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RAMESH KUMAR VERMA (pursuing company secretary course)     27 August 2010



Hyderabad, Aug 26 (PTI)- In a major embarrassment for the Andhra Pradesh judiciary, five judges were caught cheating while writing the LLM (Master of Law) examination for which they were promptly suspended by the High Court.

One of the judges was found copying from a law book hidden under his answer sheet. Written slips and pages torn from textbooks were seized from other judges. All the materials were confiscated by university invigilators who stopped the judges from writing any further.

The five judges were caught copying by the invigilators during the first-year LLM examson August 24 at the Kakatiya University’s Arts College in Warangal town, about 150 km from here, a senior court official said.

According to N Manohar, the university’s additional controller of examinations, the candidates were taking their examinations in Room No 102 when a team headed by him made a surprise visit.

The judges were caught on camera copying from books, smuggled notes, and each other.

After a report was received from the Kakatiya University, Chief Justice of the Andhra Pradesh High Court Mohammad Kakru placed the five judges under suspension pending inquiry against them, the official said.

The suspended judges are Ajitsimha Rao, Vijender Reddy, M Kistappa, Srinivasachary and Hanumantha Rao.If they had passed the LLM examinations, they would have been eligible for promotions and increments. Two others, both advocates were also caught copying.

“It doesn’t matter whether or not they are judges. They were indulging in malpractices and we have booked cases against them,” says Dayakar Rao, the Principal of the university said.

The Warangal Bar Association said the whole episode was a blot on the judiciary. “The judiciary is the final recourse for common people to get justice – and if the judges indulge in this kind of malpractice, how can you trust the judgment of the courts?” asked Ravi Kumar of the association.

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 8 Replies

O. Mahalakshmi (Law practiece)     27 August 2010

It is very shame to Andhra Pradesh Judiciary as well as Our Country.   They have to be punished. 

Arvind Singh Chauhan (advocate)     27 August 2010


Arup (UNEMPLOYED)     27 August 2010

they are not god.

they should be treated as aam admi.



And if not caught,these judges would be judgeing fate of thousand of people.

It makes clear that judges are also human being,easily corruptable.

Single judge benches should be abolished,every legal proceeding should be video recorded,easily avaialble for public to watch.

The judges who give frequent errant judgemnt should be dismessed and penalized heavily.


It's our National shame. Kudos to the T.V. Channel for revealing the character and conduct of the exposed Judges who degraded themselves as the cheap mentality students. Since the incident has been video-recorded, the Judges hearing the cases cannot escape from delivering the correct Judgment!

N.K.Assumi (Advocate)     28 August 2010

Very unfortunate indeed. I absolutely agree with Tushar, regarding Single judge and Video recording of Court proceedings etc. I think the Central government has already ear mark the necessary fund for video recording of court proceedings through out the Country.

Bhartiya No. 1 (Nationalist)     29 August 2010

The main thing is "Why do we spit anywhere in India, why not at USA or any other country."

It is the weak/lax governance, weak laws and faulty implementation, which is responsible and to be blamed for this type of behaviour not those five. Also our society recognizes only success, irrespective of the way it is achieved.

These are some reasons for the rise in white collar crimes

Bhartiya No. 1 (Nationalist)     29 August 2010

I have seen a corrupt officer, who earns more that a lakh pm in bribe, scolding his milkman, "Why do u mix water in the milk, your milk is not good, like that"

"Those who got caught is a thief and those succeeded are gentleman."

So, only those five should not be blamed, rather what situation compelled then to do this should be analyzed.

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