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Is divorce possible in this case of disease



I admire your write ups al ot too.You are also doing your bit.We all are learning and benefitting.Rather its a survivor club which is asissting each other in its own peculiar way .Thanks evryone..


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Charud, Final Reply

You said that the disease is somewhat controllable and not curable permanently.-That is right.

Before marriage and after marriage also my wife and her parents never told me about her psychic disease.--So, they made afraud,yes ,But after 6 years of marriage it’s not a ground for divorce.

Most people with OCD resort to repetitive behaviours called compulsions like the following:
- Repeatedly washing hands/or taking baths.
- Repeating routine actions a number of times until it feels right. For instance, checking if lights are switched off or appliances are unplugged.
- Excessive checking of door locks, the fridge or stoves.
- Repeatedly making lists, counting or arranging.
- Unnecessary re-reading and re-writing or excessive praying and performing rituals.

Your Solution Treatment

Treatment is a combination of various forms of counselling like exposure therapy and cognitive therapy. "A patient needs to recognise that the intrusive obsessive thoughts and urges are the result of OCD. They should work around these thoughts by focusing their attention on something else, at least for a few minutes. Ask your family and friends for their support and patience,"

Aishwarya also said that   there are so many health problems where one goes to doctors on weekly basis...do their relatives come for support?when a man and woman marry,in their pheras do they promise that they will stand by each other 4 ever, "but with the support of relatives"???

"Stress from unemployment, relationship difficulties, problems at school, illness or childbirth can be strong triggers. Being a victim of s*xual abuse as a child, can increase the chance of developing OCD as an adult."


Osd an anxiety disorder in which an individual suffers from unwanted repetitive thoughts and behaviours.

Two major symptoms of OCD are obsessions and compulsive rituals. They often centre on one or more of the following issues:
- A person with OCD may constantly worry about having dirty hands or clothing, or catching or spreading germs. In some cases, it extends to s*xual activity.
- They worry that the front door isn't locked, the oven isn't turned off, or a cigarette hasn't been snuffed out.
- They fear losing control and harming others.
- They are obsessed with order and precision, may feel very anxious if even the smallest detail is out of place.

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Please read Charud's posting again.. He said he married last year and he is  residing in Thane since 6 years. 

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can u prove this was diagnosed before marriage, also there shud be no s e xual  relation after discovery of fraud.do u have proofs she has this disease . if ans to these q is yes with documenatry evidence , go ahead for annulment under sec 12 fraud.


@aflatoon dash,

accept my sincere thanks and deep respect to your posting on this thread.

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Many of the advised are still confused in my post about  My marriage is Six years old. I had written I am residing in Thane District from last 6 years but I had also written that I had married last year i.e. begining 2009.

May be my presentation of words may be incorrect!

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You should consider after marriage disclosure truthfulness on you can try with any Holistic Healing Spiritual Practices will have much effect on both your approach... If she is truthful to you maybe hidden reason could be of life security based on this society.

Advised to Take decision on their present approach on you...




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