Harresing a lady alone with two children

Dear Sirs?Madam,


I am a lady staying in a flat with two children, my husband left for a job two months back, on noticing

that my husband is not around the society memeber staying opposite my flat have been harressing me

by writing obsece remarks on the wall , breaking my electrical meter glass, sweeping her place and throwing the dirty in front of my flat, recently my cycle was missing which was kept in a common area

near the meter boxes. These incidents happen while i am not there in the premies except in one

instance where i saw the member write some remark on the wall thru my door peep hole.

I reported the said matter to the builder but seems useless cause he too is aware about their wrong doings.  We have not been paying our society dues for sometime since we lacked necessary funds when the topic was brought up in the society meeting we started clearing our dues but also started noticing the members were not paying much attention to the cleaning and maintenance of the society. So we frequently had issues with cleanliness of the society.

Out of 12 flats only 3 are occupied and the other members have just bought for investments some just visit during holidays. The members who are harressin me stay right opposite my flat.

After my cycle was stolen i decided to approach the police station. There too the matter seems to be hushed up. The cop incharge of my case who early warned the members not to harress, me now

asking evidences such as cctv footages. I have taken pics of all that they have been doing and even mentioned that i have seen them write things on the wall thru peep hole.

We have settled our dues lately till date, what i want to know can the society members

harress a lady staying alone with two children in such a manner for non payment of society dues. The person who is harresing me is the society chairmans wife.

What should my further course of action be to safe guard me and my children becos they seem

to have know that my husband is not around and harressing me.

Please help




not sure what state you are in , just write to CM cell...yes, its a bit too high levl but that will give a good trouble for the police.
write it such a way that your liberty and safety is at risk..


Advocate & Solicitor at Law

Approach a good lawyer seeking appropriate criminal and civil action before the concerned forums

Thank you for replying to my post yes i will be meeting a lawyer tomorrow to seek further action

in this case, everywhere i go its foul play the more higher it goes it gets worse. So let me see first what the lawyer says and accordingly take necessary action .

My questioned is unanswered can any society memebers harress you for non payment of dues?

Thank you


I apporached the police station to issue me an NC they asked me to write an application and support evedience. The application was inwarded on 3rd Nov and marked to a concerned officer to follow up on 6th Nov ...there was no inspection done in this period by then all obvious evidences were seen cleaned up. Since there was no action taken i approached the police station again on 7th Nov ,I had to go and meet the PI to know who has been alloted my case he inquired and gave me the number of the officer. Upon calling the concerned cop he said he visited the building to do inspection in the evening and did not approach me when i was present in the building.  He stated that he has other cases also to handle and gave me a date and time i.e 9th Nov he called the other party too.(Wife and husband). When i reached the police station i notice that only the husband is there and wife is not present. The husband denied the wrong doings of his wife, when i stated that i have seen his wife write obsene remarks the officer incharge warned him that this should not be repeated. And requested that he paints the damaged areas and even the electricity meter glass . However now the cop now seems to be asking me evidences in terms of CCTV footage. The whole stituation is quite traumatising since my kids are watching the same.

Can i install CCTV cameras for my flat in common areas for my security. Is it legal?

Lawyer in Hyderabad.wats app no.9989324294

You can give complaint to the registrar of coopeative societies in your state. This complaint copy also can submit in the police station concern.


Spend some money. Buy a secret camera(easily available online) install it in a place outside your house where no one can spot it. Make sure it can record for 6-8 hours. Check the recordings everyday after work. If something useful save it in your computer and keep copies.One day you will catch your cat. And please dont get traumatised. As regards your question, obviously they cannot harrass. Once you start making noise in protest she will retract on her own.

U can file a private complaint in the court on UR neighbour and the society as well for harrasing U if the police are not coooperating. 


Dear querist , no one have right to infingr the safety and rights of anyone even the prime minister and president of the country so you dnt have to afraid. Just mail me thef ull detail of the incidents with pics you have taken amd also take few pics of obsecen marks they have written in wall and your adddress and i am assuring you the persons torturing will beg you for their such dirty act as this is serious offence under IPC and various other laws.


Your case is very pathetic.  It seems they are taking undue advantage of your husbands absence and non payment of the dues.  But merely for not paying the dues, they should not do all this nuisance.  They should resort to other modes, like levying penalty.  At the most they have to knock the doors of the court, but they should not resort to illegal methods of harassments.  You have not mentioned that your building has formed any Association or not.


You said you have even given complaint to Police.  Normally it is the duty of the Police to take necessary action and should give you protection.  But due to heavy work, negligence and non profitable issue and having contacts with the opponent (Chairman), they would not come to your rescue.  Installing the CCTVs is the job of Association of the Building not yours. 


Besides Advocate, I am a social activist and I have contact with some NGO who will help the persons like you.  Hence, narrate the entire facts of your case since beginning to till now date wise and send the same to my email id.  In turn I will send the same to the above NGOs and other Authorities like Police, SP, Commissioner etc.  My email id is ravinder2345@gmail.com and my cell No. 7893011777.  If you are interested contact me.  




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