Dowry demand and streedhan

My daughter and my son-in-law were batchmates in an Eng collage in 2004 to 2007.My daughter got a job in an IT company. After 4 years she told me she wanted to marry him so their friendship lasted for almost for 9 years they asked that they want to marry. Both side we were against their marriage due to different casts.  But atlast both sides agreed and marriage has taken place grandly. As I am a middleclass govt. Employee told them that I may not be able to give much dowry. First they told they did not want it as they have Crores of property, but marriage should be arranged grandly. Marraige was held on 17-5-2014  I have spent almost  Rs.15,00,000 for  I offered 20 Tolas of gold ornaments. Even I gave away the Presentations @ marriage Cash and Jewelery woth of Rs 1,00,000 gave to themAfter marriage after  6 months Mother-in-law's colour changed, She used to utter in the presence ofboth my daughter and her son   "You would have got 1 Crore of Rupees if you could have married that girl "   ( Actually  she gave ONE CRORE RUPEES of DOWRY to her DOCTOR  Son-in-law )  Erlier sometime I told my daughter that I would GIFT her with a plot. My Son-in-law used to tell me to sell that plot.  On one day I sold it  in for Rs.23,50,000-/  wanted to transfer it on my daughter's Account. My son-in-law told to transfered in his AccountIn July 15   I transfered in his Account and since almost 10 months passed he has not transfered to my daughter's Account. During these days  the Harrasment by both with my daughter was more than If she little late from duty due to traffic jam or any other both  will shout, abuse " with which boyfrind you spent thismuch time "  as the HUSBAND always having SUSPICIOUS these many incidents are happening for tha last one year.  Three times  He pushed her out of house and closed the Main door. By this time she was going under a state of DEPRESSION. One day while she was coming back from duty he told her " Go and die some where "    In OCT-2015 I brought her to my home. now she is stying with us parents for the past 7 months. During these months almost daily ...he rings up and should.... Come back home..... if you do not come I will go to some other girl ?..he abuses hours together on MOBILE.    Even they have taken Counselling sessions with a Counseller for 4 to 5 months.   His anger is at the maximum. Now he is telling---"The plot should been fetched for Rs. 50,00,000 Lakhs... take your money back. He told me this but even after one month he has not returned the amount. 

Now my daughter wanted to file a  498a  case and I wanted to file a Dowry demand case againest mother and son  as they are demading indirectly by torturing her 

I have following documents-----

1.Lagna Patrika   with dates

2. Marriage certificate issued by the Registrar of marriages Saroor nagar  with date

3. Marriage snaps/Album/vedios  Etc

4. My daughter,'s  Salary statements - in which she used to transfer Rs. 8,600-/ every month in to the Account of herMother-in-law's  Car Loan account which is purchased by my son-in-law (her account no. is registered in my daughter's salary statement) If the payments are delayed she used to shout many times.  

5.Reciept of Money transfer of Rs. 23,50,000/- to my son-in-law's Account along with hisPAN No.

6. Tax Invoice of the making of JEWELLERY worth of Rs.4,00,000...The bills are misplaced

I request all of you to all of you ...My daughter does not want to take  DIVORCE ..I think his intension may be.  He may file a  RCR as he is calling her to come back. where as my daughter is fearing.

1.  Under which Acts the cases can be filed and for this cases how much may be the LAWYERS FEE in HYDERABAD city

2. I request  all of you to give your  VIEWs     Especialy Sri Ramachary Rachakonda Sir to reply as soon as posssible  to console my daughter.......



What do you want to achieve? If you file dowry case under 498A divorce is 100% guaranteed one way or another. 498A is a criminal case, if you win the case boy will go to jail, if you lose the case boy will get divorce on grounds that wife filed false case on him. The case will run for 10 years in courts before any outcome. During this time boy and girl cannot resolve anything. Also neither of them can start new life with another person. You have to wait till they get old fighting in court. You want to file 498a case and you don't want divorce - these two are not compatible. If you want to save the marriage, don't file any case. If you want to break the marriage, file 498a case. You can settle the 498a case if boy agrees to return your money and then get get mutual divorce. This is the only type of out-of-court settlement in 498a.


For Section 498A, 406 IPC complaint to be registered against the husband and his mother the important things will be:

1. The transfer of Rs 23,50,000/- that was done by you after selling your property. This amount was given to him by you not as gift to him but on his demand as part of dowry amount. Attracts section 498A IPC along with section 4 of DP Act.

2. The jewelry worth Rs4,00,000/- that was given to your daughter as her Stridhan still in possession of the husband/in laws (confirm this) was not returned even after demanded back by your daughter as it is her Stridhan/absolute property in their possession. Attracts section 406 IPC.

3. The monthly transfer of Rs8,000/- to the account of the mother in law by your daughter from her salary account for the car loan installment that was registered in the name of husband. Attract section 406 IPC as the absolute property in cash of the daughter is being taken away from her and used for repayment of car loan, car that belongs to husband and is in his possession not her.

How far the Police will register the FIR I cannot say as nowadays the registration of FIR in such cases is not being done immediately and both parties are called for amicable settlement through mediation/conciliatory process.

In most cases the amount that is in question is made to be returned to the wife, both parties are told to settle their dispute amicably either to live together as husband/wife or dissolve their marriage by mutual consent.

