30 September 2014

i am unsure about other providers but docomo told me they can give me last 6 months details. 

If we could send a court order, they can send us last 1 year or 1.5 years details (TRAI mandate to store last 'x' years details)


@Fighting Back: could you please explain 91 crpc and how to use it...

Fighting_Back (AM)     30 September 2014

Court may order the operator to give you the require details under this sec...







AT ………...


Crl.Misc.No. XX/XXXX


Smt. XXXXX                                                      . . . . . Petitioner




XXXX                                                                  . . . . . Respondent




The respondent above named most respectfully submits as hereunder:


1.      The petitioner has lied on oath before this Hon’ble court that she was harassed by the respondent after the marriage at his native place whereas the respondent was not there. The respondent also further submits that he went to Pune after the marriage and attending his duties since XX-XX-XXXX.  


2.      The respondent further submits that his mobile call data records with cell tower info for XX-XX-XXXX to XX-XX-XXXX will expose her false claims as she intentionally making false statements.


3.  It is further submitted that as the petitioner has made false claims in her affidavit and if not proven wrong could put the respondent in a disadvantage position in this case.




WHEREFORE, the respondent in the above matter most respectfully prays that this Hon’ble court be pleased to direct XXX MOBILE SERVICE PROVIDER to provide CDR with Cell tower Information in the interest of Justice. 


Place:                                                                                                     Advocate for respondent


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