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lawagaintmen (xyz)     23 January 2014

Dv case rtr orders

experts kindly help 

my wife is about to file dv on us she tried to entered our home also but she cudnt able to as i was not present in that house. then my father and mother gave a written to sho stating we dont want to keep her here and she wrote that she came to live here but we dint allow her to stay and my father admitted it and then she asked for gold which my father denied and gave a written to sho that we dont have her jewellary. 

now i m asking she last lived at same house my ques can these written statements can go against us and how long magistrate can take to pass rtr orders ? can she enter our home house belongs to my mom name... she cancelled the mcd stating we dint oblige the terms


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great india (manager)     23 January 2014

arrange for an alternate accommodation and br safe from she harassing your parents. submit in court that you providing alternate accommodation or rent dv cases are pain.....especially when wives trying rtr.... this will savr ur parents tension and pain...

victim need help (HOUSEWIFE)     23 January 2014

try to resolve it with relatives and friends. RTR will be given to ur wife even if you show that you have arranged for an alternate accommodation. This has happened in my case as well. try to solve it without a legal angle. otherwise your life will become hell.


@victim need help....please guide me. My wife has filed DV on me and my family asking for RTR. I desperately wanting to bring her back, but, she does not want to come and for sake of filing case, she has asked for RTR.

during 125 CrPC, she had requested for separate rented house, which was also arranged and before the Judge of Family Court, she denied to join me back on new rented house. Though, she could not succeed in her false 125 CrPC and the Hon.Judge of Family Court has rejected her maintenance application based on her own desertion and not being harrassed, tortured by husband or any other family members of husband.

She could not get succeeded in her 125 CrPC, that's why she has filed false DV case. I really want to bring such beautiful and intellegent wife back and then bang her off later on.

I need guidance now. (Harassed by Wife and her family)     23 January 2014

do you have brain?

the way you have posted here itself can be shown to keep you away from her. infact it shows your cruel nature. if filed for divorce go accept and let her live and u live also. dont think of harasing her. this is the reason she is not coming back i suppose.


@Trilok, I believe, if a person does not understand the meaning of threads/sentences, he/she should always be away and it is not necessary to poke the nose in between the threads, which has been asked from the expert. I do not need your expert opinion.


and one more thing, If you really want to express your expert opinion, then, you must read the thread first, have some pause, think, apply logic, read out the judgements and then poke it.

No need to get hurted, it's true, which, you may apply in your personal life as well.

I need guidance now. (Harassed by Wife and her family)     24 January 2014

Sufferer from Harami Wife

I really want to bring such beautiful and intellegent wife back and then bang her off later on.


What do you mean by this?

why do you want to bang her?

Is n't it curel intension of yours. No expert will come here to help you for this type of intensions. i may not be expert lawyer for you nor am anywhere involved in your matter. this is an open fourm and we have our terms and conditions signed and four has given me rite to reply. keeping quit for such intensions even after knowing your way or futur thoughts beeing cruel how do you expect me to be quit. be happy that no expert has advised you for this or would advice you. take off the thread be happy and let others be happy.

ishita (Copywriter)     24 January 2014

Looking at the kind of attitude you have, it seems your wife did the sane thing. You can keep on dreaming upon ways to harass her further now but the fact is that she is the one who will make your life hell now. You deserve it because you only asked for it!

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@Take or leave its left to you

Can you stop your nonsense posts? DV doesnt mean divorce. Its short form for domestic violence. If you dont understand the post then pls keep quite.

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I need guidance now. (Harassed by Wife and her family)     24 January 2014


Sir i am sorry if you feel i am wrong in here. but try to understand what the other person was telling in regards his wife. I am not intersted in any of the matters posted here. nor i get any use out of it. i may not be an expert lawyer or xyz but i am a human. and with the way he expressed the matter i had to stop him rite. thats what i did. if you want to find grammer mistake or expansion mistakes in my post then i have no reason to say stop to those type of guys. wife my have done many mistakes it dosent mean you should bring her back to harm. its cruel thing. and i am just telling you all same.


Take or leave its left to you......


@Take or Leave


Arey Yaar out of frustration, he posted something, doesnt really mean he would do it literally. After going thru court procedures and the harassment from such a cruel wife who doesnt know anything other than filing false cases, any person who undergoes this kind of harassment right, they will get frustrated with the course of events. One has to show some concern towards them. After-all they are the victims of false cases and the system.


You got confused with domestic violence to divorce. His wife filed false DV when in reality she doesn't want to stay with him. Please go thru the forum, it has a great database of different cases and then you can advice someone. Take some time for yourself.

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Take or leave its left to you

I don't mind on your post whatever you have written. I have nothing to find in your post. That's why I had requested you to have some pause before commenting. Not only here, but, anywhere you will got and attend any forum, you must have some thorough knowledge on subject and then you will be able to speak out to someone. I do understand your feelings, but, nothing can be done. The trauma, an individual has been through, I pray GOD, it would not happen with you bro. Even I do have highest repsect for ladies, becuase, I do have three sisters in my family and being a lady (my lovely wife) she has involved them (my sisters) too in DV Case, though all 3 got married more than 12/13/15 years ago from my marriage stating that they have been living with her.

Please do not ever think that I am teaching you or guiding you. No. This is what I believe, which I am sharing it with you.


I have been looking for an expert advice from the Ld. Advocates / from the actual sufferer who might have undergone in such situations.


I need guidance now. (Harassed by Wife and her family)     24 January 2014

@ suffered from Harami wife


you have to pause dude. not me. what ever the situation is never say u want to hurt some one. in fact here i am another victim like you. i have also asked many questions and read many tags here. after seeing these things i realised am not the only one in here who is been abused from wife and her parents. i never said to bring her back and hurt infact i am here searching for a solution which is good for all of us. that dosnt mean men have to get frustrated and go against the women. there is always a way to solve the issue. 

try to understand where we are going wrong and where things are goaing wrong. that is the solution. running away or abusing or waiting to harm etc etc are just waste for life.


@Take or leave its left to you maaf karo guruji aur aage badho.

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