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It has been 3 years sine my marriage (no children). Since the begining we had many problems, thus we got separated and started living separately,
My wife initially filed a false case against me which complaint about my attention towards her and the fights we have. As a result, police made the both families agreed for divorce where we had to pay them 18 lakhs and we were ready. But after few days i believe they felt they want more amount so they denied and demanded 35 lakhs from us directly and not involving police in the matter.

Our families finally agreed for a mutually agreed divorce where we would have to pay them 35 Lakhs (that is what they demanded from the begining saying that they spent this amount on marriage, which is not true and the total expenditure from their end on marriage was around 15 lakhs)

However, when we had to meet for the paperwork for this agreement, the family denied yet again (they already agreed and then denied earlier on many occasions on different settlements which they demanded - to get a peaceful life and move forward we agreed on every demand they made)

After this denial, they now have filed a false dowry case against me and m family members (which I confirm is not true). We never demanded them for any money or gifts or anything else. 

What should we do - I am afraid they are changing their mind every day for greed of more money and can even file other false charges on us. 

They too know the truth that the complaints they are making are false but, how do we get out of this and get all this settled ? We are already ready to pay what they demand so that both families can move forward with their lives and live peacefully - but their everyday growing greed is disgusting

what can we do for this false dowry case.

Note: In the previous police complaint made by them, they nowhere mentioned anything about dowry. Would the official copy of that complaint help to prove that if it was a dowry case then they would have mentioned it in the initial complaint as well.

Please help 

legal advisor

Do you have proofs for their demand for money and how they agree first and demand more later.if so you can file extortion complaint over them.if they had stated that they had given exorbitant amount as dowry tell them that you were about to file tax evasion petition on them and also demand original bills for the jewellery that they gave.if they gave fake bills then also there is a chance to put them into troubble by filing rti to the sales tax Department. these things will help to extract the truth from you.

legal advisor

Also if you are afraid that they might file false cases on you then you file a nc in the police station.

we can get the proofs as - 1) Police complaint which was made earlier and then they denied

2) The witnesses who were present at the time when settlement of Rs 35 lakhs was agreed and then denied.

3) They did not give us any jewelery but the jewellery my wife got along with her from her home and she took it with her when we separated

Tax Evasion Petition and RTI to sales tax department sounds good  - but how effective would be this?


hi sir if you say that they demand for 35 lakhs fro you than you need to proof this in court when ot you file case  in police station they demand for this hug amount than you proved this after all if you say about jewllary you need to list all dowery they give you coz if you have nt any proof than its littel problem for you and you must complaint in police station you get help it 

Advocate Solicitor & Consultant

Please do not bow to the demands of the wife and your in laws they are greedy people and you are requested to please file one petition under sec 9 of HMA for restoration of conjugal rights against your wife if she is still residing at her father's home and in case she has gone on her own and 2 years has lapsed in separation file a divorce case under Sec 13 HMA stating all these facts in the petition on grounds of false case and desertion. In case you will prove that she has gone to her father's home and deserted you by her own you need not to pay any thing as maintenance or Alimony to her and will get divorce easily in the court. Please note Divorce is given by the court only no agreement between the parties or by the police stating that divorce is done is not correct and valid except by the court decree of divorce. Please do not give a pie to her unless court says so.


"Jo darta hai usey aur daraya jaata hai............seedhey vruksh aur insaan  ko sabse pehle kaattey hai"



fIGHT TOOTH AND NAIL as advised by experts above. Give it a year & im telling you they will come back to the amount from where they started.







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