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498 A fighter (Advocate)     03 November 2013

Happy dipawali

Wishing you all a very Happy Dipawali

and pray to Lord RAM to give us the strength to fight against gender biased law, and false cases like 498A,DV, etc also give some intelligence to judges who are giving decision with prejudice mind.

lastly we dont want every wife to be SITA but she should be "Patni" and not " saat jaanm ki dushman" for her in laws...................................


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R.K Nanda (Advocate)     03 November 2013

thanks for diwali wishes and same to you also.

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T. Kalaiselvan, Advocate (Advocate)     03 November 2013

Mr. Fighter, thanks for your wishes, lets fight together against the social injustices towards men in our motherland by greedy and sadist married women.  A very happy diwali to you - by Advocate Kalaiselvan

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Laxmi Kant Joshi (Advocate )     04 November 2013

I too wish you happy diwali , and with you always to root out all evils spread in our society.,
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Advocate Bhartesh goyal (advocate)     04 November 2013

Thanks Mr Fighter may the light of deepawali spread into your life,peace,prosperity,happiness and good health.Happy Deepawali.

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Chandra Shekhar (Sdc)     04 November 2013

Dear Mr.Fighter,

I wish you and all fellow fighters a Happy Deepavali. 


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Shantanu Wavhal (Worker)     05 November 2013

she left me just before Diwali in 2011.

in 2012, just 1 day before Diwali, i was in jail.

in 2013, just before Diwali, our marriage is declared void

(on the ground that she is already married to some1 else).


so, this is a Happy Diwali, in true sense !!


@ the author, 

avoid such comments 

also give some intelligence to judges who are giving decision with prejudice mind.

498 A fighter (Advocate)     05 November 2013

@ Amit----

thanks for your suggestion, but i cant restrict myself as this decision are really biased we had wasted time money , also keep patience these type of decision are just like to say at 12 O'clock when sun is fully hot in mid summer and judge is saying it is cold midnight , and so i put these sentence for such a fool District Judges. who any how got postion but lacking talent ,daring and playing wiht the life of poors ,

Unka kya jata hai unko to mahine ke 1lakh mil hi rahe hai haraam ki salary , justice jaye bhhaad me aur janata jayee chulhe me hame kya , hame kah diya to kah diya.. ab sale jao high court , samya aur paisa barbad karo, hum thodi tumhare ghar aaye the ki tum court me aao , ab aa hi gaye to ho jao halaal namak mirch lagae kar acche se bhun kar khayenge tumko...

agar majaa nahi aya to tum jaise hazaro line me hai, hamar koi kuch nahi bigaad sakta, hum to netao , police walo se bhi bade waale hai ki hamare paas tum khud marne aate ho aur fir kisis se  kah bhi nahi sakte, kahoge bhi to hamara koi kuch nahi kar sakta

aisi mentality hoti hai inki...

Shantanu Wavhal (Worker)     05 November 2013

The reason why myself as well as the whole world appreciates Sachin Tendulkar is :

he NEVER threw any allegations on erring umpires - no matter what, he stood firm.

fighting back (exec)     05 November 2013

happy diwali to you alll........::))))

498 A fighter (Advocate)     05 November 2013

Originally posted by : Amit---------------

The reason why myself as well as the whole world appreciates Sachin Tendulkar is :
he NEVER threw any allegations on erring umpires - no matter what, he stood firm.

your thinking i appretiable but here the question of life is there, in that case schin know he will get second chance every time,immediately and if he is not saying anything still he is getting money . respect and appretiation because he is playing game of cricket only to entertain but we are playing game of our life and not for entertaing for our survival so as per myself sachin's example is not suitable here.

but for us there is no chance if chance come it will come after a long time more than after year or two and from High court or supremem court tilll than we have to keep patience and spent money on lawyers . court fees and on each hearing we have to attend by taking leave from our  work and also there we are not guarnteed that we get justice.

here it tell you one story in short " एक कुत्ता एक खरगोश के पीछे दौड़ रहा था उसको खाने के लिए. खरगोश आगे भाग रहा था कुत्ता उसको पकड़ सकता था , पर खरगोश पूरी दम लगा कर भगा अंत में अपने बिल तक पहुँच गया, तब कुछ देर बाद कुत्ते ने पूछा मै तुझसे तेज दौड़ता हु . तुझे पकड़ सकता था फिर भी क्योँ नहीं पकड़ पाया, तब खरगोश बोला कुत्ते भाई आप अपने स्वाद के लिए दौड़ रहे थे , और मै अपनी जान बचाने. आपका ध्यान अपनी जीब पर था और मेरा धयान मेरी जान बचाने पर. और इसलिए मै तुमसे कमजोर हो कर भी तेज दौड़ा

 बस इसी तरह यहाँ हमारी लड़ाई अपने आप को बचने और जीने की हो रही है, अगर ये सिर्फ खेल होता तो तो हम भी कहीं न कही समझौता कर लेते , अगर यह एक स्टेप भी चुके तो सीधे ये लालची औरते हमें जेल में डलवा देंगी और हमारे पैसे पर दुसरे किसी को फंसा कर ऐश मजा करेंगी , इसलिए हमें डरना भी है क्योंकि डर हमेशा अलर्ट रखता है और एक भी केस नहीं हारना है या कोई गलती नहीं करना है...क्योंकि यहाँ गलती की सजा जिन्दगी भार मिलेगी , या लालची औरतो के सामने झुकना पड़ेगा , अब आप बताओ की कैसे आगे बड़ा जाये हो सकता है आपके पास कोई और तरीका हो,

Shantanu Wavhal (Worker)     05 November 2013

nahi hai.


keep it up

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