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SAMPATH KUMAR (GM)     26 August 2012

Help required


I introduce myself as an engineer working in Kerala. I am native of a village near Erode.
This is regarding my son.
He got married on 25/03/2012 to a girl from Erode.
The girl is working in Chennai and her father is holding a high govt post in Erode.
My son is working in Coimbatore .
Before marriage in good faith it was agreed between the parents of both the spouse,  that since the project handled by the boy will be over by Aug and agreement period for the girl will be over by Nov 2012 at that point of time they can decide where to settle depending upon convenience.
Now suddenly due to some development in the work place the boy has been given higher responsibilities and is unable to move out of Coimbatore.Moreover his promotion has fallen due and he feels that at this point of time if he asks for transfer he will loose his promotion opportunity and his juniors will overtake him. He is further of the opinion that this might not be the correct time to ask for transfer as it might affect his future.
Hence he requested the girl to move to Coimbatore , telling her that he can get a similar job for her at Coimbatore if not she can be also be a house wife.
The request has been turned down by the girl and now the girl has become adamant in insisting that the boy should get a transfer or should resign and look for a new job in Chennai.
The boy has requested her several times and the girl is not willing to listen.
The boy was called over phone and was verbally abused by the mother law and the girl and almost for the past 2 month they have stopped talking.
We (boy's parents) were called to the girl's house once and they were also verbally abused and were threatened of legal consequence. They have also threatened that they will go to police station.
The girl has also stopped coming to our house since 3 months.
We have note taken any dowry/ gifts  from the girl. We have contributed equally towards marriage expenditure.
Concilatery talks in the presence of elders have failed. Explaining that if a family is set up in Coimbatore it will be nearer to both the family and thus moral support can be extended has fallen on deaf ears.
In between they had sent word that they are willing for mutual seperation.Fed up, when we accepted they immediately went back telling that they had told so just to find our reaction.
We were told by the girls mother that they will accept nothing less than accepting moving of son to Chennai.
They have given a dead line within which if we are not acting they have warned us off serious consequence.
In the mean time since all concilatery talks had failed we have sent a legal request asking the girl to come and live with my son at Coimbatore.
Please tell us what further action we should take.


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surjit singh (Assistant)     26 August 2012

The Girl cannot loss her job and become a housewife, so is the boy cannot ignore his next promotion. If both side could wait for some time and get his promotion and then shift it will be good for both of them. Now the question is if the girl  and  mother in law has started abusing the boy then in that case if you continue with the marriage it will be thorney way for the boy in the long run of his life. Good relation is the essense of marriage, my personal advice is to get a consent divorce, both of them are young and they will get good partners for their life.

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MUTHURAJAN (ADVOCATE)     26 August 2012

Surjit sir is right, but the girl's family couldn't leave the matter easily. moreover, the girl also adamant so you better first of all send a restitution notice to the girl, that will save you & your family from unnecessary criminal proceedings against you all.

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SAMPATH KUMAR (GM)     26 August 2012


As suggested, will  merely sending a restitution notice can save our family from unnecessary criminal procedings.

Vinu (executive)     26 August 2012

Mr.Sampath kumar,

Sending restitution notice will serve you legally as a indicator of your good intention.

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SAMPATH KUMAR (GM)     27 August 2012


As indicated in my earlier message DIL is in Chennai and employed and my son is in Coimbatore.Will retitution notice will be considered.

I  have heard and read in web that just to create problems DIL can create problem by 498a & DV. Can restitution notice prevent this.

DIL has lived with us only for 5 days after marriage.

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