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divorce and child custody


I need assistance in divorce case in mumbai. Can anyone help me.

I have already appointed a lawyer from mumbai but somehow i am not confident of that lawyer.

My husband lawyer is very smart and he has filed for RCR, even though he doesnt want me back neither i wanna go back.

He has started collecting evidence against me to prove that i am adultress.

I will send all the details of my case proceedings.

I know other lawyers dont take case of other lawyers but if will be glad if anyone can provide me consultancy to get divorce from my husband and the child (6 years and 5 months)custody

Do let me know if anyone can help me.

Its very urgent. I m filing the RCR reply today and the arguments are scheduled for 20th oct.

Please please anyone help me.
I want divorce from my husband and my daughter.THATS IT.

Mutual consent cannot be done as he wants daughter too.


Practising Advocate

Seema. Do share the documents related to the matter and RCR copy @ scclegal@gmail.com. Do give me an elaborate descripttion of the matter citing the date of marriage, date of starting of seperation, child's birth date, his behaviour/ both's occupation etc. I will suggest you accordingly. As the matter is sub-judice commenting on the same in public websites shall not be very legal and valid. Adv Ashish Singhal


Seema, I believe if you don't want to go back, you could tell the court that you do not want to join him back. I am not sure if I did get your question properly. The issue as you narrate and I read is, you don't want to join your husband neither he wants to have you come back (as per your opinion) but since he has filed RCR to have the court look into the matter and save his breaking marriage you have to respond. If you really don't want to go back, you can clearly state so. I do not see how a smart lawyer could do something different in this case. anoone having different opinion(s) would help me as well.


Hi Seema you dont have to worry as in RCR case it is your decision no one can force you  .

if you dont want to go back you can file a divorce case 


Mahesh I am with you 


@ Seema ji


You said your husband is a lawyer!!


First thing....pls ensure your query is not being replied by your husband on LCI!!!..................Just joking.


I am going to send you a PM also. kindly read that also.


I wud immediately suggest to patch-up for your kid. its good for you both. other options are like a 'oasis' unless you look and perceive 'divorce' and 'relief' & 'remedy' only.


First clarify what you want.

I reckon ..............you want

1. Divorce (that too quickly...from a lawyer huddy ........Oops!)
2. Maintenance for u and your girl kid
3. Fin. support and expenses for your kids edu amd marriage etc.
4. Alimony for you
5. Custody of child
6. Also full guardianship of child along with custodianship of your child
7. Alimony
8. Also I reckon .....You want to win divorce and not get slapped onto you!!



I wud immediately suggest to patch-up for your kid. its good for you both (u and ur spouse) and in fact all three of u as well as all your relatives also. other options are like a 'oasis' unless you look and perceive 'divorce' as a 'relief' & 'remedy' only.


I am a working women. i want to divorce him and want the custody of the child.my husband is not a lawyer.

He has filed RCR not to get me back but to save himself from 498a and not to give maintainence and alimony.

he is trying to show that he is good in front of the law.

Last time i agreed to go back he put conditions that shows he is not bothered that i come back.

If he has filed RCR then why on earth he is trying to collect evidence against me... simple isnt it.

He has allged that i have extra marital relationship with a guy.

Do we need to have a second opinion here.




Opps... i forgot to thanks...all of you..

Thanks ashish, mahesh, dinesh and jamai for your response.


As i have clearly mentioned that we both wanna divorce each other but at the same time we need the custody of the child.

So is the joint custody a good option.

can anyone tell me what will be the pros and cons of the joint custody.





@ M D Rajput....


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Why can't you restrict your post/reply etc  under appropriate forum only?


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