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I am currently 24. I am having a long distance relationship with a girl since 5 years. Before this the girl was involved in relationship whom he broke up and established a relationship with me.

My question is the girl with whom I was in relationship since such a long time has promised me to marry. She established s*xual relationship with me and got intimated as we were planning to marry each other. In this span of 5 years this girl got involved with 3 more guys out of which 1 got intimated with her physically. I am ready to accept her as I really love this girl and completely involved in her emotionally. She is refusing for marriage as I am of different cast and her family is not allowing us for intercast marriage.I tried to convince them and girl also for marrying me. But her family memebers refused and she also refused for marriage. I think this is only false issue of intercast marriage that she is creating with me. The thing is she does not wanted to marry with me as she knows she will get much good groom by her family.


I am feeling very frustrated and cheated. I am having all kind of voice recordings and chat history in which the girl is accepting that she got  involved with more than one guy when she was in relationship with me and messages in which she is  promising me to not to do so again and marry me... On this promise we were got physically intimated several times but no s*xual intercourse been done. 


I am kind of regular guy who wanted to marry a girl with whom I was involved since 5 years. I hope feel after our marriage everything will be fine. But for my satisfaction I want to lodge a complaint against her for not following her promise also cheating me and using my money several times. She has taken physical, emotional and financial Advantage of me several times. I feel that this should not happen to other guy again.


Does Indian law provide protection only for crime against women? What about male victims? Do we not require our justice. Is there any provision to file a case based on above facts? And if yes please tell me sections of IPC under which I can at least demand for recover for my loss of Image in society and money.  Any case of breaching marriage promise can be filed in my scenario?

I feel also other way that she might be under pressure of her family as our marriage is intercast. As she is not ready to marry against her family. Is there any case that can be filed under the subject of cast discrimination? 


Each and Every problem cannot be solved by have to see to your problem practically

marriages/relations are based on trust...if this is not cannot insist for one-sided relationship

you just forget this girl, she could provedangerous to your life in future



There is no law in india regarding protection of male

Social activist and ESIS Legal Consultant (everysufferer

* When women molest or do mental & physical rape of men then there is no Law but It's opposite Women has harsh law for men.

* When women commit adultery then there is no Law to punish her but It's opposite Men will be punished of having adultery with her.

* When women do promise to marry a man and utilizes him emotinaly, financialy and physicaly and ditches him then there is no Law but it's opposite women has Many Law to punish man for the same crime.




This is Called Gender Neutral Law....???????;(




Social activist and ESIS Legal Consultant (everysufferer

Very sad to say In India there is no value for sperm's........:(

Law Consultant



Having due regard to other members above, I politely differ from their view.


If in case you have all the evidence (in the form of chats, voice recordings etc)., then you are free to file criminal or civil complaint against this girl. Such promises are taken seriously only India (atleast by High Courts) where one person promises the other and the other suffers mental agony.


Here are certain citations for your ready reference:


However, it is a pity that Indian man can only claim very petty charge like cheating or breach of promise of marriage. Even if it can be proved that the girl made a false promise of marriage and never intended to marry the male from the very beginning, it would maximum amount to cheating. But if same is proved against a man, he would be sentenced for Rape.





The Remedy suggested by Saurav is in accordance with the provision of law without any emotion.


Further for Saurav V., the dissatifaction raised in last paragraph,In response,I would like to say to give proper attention towards article 15(3) along with historical background of woman in India. The theory of Jurisprudence needs to be kept in view.The legal system of our country is a mixture of all Law schools(Hope you understand my words having a legal background).More.....if further time and need demand it.

Law Consultant

I completely understand the basic structure of Constitution of India and with due regard, wish to state that Article 15(3) has been over streched through femenist imagination. Special provisions are required for helping an oppressed catrgory,but such providions should never be misused against the very preamble of the enactment. When we say WE THE PEOPLE, it considers all as equal and does not exclude any category on any ground from a criminal wrong. Rape till date has been a crime against women, but with changing times, when women openly indulge into intimate relationship on their own volition, and enjoys the right to cry rape if a man retracts from his words to marry, then such providion has to be available for men. If required, I can state the reason why :-) //peace /Saurabh..V

Indian Laws are totally biased. I advise u not to poke that girl against her wishes. She may file n number of criminal cases if she decides. Leave aside urself, ur whole family wil beg pardon from her at the end.

So, if u feel that NO LOVE IS LEFT B/U U PPL, call it off & move ahead separately in life




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