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Akshata khan (Student)     05 June 2011

Help against mental torture

I have this friend who had proposed me to him i said no since then he is torturing me.He had sent me 150 messages in a day to which i didnt reply then we sum how i sorted it out then again he fought he abused me on Facebook tagged my name.He called me 10 tyms in day to which i didnt respond.I have all the messages & facebook status & comments with me.Can u tell me under which section will this come & wht are my legal rights for it??


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Arvind Singh Chauhan (advocate)     05 June 2011

If you want to avoid the problem change your number and face book account.

If you want to get him punished, file complaint to police, police will book him under IT Act and IPC.

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sharad raghav - 9990549475 (lawyer)     05 June 2011

you can made him liable u/sec-506,509 of IPC and sec-67 of  IT Act on all the electronic records and for all this you can take police assistance .call at 1090 they wil resolve the matter confidencialy.....

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Miss khan I thought Suchitra and Kushan Vyas's posts in the following thread will be helpful to you



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Suchitra. S (Advocate)     05 June 2011

Legal remedies are there. But first of all make sure whether you have not committed any mistake of sending him encouraging messages or mails. Coz, they may act adversely for you, if you file a case against him. 

In case if you think you have erred too, option left is to change the SIM and to close the FB account. 

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rajshree (freelance)     06 June 2011

Mr. Raghav is correct. Criminal Intimidation applies here. You need to file complaint in police station.

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Akshata khan (Student)     06 June 2011

@suchitra Thank you for the reply.When he had send me 150 messages after that we had conversation on messages that time he told me he willl do dushmani he will make my life hell in college so only to it i had said that do wht u feel like & for the mails i have never replied to his comments nor mailed him anything till date i have never abused him.He had also said he enjoys when i cry & evry1 should have a friend like u.

ashwani vij (head)     06 June 2011

guy has committed offence under cyber laws by breaching ur privacy and further has committed under penal code us 294 if he has send u any offending messages or material u can contact police also thy will keep ur identity secret 

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Suchitra. S (Advocate)     07 June 2011

You may file a police compliant against that person for sending those messages and disturbing your right to privacy. If he has defamed you on facebook you can file a case of defamation under S.499 IPC

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Saurabh..V (Law Consultant)     07 June 2011



You need not worry about sections as it's Police's duty to find and charge the offender with appropriate sections. You just plan how to proceed with this case and what would be the repercussions.


My personal experience with such incidences says, that such guys unless not jailed do not abstain from their acts. But just a word of caution would be to think about pro-n-cons of the game. Re-think before you file a complaint because if you were also involved with this person in any way, your complaint could put you in double jeopardy.




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Akshata khan (Student)     07 June 2011

I had never told him tht i even like him just we were good friends he tried to hold my hand ididnt even allow tht.just one day when i was staying away from home i had gobe out with him @12am & came back @2am will tht be negative for me.For now actally i m just thining of scaring him with section tht his deeds come under.My 1st step will be talking to the family then moving legally.So i want to know it

Suchitra. S (Advocate)     08 June 2011

I think now that you are hiding many things and so it is difficult to advise. It is better you reslove this issue talking to each other directly along with the elders of both families before going for legal remedies. Life is about moving ahead when things go wrong. It is no use wasting time to take revenges. Just by scaring him with legal repurcussions, you are going to make hell of your life too as you too have to spend lots of energy, money and time and I do not think it is wise. If things can be sorted by talks, it should be the best option. 

Akshata khan (Student)     08 June 2011

There is nothing that i have hidden i was good friend with him but never ever involved in a relation that i mean.I had a fight with him & i sorted out keeping my friend in between only because i was scraed as he told me he will sabotage my image in the college & i will come crying to the college & leave crying those are his words.But later i started talking less to him so he understood THAT I NO MORE INTRESTED IN KEEPING FRIENDS WITH HIM & then he abused me on FB & used abusive words for me infront of our common friends to tell about me.He told my friends that he is not sorry what ever he has written on FB about me.This is not the first time he has told anything about a girl he had done this before also & was not sorry for it that time also.He knows that i have no guys support so he is taking advantage of it & insulting & scaring me.He used F word on FB for me clearly mentioning my name on it.I want to know the under what IPC act i can take action so that even i may tell him that i can also take action.

Avni (HR Executive)     29 July 2012

Hi All

can some one please guide me, my sister in laws & mother in law are continousle asking my husband to send me back home ans he has stopped talking to me as i am not leaving his house. i am really fed up of this mental torture can sumone guide me if i can keep a complaint filed with police hence if in future my inlaws try to  post fake charges against me i will already have an upper hand

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