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fraud and cheating by the family of wife

Dear friends,

I belong to a jain family. I got arranged married on 2nd April 2008, In our religion we do no marry without making match of the kundli of boy and girl, That the kundli of me and my wife does not matches,

that the father, mother and uncle of the girl cheated me before marriage and told that 30 poins are matching and it is good marriage life, After marriage my wife always started fighting with me and she and her father mother and 2 brothers started abusing me and my family and she left my house,

Can I get divorce on the ground of cheating as the kundli of us does not matches.


No.  You cannot get divorce on the ground of non-matching of kundli.

It is not a material fact on which you say that your in-laws played fraud and hence seek annualment of marriage.

The reason for altercation between you and your wife on one hand and you and your inlaws on the other hand is due to some other reason.  Try to find out the reason without assuming that it is due to kundli so that you can find out a solution for your problem and live a happy married life.



It is not a specific ground on which you need divorce

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You did not match kundli is your fault. So for your own fault u cannot blame on other.

So you have to patch up the matter with cool mind, else you may be in trouble due to the legal proceedings of your wife and her family members.



matching of kundali -  not recogonised by hma, but cruelty & desertation as a ground available to you.


Hello sir, Thanks for your Guidance. I have filed Divorce petition against my wife and thereafter, after 1 month she has filed Petition u/s 9 for RCR under HMA and Petition u/s 125 of crpc for maintainence.

That now she has filed a Transfer petition in the principal court stating that My advocate and the judge has close relations and  hence to transfer the matter in another court. that there are only two family courts Ist court i.e principal court and Second court. My matter is in second court and she has filed transfer petition in the first court.

That at one hearing my wife and her parents were using abusive words to me and trying to make me upset and hence i complained to the judge and the judge gave understanding to her to not to do any sily in the court premises.

She is taking advantage of her own wrong because she knew that the judge came to know her nature and hence she filed transfer petition. will she succeed in her transfer petition.


if you challenge her,then it will be time taking, you may appoint a junior of your advocate with consulting to your advocate to avoid the blame.  you tell the story at principal court and challenge her also.


Matching Kundli is not recognised as a ground for divorce. So also astrological predictions not recognised by the laws of the land


If a party expresses apprehensions against the judicial presiding office, then it is definitely addressed with due care, generally.  


Actually there is lot of malpractices happening out there and one should always make a laud cry about it without putting direct imputation on judge but also with appropriate reasons as well.


And it may be a problem for you also, in future, if you win the case, and unncessarily it would go in appeal.


Everywhere it is not managable and what if other party also resort to such practices?



Do not mislead the forum by saying Jain religion believes in Kundalis. Where in Jain Philosophy is this mentioned? It is your family's individual belief and your family happens to be a Jain family. 




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