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forcefull marriage


   I would like to know how soon can i apply for divorce after getting married becos i nvr wanted to marry this man,but my parents forced me to becos they came to know that i was in love wid som one else whom my parents did not aprove and they forced me by saying tat if dnt agree to marry this man they vil harm the person i love.I cant think of ne one else except the one i loved.so please advice as to how to get divorce as soon as possible.the guy is gud but I cannot live wid him evn for one day nad i dnt want to fool him also,plz help........


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You cannot file for divorce unless six months are completed from the date of marriage. There are some conflicting judgments on this but atleast six monts are required to be completed to initate the legal proceedings of divorce. Also, the consummation of marriage also have some implication on the proceedings. The non-consummation of marriage is termed as incomplete marriage. Remeber, if you want to initiate divorce case, you will have to prove the reason for it, which consumes some time during proceeding. If you can convince your husband for divorce by mutual consent, will make your task much easier and time saving. The family courts in india are not established simply to grant divorce but to prevent maximum divorce. So. it is not so easy to get divorce by simply walking in. You should consult a legal practitioner to ger appropriate advice.

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@ Author 

You are a 'analyst' - right !

The good que. that you raised has answer within you;

Que.: If your husband before marriage was in love with another lady and he is say forced into marriage with you and then he wanted to wriggle out of it anyway then what he shall have done and your reaction to his 'acts' what could it be ?

Analyse above and you will get a answer yourself. 

A valuable old village saying in English translation thus sounds as:-
Money, a spouse and land one shall go for with lots of calerful prospective deliberations and 'once possessed' giving either one of them is not a easy task in current Indian Legal framework context….

BTW your safest bet lis rests in approaching concerned Jurisdiction Family Court jointly for MCD after sometime (1 year of marriage) and till that time you may go and live with your parents but can’t legally register a marriage with the other man already in your life without a clear title to this marriage.

All the best.


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Originally posted by :Harsh
I would be able to assist in your case.
You can further contact me on harshmparekh@gmail.com
I am a practicing lawyer on family law matters
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