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RK (adada)     23 November 2012

Divorce consultancy only for men


Are you planning to file a divorce case?
Are you going through the Divorce Procedure in India?
Is your wife not willing to give you the divorce?
Has your wife filed false cases against you?

 If answers to any of the above is Yes then feel free to contact me since I am doing divorce consultancy on case by case basis.

I have been rewarded a Divorce decree under Mutual Consent on 14th Aug,2012 after a traumatic 1 and a half years of contested divorce case filed by me against my wife.

Being an ardent follower of LCI, I wish to help all my fellow members who have suffered against PRO-Women laws of the land. I want to help and guide all my Male friends who are seeking divorce against their wife and want to start afresh in Life.

Call me at 83 7390 60 18

Cheers, RK


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ABHISHEK B (Bekaaar)     23 November 2012

Can you pm me your email-id ??

Never Give Up (Fighter)     23 November 2012

Please post your strategy in open forum for all harassed husbands help..

Tajobsindia (Senior Partner )     23 November 2012

@ RK,

This is a scam nothing else!

1. Just 7 months ago you were here seeking help in your own case where in your then brief you mentioned 7 months back that 2 years ago you filed divorce. See your own link question

2. Now since past 4 months you are dancing on your own roof top that 1-1/2 years ago you filed divorce and got it via MCD route. Here you forgot that 7 months ago your status was 2 years old divorce case then contesting and after 7 more months to it your past status is still 1- 1/2 years so what Consultancy you can provide to harassed men when your own facts of your own case are not correct ? You should change your message now to “after 2 years 7 months of contested divorce I got MCD” and not as you are mentioning again and again and confusing simple harassed husbands here who write to you in below links of yours.

3. Every month you come here and open same title post of consultancy and then no one knows as to what happened to people privately approaching you now see your story till date links as same people still ask so many related questions in their other threads. 

7 months back you wrote this query related to your case -

4 months back you started consultancy -  and then you deleted your own post

2 months back again same consultancy-

Then once again 2 months back you opened same post offering consultancy-

yet again in past 2 months you say the same with again new post offering consultancy -

Then last month you again came here and said same title post of offerign consultancy–

And today in this month again just an hours ago this title post of yours offering consultancy

What amuses me is that in none of the above links any legal strategy / single law point / even smallest legal discussion you could do to gain confidence in you and your free consultancy yet few simple husbands did approach you as I can see and feel sorry for them wondering what consultancy they got from you?

Hence stop dancing from your roof top and stop confusing genuine queriest in the name of providing false help. Now you have got divorce so be happy and restart your life.

Leave consultancy to people who are professionals in law.

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Chetan Joshi (Advisory/Advocacy)     23 November 2012

Very well Tajobs.....

Samuel (CEO)     23 November 2012

Good Catch Tajobs!!

@RK Please share your experience when people ask for help in the forum that the way it can be monitored and advised by professional lawyers.

you know better than anyone else, this battle is hectic and rough pace.. a single mis guidance will make huge impact in life.

Rajeev Kumar (Lawyer/Advocate)     23 November 2012

Ha,Ha,Ha........... Tajobs has peeled your skin out and made you nude to dance. You are only puppet who has now dancing on other tune and want to recover your litigation cost by starting divorce consultancy service.

Rasik Dagli (Lawyer)     23 November 2012

Congrets for your success but  all cases are different on facts and circumstances.

I very much doubt that you can work as consultant. Leep this job for Lawyers.

Rasik Dagli


Rasik Dagli (Lawyer)     23 November 2012

If what is said above regrding post of RK (described as Scam) is correct than LCI must ban this type of posting.

Rasik Dagli


Ranee....... (NA)     23 November 2012

Can't he get divorce after 7th month?

To RK, please state the points on which ground you defeated your bitter half so that harrassed wives and their lawyers can get  help from that and they can be careful in their cases;)

krishnamurthy (production coordinator)     24 November 2012

Sir, I married in1994, had 3 children studying in 12th,9th @ 3rd std, now my wife is not ready to stay with me because, I had doubt her nature,she forcing me to give settlement,I am working @ company & drawing 18200/= & having ancestrial property. Realy I do not want any type of seperation. pls help me.......

if even then she need divorce how to save my chidren ( 1st is Son & 2 daughters ) from her, & not giving any type of maintenance, pls advise me immediately.

