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gaurav (student)     21 August 2009


i am a law student.

I want to know the difference between attorney, solicitor& lawyer.


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Raman ( )     21 August 2009

Here is the answer and I found it using the search field top right corner!

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CarolWHaines   21 February 2020

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sneha jaiswal   13 April 2021

Hello, Greetings of the day!

Attorney- An attorney is a person who is legally appointed to act on the behalf of you on the basis of a power of attorney.

Solicitor- Solicitors drew pleadings or written statements in the case that are filed in the court of law and performed functions of an attorney for the clients.

Lawyer- Lawyer carries a degree of law, who has knowledge of law. As soon as one gets degree of LLB or other equivalent, becomes lawyer.


Hope it helps


Sneha Jaiswal

Preksha Goyal   20 May 2021

Dear Sir, 

Lawyer: A person who can give legal advice is a lawyer. It is more of an umbrella term that is used universally.  A lawyer is a person who has learned law either as an attorney or a solicitor or a counsel or even a person who has a license to practice law. The term ‘Lawyer’ denotes any person who is pursuing or practicing law.

Advocate: An advocate is a person who assists a person, defends a person, or pleads for another person. An advocate provides legal advice and aid to people and pleads the cause of the person before a Court or a Tribunal. An advocate is also a counselor. He is a person who has learned law and has duly admitted to practice in the court and further assists his clients with his legal advice and also pleads for his clients in the court.

Attorney: An attorney is more of a member of the legal profession who represents a client in the court whenever he is pleading or defending a case in the court. In the US, an attorney applies to any lawyer who practices. The dictionary meaning of an attorney is a person who acts as an agent or deputy for any other person.

Solicitor: In English Law, a solicitor is usually the chief law officer of any city, town, or government department who does not act as an advocate in the court. Solicitors are permitted to conduct litigations in the court but they are not allowed to plead or defend cases in the court. The concept of a solicitor in India is not as prevalent as that in United Kingdom (UK). In India, Bombay is the only state where solicitors can register themselves with the Bombay Incorporated Law Society.

Hope it helps.

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