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Dishonest and cheating by boyfriend

Hello all,

I am Saranya Thangaraj working in a software company for past 5 years. Recently, I moved from my native place chennai to Pune for a project. I came alone and currently staying in girls PG. After I came to pune, I planned to take homeopathy treatment for my skin. Since I dont speak and understand hindi I decided to go nearby hospital/clinic to avoid travelling. Then I come to know a Homeo clinic nearby and started to have treatment by dec' 2012 end.

Because of homoepathy treatment, it happened to share every details of mine and also he come to know that I dont have boyfriend. After days passby, we both started talking a lot in phone and social networks. One day, we both proposed each other and confirmed each other. He is a muslim community and I am from Christian religion. During the time of proposal, I asked him whether your parents will agree for us? he informed me that his parents wont agree for our marriage but I will try to convince. Each and every day, he always say that he loves me a lot and suppose if he marries then it will be only me. Also he always commits me that he will marry me even though his parents dont agree for our marriage. We started get close to each other and one day we booked hotel and stayed together for 2 days and 2 nights. During those 2 days also he told me that "Afer doing everything with you how come I can marry another girl".

After those 2 days, we use to have oral S*x for 2 days a week in my PG when no one's available. One day he told me that "Surly my parents wont agree so you must be ready to elope with me at any time". I replied to him that I am not at all interested to elope. Later on, he reduced talking to me and not attending my call. He called me one day and told that his parents are having good respect in pune and he doesn't want to spoil that. Since his parents were too strict and stick to community so wont agree for cross marriage. And, they will allow him to marry only a muslim girl. So he asked me to forget him and asked to marry another person. 

Since we both loved and trusted eachother a lot, we came close to eachother. From the start he knows that his parents will not allow for our marriage. But after doing everything with me, when he says about his parents permission and respect I cant digest. During the time we loved, I have spent lot of money to him like he always gives me missed call to talk to me. I was the one who used to call him for each time. But now money doesn't matter to me, he gives me trust and commited to marry me. But now he is being dishonest, cheating me and getting escape from marrying me.

Can I lodge a complaint against him for cheating?


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Mohammed Ameenuddin (Sr. Legal Manager)     08 July 2013

Try to materialize the evidence against him such as photos, phone call recording, notes etc., and you can file a cheating chase (section 420) against him.


with regards,


Chetan Joshi (Advisory/Advocacy)     09 July 2013

All you can do is to press a charge of rape because your consent was obtained under a false promise to marry but since there was no s*x, it will be difficult.






Can I file a complaint in nearby police station asking to orally warn the doctor and his family members to retain him from marrying another girl?

Because now-a-days he is always trying to convince me to leave him without any issues and requesting me to not to inform anyone about our relationship since it will destroy his image and respect from others since he is the leading person of his family now and a well-known doctor in Magarpatta and surrounding areas.

Also, seems he is going to get engaged with another girl by this month end. So is it possible to file a complaint to warn him and retain him from marrying another girl bcox he always promises me that he will marry me only.


dhruv (other)     18 October 2013

Are u sure that he is not averting u because u started to change ur behaviour ? In that case he will prove it the other way so even though u had s*x with him later u were cruel to him and not compatible.

Recent court judgement was "virginity is not an asset of a girl"

Do u think that he will love u and marry u after u lodge a court case against him?

Why were u so dumb to believe him? Dont u know that feelings change?
 Couldnt it be that u lured him to have s*x with u so that u can snare him into marriage?

If u had s*x before marriage pls dont make it hell for the guy u had it with..... Sex b4 marriage IMO is a chance and does not itself mean marriage will result. With time any one person can change and result in changing the other.

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Hi Dhruv, Thanks for your reply. I am sure that he is not avoding me for change in behaviour. His parents are the biggest and leading family of his born village. All were strictly following to marry only muslim girls/boys in their village and no love marriage or even intercaste marraige is also allowed in his village and the same been followed in pune where they live right now. This reason is making him to avoid me.

My only concern is from the start he knows his parents wont allow for our marriage but then why he should love me and get close to me and do everything with me. Even I asked him " Did you came close to me because of lust or any physical attraction?" But he replied as "NO.. And told me that I have completely mistaken him".

He made me to believe him that he will marry me one day and now he is being dishonest to what he said to me. Also, We had only oral s*x and didnt do anything more. I am not a character of loving one person and marrying another person. Since I have trusted him and Loved him a lot I accepted for everything.

Surly his love will change on me if anything happens to his family because of me. But to make them understand is his duty and reponsibility. I dont have any interest to make his family feel ashame or get scolded by someone because of me. So that's why I am holding myself to complaint and doing any harsh actions against him. I always think as Daugher-in-law of their family and do everything to him till now...

But I feel he completely changes now so I feel it waste to complaint against him... :( He is not showing the same love as he shows to his parents and family...

fighting back (exec)     18 October 2013

hi saranya...sad to hear your story, this is the result of instantly believeing and trusting somebody. but anyway, if you lodge a complaint of cheating he will be arrested, behind bars, for how long? max 3 days,. he will then come out on bail, then what, the case will stand in court, then you will be called to testify yourself, you will make endless rounds in court, everytime you will cry yourself hoarse, rape!! cheating!! day in and day out, the case will go on and on for dont know how many years, in the meantime, you will spoil your social life, you will be the talk in your neighbourhood, marriage will become difficult, there will constant  fear of backlash from your opponent, even though it might not take place in reality. if you are brave enough, then i would strongly advice you to file a case instantly without waiting anylonger, but be equally strong on the social front to face your society in which you live...because you have been lured by this guy for s*x and after that he has dumped you, so...the topic of discussion in your social circle will be.......this girl can be lured into...................(you very well understand)

I dont mean to discourage you, but you will be facing this situation for sure, so make up your mind, as you mentioned that you only had oral S*x, but what is it? a part of s*x.

secondly, i would advice you, not to use your real name while discussing sensitive issues like yours, who knows, your own relative might read it, or your friends might read it, so i would advice you to use another name......

so be brave, and ask yourself the above questions, if you are brave enough to face the tide, go ahead and file a complaint, else,  you need to introspect.....alll the best...take care

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Samir N (General Queries) (Business)     18 October 2013

When your own actions are shamelessly outside Indian traditions, do not expect the same sympathy that is reserved for Indian women. This is NOT a forum to discuss such masala. Find some other forum.

Sudhir Kumar, Advocate (Advocate)     18 October 2013

agreed with Sameer

Sandeep Naik (Advocate)     20 October 2014

It has become a trend that indulge into sx and then cry foul . It could happen to a teen age girl but even the now a days teen age girls are also sharp. Had it happened with a boy then what stand he could have taken against you ?

So .... forgive and forget.

ADv. Sandeep Naik (Mob : 99670 56980 )

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