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priya (ASE)     13 December 2009


         HI, its me Priya from tamilnadu. before 3 months I got married and my husband misused my gmail password and retirved about my past details who I loved but presently i have no contact with him. but my husband is not trusting me and putting blame on me and torturing me. I'm planning to divorce him Could u plz advice whether these mail can be consider as advience in court? Now I'm unable to enter into my account because he has changed the password and blackmailing me.Could u plz advice if somehow I delete my account and if he shows the print out of mail whether it can be consider as adivence?Kindly help me.


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Raj Kumar Makkad (Adv P & H High Court Chandigarh)     13 December 2009

Definitely print outs are a strong peice of evidence which can be used by your husband against you. It seems that you yourself are admitting your guilt by threatening to seek divorce to your husband at such earlier stage. If you are true that have no contacts with your earlier lover then face him bravely and falsify him rather adopting such tacts as it shall also spoil your life. Behave maturely.

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Yes, Mr. Makkad has given you a right advice!  This is either too early or silly for a divorce.  Try to make him understand your position and make it clear to him that you dont have any contacts, probably seek help from your family members!  Mr. Makkad has used the right word "maturity"  Again, no offense.

priya (ASE)     25 December 2009

Hi Mr.Makkad,

Thanks for ur response. Actually Problem is something different. Before 2 days from our marriage he came to know about my past through my dairy and photos then I accepted that i loved somebody in my past and past 2 years I have no contact with him and he told he truely loves me and wants to marry me. then I felt i'm very lucky to marry him. After 2 days of our marriage he got a call from a female and he told about his story that he had a relationship with a femalefrom past 5 years and now from past 8 months no relation with her and his parents also conviced me that he suffered from bad with that female now he came out from the hell So even I accepted their words.But he didnt tell tat female tat he got married with me.He has no gutts to tell her about his new life and later her brother came in fought in our home that u cheated my sister and spoiled my sister's life.Whenever I ask about that female he will blame the female she is bad and baal baal..... actually they ran a company from past 2 regarding getting bank loans to customers.He has car but the RC book is ih tat female's name and told so many times please give back the car tat female but he told i paid money for it i ll transfer the car to my name but till now no action is taken from his end. This female will call once or twice a days to his cell. I asked y she is calling to if u have no relationship but he ll change the topic and start pointing out my mistake that i'm not good to him and not showing 100% love on him and thinking about my past and comparing with him. But i feel he wants to hide his past by misusing my weakness. And currently i'm pregnanent too- 3 months over.I'm working in IT company. He never took any money from me later he started asking money to buy a car but i refused to give him because already one car is their in her name which he didnt take any action.Finally one day he asked who is father for this baby i was totally broken and informed my parents to take me back to native and my dad immd came and took me and till now he didnt response to me and my parents went to his parents to ask the justice but immed his dad went to his place and his mom told he went there for some medical treatement. But when I asked my maid regarding my father in law whether he reached and taking any treatment and she told yes, he reached but no treated early morning ur husband n ur inlaw where taking out some documents to do some settlement with that female. Later that female came his home with her brother that time they told the maid to leave the home and come later. I asked my maid whether my marriage photo is their in our bed room or not and she got shocked that removed my photo from bedroom and hall aslo..... Seriously I lost my hope on him. Initially i was feeling  that I had done mistake and its just my past and nothing else .. if I get any mail from my friends or phone calls he ll scold or torture me a lot and alsways insult me..... He ll never again chance to talk about him. he knows i'm carrying but he not at all bothered to ask about me. We called his parents also but they are cutting our phone calls and blaming me that ur daughter is bad... she has no family responsibilty. Kindly advice how shall I proceed with type of issue and i#m carrying tooo.... I need justice. But I doont want to live with person. I have no trust on him. Tell me now wat is Maturity for this case. I hope u ll help me out. He is black mailing with my password and telling if i take any action he ll send the print out. This only my weakness but I', true from my heart. i want to come out from this problem. This is my life problem.I feel He needs money then his wife. kindly guide me

Hardik Mehta (Family Counsellor)     29 December 2009


If you are having the previous records of any passwords, then you can write to Google and they will help in retriving the password for you. This would be very helpful. If you have got the computer at home and if he is accessing the mail from that computer then you can retrive the password by placing the keylogger software in the computer. This is the sleath mode software and you can get the trial version as well as freeware for your own use. Before that please check if the software is alreay present in the computer.


Remember, you will not be breaking any law to retrive your password. This can be useful for you in future and do not put to her blackmailing demands.

priya (ASE)     29 December 2009

Hi Sir,

Thanks a lot, I have contacted google but no proper response from them.It still under process. Actually I'm in my native place. i have doubt if I delete my account and all the data will be deleted so if he produce the print out whether that print can be shown as evidence against me? or he can put case on me that i have deleted my account to escape.

And type of action can be taken against him that he already lived with a female for past 3 years and still he has contact with that female.


kindly guide me. Could you please provide your cell number so I can reach you.

With regards


Kindly guide me. 

Daksh (Student)     19 February 2010

Dear Mr.Hardik Mehta,

Your IT accumen is really appreciable.  Hat's of to you.

Best Regards


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