ANAMIKA VICHARE (LAWYER)     24 November 2012

I fully agree with Tajobs, Harassed husbands have to be careful as they do not fall prey to false people, a single mistake in guidance will cause them miseries and hardships

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RK (adada)     26 November 2012

Dear LCI Members,

With everybody like Tajobs and his followers like Rasik, Chetan Joshi, Samuel, Ranee, Anamika etc challenging my Competency and calling me a fake, calling me naked or making false claims, I want to shut everybody's mouth now by sharing my Story with complete facts and before that I want everybody to know that I am here to help out ONLY the Males in India who have been harassed by the women centric laws of the land and this is based upon my own experience...

My Background:

I was an IT engineer by profession, working in Florida, US before marriage and was an NRI at that time, successful, rich and well established. Came to India in Feb,2002 and met couple of girls through Matrimonials.

I found someone who was educated and from a reputed family, Had a grand wedding in Taj Palace, Delhi after knowing and meeting each other for 2 weeks since I had to leave back to US after marriage.

1st biggest mistake in my life of marrying without knowing each other well.

Left to US 0n 14th March, 2002 after getting my wife's visa formalities done for dependant visa. . I was on the top of the world, got a new condomonium of 5 bedrooms and a new Mercedes after marriage.

Life was doing great,,,, and we even planned to go to Disneyland in the coming weekend.

Then came the turning point of my life, 21st March,2002, My wife started complaining of tingling in legs, numbness  and weakness and starting vomitting, initially I thought that it was probably due to jetlag and initial hectic period but that continues for a day or two.

I got a bit paranoid and decided for a medical checkup at Baptist Miami Hospital, Florida where she got admitted for 1 week initially wherein the doctors did the completely checkup and all tests but failed to understand the problem, extended the stay to another 1 week and decided to do Xray's MRI etc.

To my utter surprise after seeing the MRI report by the doctor, he said that my wife is suffering from Multiple Sclerosis and I laughed away by saying what is that and he told me that its a nervous disorder wherein it is caused by demylineation of brain nerve cells and our own body immunity system acts as our enemy which leads to paralysis and other body parts failures over a period of time.

I did not take it seriously..... and took the normal medications and got the discharge from the hospital.
 2nd biggest mistake in my life for ignoring the pre-existing disease.

Few days left and then my wife started feeling homesick and wanted to return back to her mother's house in Delhi,India... I thought that may be she is under shock of newly formed problem and I sent her back to India.

After returning back to India, She again underwent tests in India and told me that this is a relapsing remitting form of MS which she was not aware of and this is something new got discovered after marriage.

I being a most romantic person in the world having born on 14th Feb, 1975 acknowledged my wife's points and happily waiting to call her back.

Then another shock, she told me that she is happy in India, scared of going to US and also found a school job, hence I should leave everything in US and come back to start the family life again, which I readily accepted, left everything in US and came back to India in October,2002

3rd biggest mistake in my life of leaving my lucrative career for restarting the Married life.

Returned home in India, found out that my wife was very happy in her job and staying with her parents in Delhi.... She told me that she underwent intense physiotherapy and now has regained control of her left leg which got paralysed due to MS attack.

She came to stay with me at my house in Delhi in Nov after making the operational adjustments of her travel to job and we started living happily.

My happiness was short lived and she started to go to her parents house more often than regular... when ever I used to tell her to stay with me, she would say that her parents are old and need her to which I accepted that after all parents are parents but that was happening daily now and I used to go and stay with her parents sometimes considering as my own parents.

Finally I got the job in Dec,2002 and we decided to shift nearby my office which was also near her school.
Renovated the new house, bought new things and life regained its continuity.

But her regular going and staying at her parents house did not stop, I dont remember how many weeks and days I slept alone and even fed food for myself.

Life moved on got busy in professional life and accepted this fact that my WIFE never LOVED me, she only needed a Husband name.

I accepted this as my destiny and related to my karmic theory that this is what God has chosen for me and I should be happy with what I got in life.

