Saving plant kingdom, animal kingdom - how?

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Some photos which are self explanatory are worth considering in the context of the Fact of the day V/s the forgotten Responsibility under Article 48, 48A as regards Bovines:-


There are 3 photos in all. It has not been able to append any of them here (Technical problem with the site V/s LCI site).


Two of the photos are found in the Word document in the attachment & one of the photos is in the news item of the daily Hindustan Times. All relevant links are appended in this post.


The photo above in the Hindustan Times shows how proud the workforce are, all in white gowns just like doctors. The way that person standing there speaks it all. BUT WHAT HELL IS THAT! HE IS DOING BUTCHERY & having all fun at the cost of the hapless 2ND Fathers & Mothers. 


Nothing much on the person, an unseen individual. The Government & poor planning, enabling is to BE BLAMED IT ALL. 


It be assured that the same person (Persons) will die fully satisfied, with conscience clear; naturally ofcourse if he/they were to do the work that is envisaged in the Science plan that envisages Care, love, to the 2ND Fathers, Mothers. WILL THE GOVERNMENT AWAKEN TO THE CALL?

Attached File : 109727 20170408185503 34564762 the mechanised butchery industry.doc downloaded 24 times
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The photo in the attachment (above) reveals the sort of 'Antim Yatra' mankind ordains the 2ND Fathers, Mothers in the mechanised (Science & Technology) butchery. They are captured from as far off places as Ludhiana, Jallandhar & trucks carry them to Aligarh (500 - 600 Kms). They may / not be fed before they are pulled to the trucks. Once there, they keep standing all through immaterial as to whether it rains or shines. This is the same whether it is scorching summer or shivering winter. The driver stops for booze, routines etc. It may take about 2 days. Then on, they are simply taken to the ranch, bathed & prodded to the slaughter chamber. If they are fed in between, their bellies accumulate organic matter that will fail the science gadgets you see! What great thinking! What ingenuity in the entire matter! Go on. Go on. Mankind is in deed giving a great gift to them in return to the great gift, the sacred milk that rears every child, is part of many beverages, part of the food for most patients!


All these because the life-forms cannot speak, organise themselves the way mankind does or be present in the places where mankind takes decisions & suffer more & more.


The benevolent society that we claim to be need use Articles 48 & 48A & arrive at meaningful lifestyle/s that builds, fosters man-nature synergy; not mechanized butchery.


Gvt should delist meat, leather from commercial items. There are any number of kinder ways to make good for the money, food etc. It is imperative upon India to become a role model in these new ways & set a trend that would be emulated by the globe.


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Below are self explanatory. The police were, are there, but ...

1). Gau rakshaks catch man taking cow `for slaughter'


2). MOB ATTACK - Booked for carrying animals in a cruel way, say police


This is not news from any remote area. This news pertains heart of the city, all in the Capital of the Nation. If this is the condition in this area that is supposed to have so much of security, imagine...... Yes, there are crooks in the robes of saints. But ....


India did not have police stations, check posts etc few decades ago. The biological fathers, mothers, elders were the police. Society used to work their level best & very little used to go bad. What went bad used to get controlled. But today, the very brains of people have got, are getting corrupted. The concepts itself are bad. The concepts of both the society & governance are in itself corrupt.


It does not matter, Gau rakshaks or Gau palaks. Mankind cheat the 2ND Fathers, Mothers mercilessly. But the 2ND Fathers, Mothers cannot speak, ask for help. Those on the forced Antim Yatra need raksha from brutal hands. The Gvts ARE NOT DOING ENOUGH. The very policy of meat / leather export speaks it all. Be reminded that in the facts of the day, days are not far when HEXport of human parts would be legal tender. It is time to wake up beyond small considerations. Mankind derives quiet a lot from them. It is bounded duty to repay the Mothers & Fathers who bring us up. It is bounded duty to frame apt rules, enact bills.


I see only Suresh and Suresh everywhere. Are all otherts extinct? Can rats be killed, or are they also a protected species?

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# 25




See. People are not participating. What can be done.



Well, as for your point, I have tried a different way. I tie electric wire to iron mesh. I also have CAT. These have kept the population & the troubles under control. Killing by chemicals etc may not be the best choice. 




Cow dung-fueled biogas cuts Kota dairy’s monthly power bill by Rs 2 lakh



“On an average around five tons of cow dung is generated daily at our dairy farm having over 120 livestock (cows) which is used to generate biogas electricity from our biogas plant,” said Amanpreet who will address farmers about cow dung uses for commercial benefit at the Global Rajasthan Agritech Meet (GRAM) to be held in Kota from May 24 to May 26.

“The biogas plant is meeting most of the power requirements of the dairy farm including the robotic system, milking machines, chilling units, foggers, fans, milk parlour and lot many other electrical appliances,” he said.



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# 26

Cattle Rules: Govt to Vet Suggestions


In the above context:

Summarily, the Rule is welcome. India can definitely live upto it. Farmers are not going to lose anything. For that matter, no one, no sector is going to lose anything. Yes, there will be some inconveniences because there will be shift in everything that has been happening so far. The Rule need not be diulted to allow buffalo slaughter or anything like that.




