Hello sir married for last 1 yr 3 months, inlaws and husband torchure for 4months from marriage every single day coz of dowry and I was thrown out, I am in mom'said house for last 1 yr,dint file case coz I wanted my husband went to womenscell and also to mahila Police, my husband kept dragging things saying my mom in law not well even when I went home they didnt accept me he has sent divorce letter but I still dont want to file any 498 or dv coz I am still wiling to live with my husband I am totally depressed I knw I can stop divorce by filling rcr but how to convince my husband to get along is there a court procedure does any counselling happiness b/w us, i can break my husband divorce by prooving but how does the the div procedure works in the court I am from romantic catholic family do they refer it to church as well for counselling is there way to get my husband back please advice me, I am not in touch with my husband for last 3 monrhs

No law can make husband love you again. Laws only useful to dissolve marriage and get maintenance. If husband does not want to reunite, no counseling will help. If you already have complaint filed in mahila police then chances are very small he will come back. 

Best way to proceed is as follows: Contact husband on your own and discuss one-on-one in person or by phone. Tell him you want to live happily together and want to give it your full heart. Tell him you willing to go to marriage counselor to help rebuild trust. Ask him to take some time to think about it and give you a clear answer, whether he wants the same or not. Give him a few days to think. Then contact again to get answer. If he says that he wants to reunite then mutually decide next steps, example start weekly marriage counseling. If he says he does not want to reunite then proceed to decide terms for mutual divorce. Don't waste time trying to change his mind. Get divorce quickly and find someone who WANTS to be with you. 




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