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Do you experts think this will go against me legally?


Married in the year 2009, marital disharmony begin soon after. Having a 
three and half year old son, residing in a house where my parents live 
in a separate floor (completely separate accomodation). Wife does not 
take part in any social occasions with me, does not discuss anything about my 
child with me (she does it with her parents), abstains from physical relationship and last but not least
often goes to her parental home along with my son without even informing me when 
she is going to return, let alone taking my consent. Her parents have already threatened me and my family to put me and my family behind bars if we do not comply with the their daughter's whims. I am trying me best to save the marriage 
since we have a child. But now, things have gone much beyond tolerance. Under this scenario, 
if I start living seprately in a separate bedroom and start cooking for myself, without shying away any financial resposnsiblties towards wife and children do you experts think
that may go against me legally?


Author, finally try to convince your wife and her parents in an amicable way to live with you and if they do not care your words, tell them it is better to separate legally by approaching court of law.


Logical and Legal Advisor at Family Court

If everything proper, then only marriage.  You staying in one room managing yourself,  she in anoteher, your inlaws acting like rowdies,  Yours looks like bayalaata.  Better take MCD, hand over the kid to her ie not opt for custody of kid etc, pay one time alimony and marry someone else.  No use saving marriage in your case.  The more you try to save it the more you will get in to problems.


Mr Gyan Prakash is right.  No need to yield too much and get rid of her.  You will have more children to love from your next wife.  You cannot save this marriage 


Step 1: Install Cctv in your home.. Capture all that she does.. Step 2: Go with above suggestions.. This marriage is unsuccessful..
marketting manager

Go with Manoj suggestion, better be safe than sorry later

have all the conversations recorded, better buy some spying devices which are available online,see below

For Example :: A pen recorded with video and audio,


with the help of devices keep collecting data and present it to a lawyer and to their parents and then start discussing about the seperation,

if you directly start your discussion for seperation you can expect hell of Women Biased cases against you and your family and your whole life will be ruined, gather sufficient proof's

without proof's if you start discussing seperation, her parents will run to police station that you have made their daughter'slife hell and file domestic violance,498A etc etc cases on you.

gather sufficient data and then only move forward.



You should create evidence to put your side before Court, whenever you approach the Court. Your wife and her family seems not interested in maintaining relation with you and relations cannot be survived in such a way. Learned Legal experts had given right advise, that you should proceed for legal separation.




From your narration it appears that you and your parents are innocent persons who did nothing wrong at anytime. Your wife and your in-laws are entirely wrong in all respects and though it may harm them also they want to break the marriage probably deriving maximum benefit during the process by methods such as 498A, DV Act etc. They may derive monetary benefit, and also will have the sadistic satisfaction of having 'punished you.' But in the final analysis they will be losers and of course you will also be a loser.

It appears to me that all, except perhaps Mr. Satyanarayana, believe your story as 100% true. Thus all of them advise eventual divorce. But your story appears to me too good to be true. Please do some self-introspection and search the attitudes and behaviours of you and your parents and report here even if some minor wrong things were done by you. If you go alone to a marriage counsellor and narrate your story as above, he or she will not be satisfied. He or she will ask you questions trying to get a true picture. If there is problem in a marriage one should first go to an expert marriage counsellor and things are exhausted then only go to a lawyer. You may go to a lawyer before, only if you anticipate threats of gender biassed laws.

Have you exchanged any letters between you and your wife or between you and your in-laws?  If so can you attach those letters, in particular, those which you received?  There will be no smoke without a fire.




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