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syuman Chawdhry   26 July 2022

How can i save my marriage ?

Hello experts ,

I am  a 27 years old married girl from odisha, During college days I met a guy and we are in gf-bf relationship . that guy had very poor financial condition , I always hep him financially many times, I was not very much attached to my parents that time . so I hide this relationship from them . oneday he begged me to help him financially to start a business , I was not earning that time . He suggested me if I   sign on some court marriage paper, once  he will get 2.5 LACs rupee from govt. once he get not bother me  and give me divorce in nortary , he assured me that my father will not come to know about this , if my family do not agree on marriage , he will not trouble me in my future marriage with someone else. I was a emotional fool , I only went to court , I do not know about anything , he took his 3 friends with him for witness . I signed on court paper , I try to avoid him many times ,not agreeing on sign on papers , he said it can not be undone once you sign on first marriage paper , you have to complete the marriage procedure and had to go court for that.  after that he was asking for a photo of wedding garland  , I refused that , after this marriage , I try to avoid him and changed my job and went to another state for job. He did not succeeded in getting his money from government . I know I am the wrong doer here for not sharing all these with my parents. I really does not want to stay with him , he is very dominating , criminal ature , I am afraid , if he will do any harm to my family. because after marriage day , he threaten me that he will not leave me and will not allow anyone to marry me.   I was in contact with him though phone only after our court marriage day , I was very much depressed . I did not want to live with him , never accepted him as my husband . I could not share these thing with my family . I always wanted a good marriage life myself , a good person in my life as my husband . I did a irreparable blunder in my life in 2019 by agreeing with his proposal and signed papers . In 2021 I met with a nice person through online matrimony , my family also agree with that proposal . we got married , I never told my husband about my court marriage only told him  that I had a boyfriend in college and we broke up already since 2 years. Also I was in very much love with my husband . I never wanted to loose him , I was afraid how he will react when he will listen to my court marriage blunder. I never wanted to cheat him , I could not control myself and told him about all these things after 9 months of our marriage. He accepted my past , give emotional support to cope with this situation . I can now die in peace , I already told everything to love of my life.  I want to live with him till I die.

but that BF guy came to know about our marriage through a common friend . He is furious , called my father threaten him to put my whole family in jail. My father is heart patient , I have a unmarried younger sister , my both parents are in govt job. To save my family reputation and not spoil my sister future . my father and a uncle of mine met the exBF guy's family , their family did not agree to  compromise ,  My uncle and father cried and fall on foot of that guy , he agreed not to spoil my marriage life . we decided for a mutual divorce , he came on first session of divorce and signed on paper , we filed our petition , but he always wanted to talk with me , again threatening my family that they do not allow him to talk with me , he will disclose everything in front of judge , I do not want to talk with him , he is  always drunken state, unstable in life ,not living with his family or siblings .  if I talk always threatening me to tell everything to judge and broke my marriage . Also put my husband and in-laws behind bars to teach me a lesson . My husband and in-laws are at no fault . they never know about him before . I am frustrated,highly depressed , want to live a normal marriage life with my husband and my in-laws .

I have few queries  , can someone please answer to put my mind at calm at least .

1. If he tell everything before the judge , will I be immediately put behind bar that day ?

2. Can I get bail immediately or I have to spend time in jail for few days ? will I get time to get bail ?

3. I am preparing for UPSC / state govt exam , If he file a case , will I lose my future career and job permanently if I selected in future ? (this thought is discouraging me and harm in my exam preparation .) ?

4. He is now on a mission to punish me and my whole family and in-laws , can he harm my husband and in-laws legally with any fake case ?

5. Will I ever able to get a divorce from him if he does not agree to divorce me mutually ?

6. even after I get divorce , can he still blackmail me to take legal step for same case ?


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Shashi Dhara   26 July 2022

No you are not sent to jail  ,so don't worry until trial is conducted in open court and he has to prove it takes years ,don't care for him or his family , concentrate on studies ,he is paper tiger.

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