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Alfa   10 August 2021

Earned leave rules

Hello All. I'm an Central PSU employee. I was on maternity leave of 180 days till 31.12.2020. I got my promotion order on 01.01.2021 served to me by email, so i had to join office. And i was on headquarters leave with permission. Accordingly i travelled back and could join my office on my promotion on 04.01.2021 afternoon, that was Monday.

Now my query, here how will my leave be regulated? Should 2 days EL or 4 days EL wil be debited? Or CL can be applied alongwith maternity. Please clarify anyone if any rules or circular is available as per CCS leave rules. Thanks.


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G.L.N. Prasad (Retired employee.)     10 August 2021

Every employee is eligible for joining time and you can avail that legally permitted for journey and joining time.  Please do not mix up issues and confuse and get confused.  As "i was on headquarters leave with permission and maternity leave is not relevant to the issue. Infact, the employee should get relieved and report at the other station, journey time and joining time for making arrangements are legally permissible.  In case if you still have any doubts, please seek information from DOPT under on line RTI portal with Rs.10/- RTI fee.


SIVARAMAPRASAD KAPPAGANTU (Retired Manager)     10 August 2021

Please contact your and get clarification from them as per the internal rules relating to yor organisation. Alternatively, seek assistance from the leaders of Association of Employees and get clarified.

Alfa   10 August 2021

Sorry if I was not able to clarify properly. 

The issue is, my office is not accepting joining period in case of leave. They are saying that joining time is admissible only in case of transfer. I was not under transfer, i was simply on maternity leave. In between my promotion order served and i had to join under same office. And they have actually deducted my 4 ELs including the day 04.01.2021 when i actually joined on promotion, because of joining in afternoon stating that half EL cannot be deducted. They have made me on EL on 04.01.2021 as well as joining me on promotion on 04.01.2021. i have complained to them also, but they are saying its correct as per leave rules that's why I'm taking help here.







G.L.N. Prasad (Retired employee.)     10 August 2021

Please seek information under RTI from DOPT online.

P. Venu (Advocate)     10 August 2021

Yes, half EL cannot be sanctioned. In fact, you should have joined on  the 5th FN than 4th AN..  Moreover, 4 days of EL could have been sanctioned as you had applied.

G.L.N. Prasad (Retired employee.)     10 August 2021

At no cost without informing the reasons for rejection of leave, they can not deduct any salary for the days they are treating you absent.  The leave sanctioning authority has such discretionary powers and he is not fettered with any bars of rejecting leave for genuine reasons, particularly when the lady returned to duty, worked at several stations, and with all difficulties reported to duty on promotion, ignoring her personal comfort and mother's necessity to  Baby.  It amounts to harassment.

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P. Venu (Advocate)     11 August 2021

With due respect to Learned Mr GLN Prasad iy is stated that the limited facts posted do not suggest any harassment whatsoever.

It appears that the CPSU is following CCS(Leave) Rules; grant of Maternity Leave is governed by provisions of Rule 43.

Having overstayed the Maternity Leave she ought to have applied for leave, as admissible. Proviso to Rule 43 entails her even to apply for commutation of half pay leave without medocal certificate

 However, casual leave cannot be combined with any other type of leave.

And, except in the case of casual leave, intervening holidays are required to be treated as leave period.

Having overstayed the maternity leave by four days, she need to apply for leave for the the said period, failing which it may result in absence from duty with attendant consequences.

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