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samanchi srini vas (member)     18 October 2010


respected members,

to get divorce u/s section 13 (iv) (v) is psoriasis (A chronic skin disease characterized by dry red patches covered with scales; occurs especially on the scalp and ears and genitalia and the skin over bony prominences) is a ground to get divorce.

marriage solmnized suppressing the fact that  wife is a psoriasis patient marriage held two and  half years, now the patient/wife condition flareup , n there is no possibility of to lead marital s*xual life, moreover misunderstandings arose ,hence the husband wanted to divorce from his wife.


psoriasis is incurable decease , so is it ground for divorce.


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Well personal views wont matter here but i would suggest that man to stay with his wife and support as mutual understanding is more important. Anyway as far legally concerned then yes it can be taken as ground for divorce under Leprosy. If it would be AIDS or HIV it would be taken under Venereal Disease but since its related to skin patches so i would say it can be taken under Leprosy grounder for divorce

samanchi srini vas (member)     20 October 2010

thanq very much,

kindly confirm whether psoriasis decease is a ground to seek divorce or not


samanchi srini vas (member)     25 October 2010

is psoriasis is a ground to seek divorce ?

Roshni B.. (For justice and dignity)     25 October 2010

why dont u get it treated when it's treatable?

the litigation time will be longer than its treatment time.....

litigation costs will be higher than medical costs!


rest depends on ur conscience..



hedevil hydraheaded (non professional )     25 October 2010

oh, God, did you make this world??? 

Then what is the difference between me and you?

Bhartiya No. 1 (Nationalist)     26 October 2010

Leprosy and psoriasis are different things and psoriasis can be controlled, better u consult any good skin specialist or at AIIMS.

Avnish Kaur (Consultant)     26 October 2010

any proof it existed prior to marriage

when did u come to kno about it?

living with her as husband after discovery of fact.

can u prove it was not told to u before marriage if it existed ?

if u can do it file annulment on fraud basis

if u cant then treat her and have a live in women

mgrao (partner)     31 October 2010

Psoriasis is not a ground for divorce.Since the fact that it is preexisting and supressed may amount ot cheating and so you can ask for nullifying the marriage.

You can only ask in vain in all probabilty for the Judge would ask you despite overhelming eveidence that you should first attemt at getting rid of her problem.

Cheating happens on both the fronts but the cheating by a woman and her parents has less impact.The law at the moment is in favour of woman.

Roshni B.. (For justice and dignity)     31 October 2010

is ur wife good to u otherwise?if yes,dont think of ending ur marriage.. act wisely.

wot if u annul ur marriage only on this ground,remarry and the second wife ,though healthy is bad natured.then u will regret ur earlier divorce.


Itss not the ground for divorce and this disease is curable

consult a better skin specialist.

I agree with roshni Suppose you marry the second wife ,though healthy is bad natured.then u will regret ur earlier divorce.

suppose second wife after 2 years she became psoriasis patient then did you left her?

Either acccept the reality and consult the good doctor.

If husband have this type of disease did wife left him ?

mgrao (partner)     31 October 2010

The fact of the matter is

a person simply asked if his marriage to a Psoriasis affected woman the truth of which was suppressed at the tine of marraige or marraige negotiations time can be a ground to legally separate from her.Any one's advice need to be limited to that request.

As regards if your wife is good enough otherwise is circumventing the issue at hand.

Whether the second wife will let you live in peace is a hypothetical query that need not be answered.May be you can marry any number of times and still remain unhappy.It does not prevent you from trying one more time.

mgrao (partner)     31 October 2010

Suppressing the fact of Psoriasis may or may not amount to fraud in the eye of the Judge.

If you are angry and frustrated about the fact that you were taken for a ride you can always the pursue the options open and i would encourage to to go about it.

It is not necessary to compromise either for a wife or a husband. A lonely life is certainly a lot better than being forced to live with one you do not want to live with.

mgrao (partner)     31 October 2010

I understand Psoriasis can be treated and not cured.

I know of one affected Engineer who returned from USA leaving his wife and children behind for he found it difficult to live with family and also at the work place.

I used to accom[pany a friend of his to this person and would carry all kinds of easers besides food.I think they can not eat all kinds of food.It is genetic and so can be passed too to the siblings.

The question simply here is you want to live with her or not.Most people do not understand how partners lives are destroyed for no fault of theirs .

I do owish this to happen to my son.

mgrao (partner)     31 October 2010

i mean " i do not wish this to happen to my son or daughter "

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