2 Years passed by and then we both decided to have a child and finally We got a baby Girl in Jan,2005...
4th biggest mistake in my life of having a baby from a loveless relationship of husband & wife and accepting that I am not the most romantic person rather a most foolish person.

Both of us were very very happy and my wife was indeed a very good mother and I am proud of her for the same till date.

Life passed and I got a job offer in UK in Sept,2006 and told my wife to accompany me and the daughter since she is also very young.

She refused and said that she cannot leave her job and she needs her parents as well. I accepted and went alone, whenever I used to call her from UK, she will say that I should stay happy there and grow in my career and she and baby are fine in India and keep on coming in 2-3 months to meet us.

I again accepted and would come whenever I missed my family in India. This continued for 2 years and we stayed separetely.

My daughter was also growing up, finally I changed my job and came back to Delhi in Dec,2008

I could hardly see my wife in home, rather she was always with her parents along with my daughter.

I tried to discuss this with her parents multiple times to which they always said that they cannot do anything in this regard since this is husband wife understanding.

Finallly after repeated attempts I met a lawyer and narrated my story to him in Jan 10 to which he asked that whether my wife is interested in Divorce and I said that my wife needs only me as a Name sake Husband and a Father to our daughter and want to continue the relationship as it is with me fulfilling my financial responsibilities as a father.

I realised that this is going to be a Contested case... I stayed separately for 1 year till Jan 11 and then filed the case in Feb,11 on Cruelty and desertion grounds in Tis Hazari.....

Battle Begun....

My wife was not interested in giving the divorce under any circumstance, no matter what.
Money no issues,
family backup no issues

I am tired guys to write more, If anybody wants to know how I got the divorce decree on Aug-14th 2012 after filing the divorce case in Feb,2011, feel free to call me at 8373906018.

 I can provide strategies to convert the Contested divorce into Mutual Consent on CASE BY CASE BASIS.

Tajobsindia (Senior Partner )     26 November 2012

Listen no one is following me nor have I told anyone to follow me.

This is a free legal portal site where Advocates as well as general public who have knowledge of Law share and answer for free various legal queries. Some are in consonant with Law some are just time pass and yet some sounds like business.

The way you kept on writing about free divorce consultancy only for men from past 4 months and never replying to any legal points or strategy directly asked to you made you suspicious as scam.

I stand by my choice of word and even after above clarification which to me was never needed I still stand by my opinion about you.

If you want to provide help, help here for free by replying to various queries that is what Internet based discussion legal portals are all about and not for providing phone no. every month and saying contact me.

Since you have written about the past donot pause and show tiredness write more about the actual stragey you applied let us hear that also out, why stop after the facts !


A lawyer to every query here in LCI writes only one line -  “Call me on my cell no. I want to solve your issues” Will you as an queriest derive any confidence in such Lawyer?

If answer is no then all your messages till date were sounding like that.

stanley (Freedom)     26 November 2012

So you are a NRI Rich  well settled from a highly reputed family ,my assumption rather instead of this consultancy why dont you change your profession and become a lawyer and fight for all the harassed hubands in your area you would be a boon to them 

Okay so you have self declared yourself to be the most romantic guy  being born on valentines day 14 th Feb . ;)

1. You talk about women centric laws now i wish to debate on this and would like to know your inputs or stratergy to counter women centric laws . Take for Eg sec 21 of DV act how can a male get custody of the child in this act . Your prompt response would be highly apperciated . 

2. Please describe traits and ways in how we could become romantic like you and why you could not capture the love of your wife and lead a happy married life . 

3. And by the way you as i read above you had a ground for Divorce that is cruelty and desertion .

Now take for Example that you have a  case of mine for Divorce there are no ground for Divorce so how would you help me out with your consultancy  and help me to obtain divorce . Wife is not willing to give Divorce nor MCD nor does she want money just wants to harass me so how do you handle it .

4. Can you expalin on what grounds can you get Divorce .

5. wife hs  demanded huge sum  for maintanence of herself and her child how do you deny maintanence for the child . Can you ?? 

On  response to my post i will  rate you and your consultancy and i wish for others to put questions to our romantic guys consultancy in order to rate our romatic guy 

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