If the settlement of divorce is to be done, the amount of alimony the wife (usually) is to be paid is also settled. It has to be lump sum amount that the wife can demand and the husband agrees to pay in one or more installment during the process of divorce but complete payment made before the finalization of divorce.

I know you are not looking for divorce in this case but after moving the criminal process against the husband/in laws, the chances of your daughter getting rehabilitated once again in the matrimonial home becomes minimal and only option left is to collect her money due from the husband on all accounts and move ahead in life as a free person.



I completely endorse the legal advice of Sh. Vijay Raj Mahajan.  Do not leave your Son In Law to go scot free.  Those are the worst creatures on this earth not just to suck the blood of wife and her parents but also rub the salt to the wound.  The most important piece of documentary evidence in your case is selling the plot and transferring the amount in his account and also your daughter's monthly contribution in her MIL's loan account.  These will clinch the issues in your favour.  As suggested, file a criminal complaint in the police station and watch out how expeditiously the police is going on in this matter.  If their action is not upto your expectation, then you can engage an advocate and file two cases, one is private criminal complaint under Section 498-A  read with  Section 406 IPC and also under Dowry Prohibition Act.  Next, you also file domestic violence case.  I do not see any successful mediation in this type of cases, once husband turns out that much cruel and avaricious and finally the matter ends up with divorce, if you like it or not.  But take care and engage only such an advocate who can understand the problem of the girl with sensitivity.  If you are in financial distress and not in a position to engage an advocate, your daughter is entitled to free legal aid counsel.  But my request is that do not leave that fellow scot free.


If what you have written is 100% true, you have a reasonably strong 498a/406 case. If you fight this case well, you may be able to send boy to jail. But your daughter's life will also be destroyed in the process, she will fight in court for long long time.

If you want to save marriage: opt for counseling between couple and positive methods to encourage reunion. Any legal remedy will backfire.

If you want divorce: fastest way for girl to get out of bad marriage is mutual consent divorce. Ask boy to return money and go for mutual consent divorce. If he refuses, file 498a case. He will most likely agree for compromise at this stage. Sign compromise, get divorce, move on.

I strongly disagree with Prabhakar Advocate. Going to seek vengeance via law in marriage matters is self destructive strategy. If boy decides to fight back the case you lose 10 years of your daughters life. More than 90% 498a cases end in acquittal. This case is easy to start but very difficult to prove in court. Before seeking revenge, dig two graves.


You have let your girl loose, and the girl is now finding trouble leading martial life.

Her husband asking dowry is a crime, punishable under law, 5 years jail term + 15,000 fine or both.  BUt do you know, giving dowry is also a crime?  You and your daughter can go to jail for giving dowry u/s 3 of DPA?

The wife giving her salary to her husband is not a crime, here she has given to her mother in law, once the marriage happens and girl goes into the boys house, does it not become her house too?  Is she there only to enjoy and not share the difficulties of the family?  You might not agree.

You did mistake by letting your daughter loose and roam, when you could spend money so much on her marriage, you could have as well found a prince charming for her, right?  You agree to marriage and dhaam dhoom marriage function, and now you want to file dowry case?

Why did you not file the dowry case immediately when there was a demand?  What was holding you then which is unholding you now to file a case?

On top of it you daughter does not want to take divorce?  You should tell this story to some other lawyer.

File it if you want to but whichever way I look at it your chaand ki gudiya will become a headache for life for everybody involved.

I suggest you to talk to the boy and his parents and sort the matter amicably without going to court.  Even if you ppl want divorce, go for mutual divorce.

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Expert Humanitarian and Lawyer

Yes helping hand is correct.  Giving dowry is also as punishable crime as asking or taking dowry.  Be careful.

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Many many thanks to  Sri Vijay Raj Mahajan  sir  and Prabhakar Sir, for their advise ... 

Sir..The couselling process went on for 5  months...during these periods ..many times the my son-in-law used to shout at  my daughter  on mobile  "  Come back I will see you   u r not worried about me  .."  and so that ...He has created such an atmosphere that like terrorising her...Main problem is with  Mother-in-law ( As always she provokes  her son in some petty issues )  like trasfering  money for her car loan...She has income in her business, and through Rents she atleast gets  Rs. 1 lakh per month..only the thing is she want that my daughter should have  'Zero" balance in her account and she should beg her for the amount.... 

As Mr.Helping hand says...I have let mydaughter left loose and roam...sorry to say ...nowadays  it happens in the teen age...regarding giving was not given at the time of marriage ..we thought a plot will help my daughter to have a house of their own gifts is not a fault  I think ?  ..that too for you said  demand of dowry....No body asks dowry nowaydays DIRECTLY.....The greed become strong after such type of marraiges..( like in this case mother-in-law has given CRORE to her  she is feeling ....

Any way I am thakful to the forum ..for their valuble Advise..but presently I have sent a message to them  two days  back  that   I am ready to send my daughter provided my son-in-law  and my daughter should live in someother  Rented house..  I am waiting for the this is the  IDEA of the mediator also...otherwise ....Last OPTION........once again thanks for the  FORUM......



Ignore the stupid advise of the 1st commentator who has deleted his or her account. My sister is facing the similar problem.We are not sitting back as my brother in law has not left us any option to spare him.

To helping hand- Dowry demanded after engagement and before marriage forces any father to budge to save his daughter's honour.Especially when the girl has younger sisters.One can call it Threatening ot blackmailing.



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