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Vicky Sharma   16 June 2018

Filled a case against my girlfriend or simply my wife

Hi, I was in relationship with my lover since 2010. Then we got married(using mangal sutra) 

the witness is my mom and 1 friend on 1-Jan-2011. But we didn't register it.  her parents were not 

aware of that. Later my wife informed that she is pregnant and so I ask her what she wants to 

do so she told me that she wants to give a born to our baby and I support her and after 6

month she went to the hospital with her few friend and abort my baby without informing me 

even she is not talking to me for 1 month and after a month she inform me that she aborted 

our baby just because she was scared of her she did this wrong step and i have all 

her reports for the pregnancy and all the test reports and after that, we have a very good bond 

and she always used me for the money by using my baby and she want me to buy a new house and she want me to give her 10k every month for the saving so we can buy a new house so i agree with her and she is taking the money from me as a cash from the salary i thought she is my wife i can do that i can trust her and i did so far every thing is ok with both of us and we were in a realtionship lots of time and also when we get close she always take that picture from her phone and then she is sended to me on my phone by using whatsapp
so i never mind that i thought she loved me and i asked her now this is the time to buy the hosue so give the money back which i give it you for the saving  and she always ignore that and i got shocked in 14 feb 2018 that she was engaged to someone on 23 jan 2018 with inform me and 24th jan 2018 she came to my house and my mom is not at the home so she came near to me and trying for the pysicall relation with me when i was sleeping and it happen every day and when i get this information on 14 feb 2018 i informed her father about everything over the phone and he meet me on the next date on 15feb and i show him all the proofs and medical reports and he told me that what i can do now if you both are married i don't have any option i have to accept that but the picture is clear to me on that same day when i asked my wife to came to my house sshe is treating me infornt of her family and she injured her self in my car and i take it her to the nearest hospital and they treat her well and on the same day she told me that she don't want to go to my hosue she is telling me to book a hotel which i did but we didn't go there so we spend the whole night in my car and again she try to do pyshically with me in a simple language she want the s*x only and next day she visited to the bank with me and give 48 thousand as a hard cash and she told me to go head and buy a house i dined that and 16 th feb 2018 her father and fufa and bua called me and told me that she want her girl back so they can arrange a proper marriage of us according to the hindu rights so i said ok after discuss with my mother and i left her to her house and 23 feb i get a call from the girl and she told me that her parents is not allow her to go outside and they hide her phone and i called her younger sister to confirm whats the matter so she told me that mothing every thing is ok and i thought agin that girl is playing with mind and on 26th feb 2018 they left their own house and hiding in noida or badarpur and not even picking my phones and when i filed a missing FIR to the nearest police satation but no response for almost a week i got a call from the AIS XXX name he told me to come to the station and i did and he is not interested to  listen my story in a proper way and then he went to the other room came with a another criminal and he is beating him badly infornt of mine and i was get scared and i was sweating badly bcse i never seen this thing before and dont understand why the police office did this thing and after few mins. he give me a white paper and pen and told me to rightdown what he is going to say so i ask him why and waht is that so he told me that you are taking your complaint back rightnow i am not a servant of your father annd i tryed to type what he is said to me and also i recorded his voice on my phone and after few days police officer called me in evening and told me that i am going to help you you have to came to the girl realtive house (bua and fufa house) and after a waiting for 1 hour oustide he finally cam out and told me that he have a word with the girl she is ok and she is in her village which i already confirm that she is not their and again i have the officer call voice record that he called me and told me to came to her home and now finally i filled a case against her in dwarka court the reason is that bcse all this thing a blady cold plan by the girl and her family 
and when i meet her friend i got to know from one of the boy she told him about her aboration in a different way that when she worked in pizzahut their are 4 people they give her a drink and added something in the party and then raped  her in a car and then she is pregant and she aborted the baby holy sh*t i never imagine that any girl have this kind of a guts to tell any boy that she was raped and not informed her family and thats is fake things bcse i also worked with pizza hut and they never allow any girls to work in night and they never arrange any kind of late night parties now what should i do please let me some good things bcse my lawyer is good but he is somkind of slow person i want my money back that is around 6-7 lakhs and i have all the proof against the girl wahts app msg and text msg wher she accept that she is my wife and she have my money and jewlleries and i have all her medical bills and the gadget that she used my card to purchase which is is holding the gadget with her but i have the bills and pics of us in a room or outsides  but not have any marrigae proof only having the witness evn not getting any help from the police they try to scared me that she is girl she can do any thing with you but if i have all the proofs against her and she don't have any proof that i cheated her or used for s*x anything if she want to come to me i will accept her bcse someconner in my heart i love her and i cannot forget her she always in my mind and in my heart but please help me out what should i do bcse i know the court things will take a lot of time is there any other way 
 My friend who has attended my marriage are ready to witness.

 And only the marriage invitation can be consider as married proof in court.


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HIRAL THAKKAR (ADVOCATE )     16 June 2018

The Karnataka High Court has recently held that any person, whether male or female, aggrieved and alleging violation of the provisions of the Domestic Violence Act, can invoke the provisions under the Act.

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Vicky Sharma   17 June 2018

what does that mean sir pls let me know in a simple language

kunal “#unconventional #Aquari   18 June 2018

it means that if you are victim of domestic violence in any form (physical, mental etc) you can file a DV case against your perpetrator. as victim your gender's not an issue

Vicky Sharma   18 June 2018

Ohh ok thanks

Vicky Sharma   21 June 2018

hello gm i need some ans regarding for my case after filling a case against this girl i register a missing complaint and then there was a Asi assign for the case and he forced me to tsk back my complaint on the vary same day also i recorded his voice that he forced me to take complaint back and after few days he called me and told me that i am near to that girl house can u come and lets finish this i don't understand that things after i filed a case against that girl in dwarka court bcse police officer told me that she is in her village that is not correct bcse i already confirmed with her realtives who is living in the same village now court assign an IO for my case ans again the same officer as my IO and again he forced me to right down what he want again i have the recordings and he try to threat me and i don't have any marriage certificate or pics or videos for the marriage but i have the recordings and msg chats where that girl is accepted she is my wife ams she want our baby and she want to lived with me and she accepted about the money which she taken from me and all but this officer is not listing to me bcse i submited his voice recording over the court and now it look like he is taking a revange without investigate he is supporting
that girl and her family what should i do now should i take my complaint back or should i take help from media bsce it seems like me and my mom life is in danger bsce of this police officer he will try to trap me somewhere for the different matter can i request to change my IO and change my police station so i will be safe and someone can listen to me or help me after this pls guide me asap i am not going to quit at any how bcse i know i have a proofs and i am right

Vicky Sharma   21 June 2018

and he is trying to make everything in fauvor of that girl family and the way he called me he is going to call her also or not means this investigation is only for me or for the girl also she need to come to the police station

Vicky Sharma   22 June 2018

anyone can help me

kunal “#unconventional #Aquari   22 June 2018

U can mail me full query at

Vicky Sharma   22 June 2018

can u call me on 8447120677

Vicky Sharma   22 June 2018

can u call me on 8447120677 bcse its a long story

Vicky Sharma   22 June 2018

boss i can write the whole story again and again me and my family is dippresed rightnow bcse of that police officer

Vicky Sharma   22 June 2018

boss i can write the whole story again and again me and my family is dippresed rightnow bcse of that police officer

Vicky Sharma   22 June 2018

boss i can write the whole story again and again me and my family is dippresed rightnow bcse of that police officer

Vicky Sharma   22 June 2018

pls call me asap

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