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S S K Sadhu (BCA)     29 November 2012

Format for getting mutual concern divorce without loops

Greeting LIC members,

My family and my wife family got into a settlement and according to the settlement, they filed a divorce case with the same allegations as in 498a case in which we were acquitted 2 years back.

I see that there were loops in the settlement. The settlement was done in police station and written by police.

In this regard I request our members to send a format of Mutual concern divorce petition without any loops which cannot give her any chance to file any kind of case even if she is not married.


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Self service (None)     29 November 2012

Mutual concern divorce paper work is done by Advocates not by police.

How come police involved in this?

If you are already acquitted from false 498A just file divorce under 13a(i), no need to pay any money.

From your posting looks like you agreed to deal where wife side will file divorce with false allegations  and you will accept, don't do this.

Just contact local lawyer and explain him ,...police has nothing to do with divorce case.You can refuse any thing written by police.

Rashid Ali (own practice as a criminal lawyer)     30 November 2012

in your case there is no role of police . file divorce petition in magistrate court.

S S K Sadhu (BCA)     30 November 2012

sir, Thanks for your reply friends. Police threatened my family when I was not in town and forced my mother to settle the issue by paying one lakh. Police threatened to file Domestic volience and Dowry probition and even 498a again if not agreed to settlement. Afraid of the circumstances, my mother agreed and a settlement note has been written in the police station and accordingly , my wife side has applied for divorce with same allegations as in 498a acquitted case showing/producing no proof of any kind. My marriage was not consummated at all and it is confirmed by her too. I was loosing my life too much, I see winning a divorce case, may even end with alimony or maintainence and it takes at least 2 years to conclude. I fought long enough till now, But under present circumstances, i feel its time to end this thanks to our great Indian Judicial system. I want a sample Mutual Concern Divorce petition with agreements between both parties which will not give any loop for either of us to file a case against each other, or even have any hierarchy upon our properties/assets/claims of any kind. For example I am dead somehow and then she should not have any legal to claim any kind of properties/assets/money.

have a heart foundation (member)     01 December 2012

In Case if Children are Involved in the marriage and for Mutual Settlemet Divorce / Separation format 

Kindly download "Parenting Plan" by Child Rights Foundation that has been approved by the Bombay High Court.

it can be downloaded from the download section of Child Rights Foundation, NGO website

file attached herewith.

Attached File : 1017750554 parenting plan crf.pdf downloaded: 156 times

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