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Radha (s/w engineer)     04 October 2014

Got cheated in a marriage proposal


I know a guy through matrimony from around a year and half. After lot of talking and understanding the guy finally asked me to marry him.

I felt all happy and said yes. He spoke to all of my family members and made them agree for this proposal. Simultaneously he started proposing his love for me too. And i spoke to all his family members. Every one of them is happy with his choice. I got the complete assurance that this marriage would happen.

He gave me the commitment that we would marry me by convincing both sides but would never leave my hand. 

With that assurance we called him for my sister's marriage and introduced him to all my relatives as my would be. He did not deny any of that. Later my parents visited their house and his parents visited my home too.

Things went well till few days even after they went back. they called my parents and told them the engagement date and marriage date they have decided. 

But the guy started behaving strange with me suddenly and continued that behavior for weeks. Finally he said the families are not compatible and so he wants to call off this match.

I feel totally manipulated and cheated in this entire episode. We did not never have any s*xual relationship.

But i romanced with him with the assurance of the marriage commitment he gave. 

Now if I call either him or his family members they are not receiving my calls. Not even my parent's calls. I feel totally manipulated and want to fight this legally.


Can i proceed with this legally. is the guy punishable under law. If so based on what sections i can file a case on him?

After knowing he changes his words as per his convenience i have lost my total interest on him totally and have no intention to marry him.

But to avoid the legal issues and save his career if he agrees for the marriage again how can i defend that in court? if he says he is willing to marry me will the court leave him without punishing?


Please advise me on this. I believe this to be a problem of many girls out there. We are just being left heart broken for our innocence. So i want to fight it off legally and get the right punishment for the guy how hard is it too. please advise me.



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Dr J C Vashista (Advocate)     04 October 2014

Live in peace, leave this guy and abondon the proposal, get settled some where else than this person/family.

Radha (s/w engineer)     04 October 2014

If I leave him that would be leaving the guilty for peace is what I believe strongly. If I have to get back to normal life from this emotional despair I should make him punished for what he has done to a girl. Leaving him would throw another girl into risk. Just wish to know how can I proceed with this legally. Please help me in that regard. Thanks, Radha.

sandykrish (Interested in Family LAW)     04 October 2014

Keep eating monkey nuts.....

sandykrish (Interested in Family LAW)     04 October 2014

You first live for yourself and then think about other girls. As per your kahani, you told every thing was right up and until few days. What made him take the decision?? You also explain your side of story. He is smart enough to leave you this moment. See the way grudge is running in your blood. If he had married you you could have potrntially become a future 498a wife. Smart man left you... Please see some local lawyers who will assist you to rob some money and peace. Keep attending court rooms but one day case will be disposed as unattended. Smart lady leave him and see another man who match your intelligence.

Q Slinger (NA)     04 October 2014

Tell me something...should a guy have legal options to pursue and a file a cheating case on a women if af the women did the same to a guy?

Answer truthfully and don't be biased!

Advocate Ravinder (Advocate/Attorney)     04 October 2014

I have gone through your issue.  I think you have to fight back on him.  Do not despair.  Have courrage. You have winning chances in your case.  Kindly send me your query datewise and incident wise so that I can have one more round of reading.  You can contact me on 7893011777 or 

Radha (s/w engineer)     04 October 2014

Hi slinger, Yes, the guy too should have the same option If he has been cheated in the same way by a girl.

Q Slinger (NA)     04 October 2014 u should join the Mens Right Organisation and fight till the law is implemented where a man can also file a case on the women "Rape on the false promise of marriage" . Are you ready for this?

T. Kalaiselvan, Advocate (Advocate)     08 October 2014

The querist is asking for a solution not only for herself but also for other innocent victims like her.  No doubt, guys are in the habit of flirting and taking off their wings, but it is applicable only to the flirts and not to everyone.  Here in this case, it was not told that why suddenly the man started keeping distance and finally discarded her.  However, legally, she can lodge a complaint with the police station in the local with the help of evidences in her possession for cheating her by refusing to marry her after romancing with her under false promise of marrying her.  Try if you have time, money and sufficient energy to exert  running legal cases.

Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     17 October 2014

agreed with Mr Ravinder P and Mr Kalaiselvan.

priya tripati   04 June 2016

with your innocence don't do take revenge .search another way but don't take risk of getting marriage with that guy.marriage is a happy moment.may be by court  justice u can marry him but lifelong that love can't you fight on his cheating is it ok but don't marry him

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