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Ramana (CON)     10 December 2012

False case of 420 and 506 sections

I would like to have experts advice on trial case already in the Court. Let me provide the details of case and trials status details here.

This is Ramana who graduated from Europe and came for marriage before leaving to USA in 2006. My parents found one girl who is my brother in law's cousine sister so upon force from relatives, agreed for marriage.On oct2, both families met in girls residence and all decided to go for marriage after I come from USA again. This was not an engagement as no priest was attended/no garlands seen but photos were taken.At that time girls brother have given 1 lakh rupees to my father for the purpose of dresses purchase to just commit us to get married her soon. they have taken fotos cleverly.

Within 2 weeks of that occassion, I disinclined to go for marriage due to some misunderstandings then my parents told them that they can give 1 lakh additionally for cancelling marriage but they forced us for high compensation.funny is no official engagement done but issue is we have taken 1 lakh amount. because of their attitude, we contacted some elders and they settled the issue of giving 1 lakh actual amount plus 1 lakh compensation so all agreed.One day we drafted the same matter in bond paper and elders made girl and her mother(her father was no more) to sign on the doc and even 4 elders signed the doc as witnessess.

after that I left for USA in peace.after came to know this news, they started demanding more money as compensation but my parents simply rejected. They hatched a plan with some elders and made a police complaint after 2 months. FIR registered against us under sections of cheating them by cancelling marriage and theft case of 2 lalkhs at the time of MOU agreement. 506 case was registered for intimidating the girl to kill her. This was all surpising to us and we shown MOU to police but police were bribed already so nobody listened to us and simply they put my dad and brother under bar for 3 days.later they came out on bail.

they were saying the concotted story that they have given 4 lakhs dowry and later agreed for 4 lakh amount with 1 lakh compensation. but at the time of MOU, we theft 2 lakhs amount from 5 lakhs and stolen all MOU documents. we have all proofs that MOU got their signatures and only 2 lakhs mentioned in MOU.

Now it is in the court. No police recovered any stolen docs, theft amount from us at the of MOU day.

We have proofs of origianl MOU with all signatures with thumb impressions.

Could you tell me how to handle these types of cases and how judgement comes after all trial. Thanks in advance


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Munirathnam (Scientist)     12 December 2012

First take the bail for all your family members.

Then contact the people thare signed on the bond papers. Then approach the senior police officers to report the conspiracy made by the girl's family.


You may evern try to contact good lawyer to file counter case against her and her witnesses and let the police hear both sides and decide the matter.


No need to worry much.


They feel that by putting the case your family would fear but you file the case then police will think both sides seriously other wise plice will simply neglect evidecne of your side and proceeds with the case.


Hence you laso file the case as early as possible.

Ramana (CON)     12 December 2012

Thanks for your message. This incident occured in 2006 and all got bail at that only. we tried to file counter case but police told us that case is in court so counter can not be taken. Now hearing is going on and our consel is putting lot of defence too.

My points are

1. we have all valid MOU papers with signatures of other parties and witness

2. Police never investigated into this properly.means no recovery of money,mou papers etc.

I would like to know how judgement comes in these types of cases.

Thanks alot

Munirathnam (Scientist)     13 December 2012

You should bring your papers to the notice of court. Also you should question weather police is aware of the papers signed by the people, if not why?


Then you should ask that lady and others why they did not disclose details of those documents ....


You ask which law says counter case can not be filed? If you have acknowledge of your complaint submitted before poice then ask what action is taken on it?

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Munirathnam (Scientist)     13 December 2012

Visit lawyers, by paying consultancy fee, and get fed back on the cross examination points so that nothing would be missed from your side.

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Ramana (CON)     13 December 2012

Again Thanks. Yes, we appointed one counsel and he is trying his best to win the case.

Interesting thing is Other party members have already accepted that signatures that were on MOU papers are theirs only.

Everything is in our favour but I am still suspecting that whether court may favour to indian women though she filed a false case for extorting high compensation.

Munirathnam (Scientist)     13 December 2012

Your mother also women and think positive now.... Ok!


Never think to go for Sex Transfermation just Judiciary is favor to women..... they do justice but it may take time. That's all.

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