Image result for big pumpkin



Site - 1: Gives the marketable  products (solid) out of pumpkin,  CTvgNORIKMSiIjjQtAk4PExEfCw4Q3fCarNVEOX7PxFyDmsBQTf52C01kTclvVQeL7i_1pdr2JVyAYHfG0-08YQSePyoSCdC0CTg8TER8EXFNMyaTUG24KhIJLDhDd8Jqs1URZvA5g_1GTSwMqEgkQ5fs_1EXIOaxG-1aTOsRc7UyoSCQFBN_1nYLTWREYqn9EYxGZFqKhIJNyW9VB4vuL8RnOv3_1Vaog4oqEgml2vYlXIBgdxGE-AKLQ9_1ApyoSCcbT7TxhBJ4_1Edplc20gtV88&tbo=u&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwid86aMy5nUAhVIOxQKHc_dDiIQ9C8IHA&biw=1366&bih=634&dpr=1

Site - 2: Is a seed company that has online presence (e-com) as well:  .

Site - 3: Is a Organic farming company that innovates on processes.

Site - 4: Is a site on pumpkin pie


NOTE: Undersigned has studied the PUMPKIN sector & so has suggested above. But, there are number of such vegetables, fruits, trees, shrubs, medicinal plants etc that have very high market potential. The Gvt could help grow such products, reap them, process them, package them, innovate on products (marketable), educate the masses, enable a shift in the society.


Have the following suggestions:

1. There are number of new businesses in agricultural produce. Above is a spectrum. It is imperative upon the Gvt to enable society to invest in them & have high returns.

2. Gvt could commit to get the farmers / industries machinery, R&D, service etc & help a continuous business.

3. Gvt, through its R&D could improve upon the seed varieties, enable new flavors / variants that could be marketable.

4. Defining life forms as proteins, vitamins etc be made punishable.

5. The Gvt could take up farming. processing, marketing etc under the MNREGA (Mahatma Gandhi Rural Employment Generation) etc scheme & ensure that the farmers do not get displaced totally all of a sudden.

6. The Gvt could bring the new products like the ones in the couple of websites that have been suggested under its community kitchen programme & distribute them free of cost to the participating lot. Thus, no one would go foodless, proteinless. But, all would work & enjoy to the extent they deserve. There MAY be some minimal gurarantee, but the rest can be made output, efficinecy based. This would sustain such ventures by themselves after the initial investments. The Gvt could monitor from time to time, yet make it a accountable venture.

7. Today, science & technology is advanced enough to replace leather & meat. Gvt should make the scientific organisations account for the money that goes into their existence.

8. New products, processes etc should be encouraged. New Businesses should be helped.

9. India should revive the 'India festivals' that were held in the 1980s & 1990. (Still recollect that the Indian stall was quoted to have got the longest queque amongst a numberr of countries on a foreign land. That line was quoted to have been for 'Masala Dosa' that cost Rs 200 or so in that festival at that time). (Indian dishes are so delicious that they are run away successes in foreign countries. Many do not even know other products apart from Red meat & are very eager to get out of it).

10. If it comes to it, India should take the challenge in leading the Universe in the food change amongst mankind pe se.

11. Change in food comes with health etc benefits too. Gvt should use its bureaucracy, machinery to show the effects of change.

12. Gvt may give some incentives to new companies, markets & ensure the people get acquainted with the effects of the change. It would enable people shift voluntarily.

13. Farming, as per common connotation never means meat. Thus, the Gvt should defend the rule properly in all forums & in public.

14. Money that is projected by the leather & meat industry would be triffled when if this new food market is given apt support.

15. The new industries definitely same / even more work force. Thus, the work force in the leather & meat industry would not go out of jobs, but would be shifted to a new job.

16. Fear propagandas should be countered with fact propaganda though mass media too.


The Rule will enable a positive change in the mindset of the society at large. This should be taken up aptly in Courts.



Fig : Modern equipments are needed.

Image result for big pumpkin


Fig below:

Is CHINESE pumpkin juice factory

Pumpkin juice bottles liquid bottling production line/ Purple sweet potato beverage production line 


Figs below: Pumpkin juice in can (These photos are from e-com websites. So, the market potential may be guessed)


Pumpkin Juice 100100% water soluble natural pumpkin powder

Pumpkin Juice Drink

Carrot-Pumpkin juice with pulp

Best Health Food Weight Loss Product Orange Powder (MJ-15 sachets)

pricing of pumpkin juice bottles liquid bottling production line

Hot Sale Pumpkin Puree Machine 300-500kg/H


NOTE: This effort is amidst tight financial constraints, all from a cyber cafe. This is not complete & is suggestive. If however, undersigned is given apt opportunity, it would be met by a befitting powerpoint presentation accompanied by a lecture to any category of audience.



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# 27

Firstly, in the context of FESTIVALS, Mango Festivals are held all across India (Delhi Haat is to host the Mango festival soon) & Indian dignitories have also sent Mangos to their counterparts. Bengaluru has one of the best of Groundnut festivals every year (Called 'Kallekai Parise'. "Kallekai Parikshe" (An annual even at the famous Lal Bagh) etc.  Fort that matter, Pongal is Festival-cum-Pooja of Rice. The list is expandable.



Image result for big pumpkin + tiger images         Image result for big pumpkin + tiger images


NATURE CHANGES, ADOPTS ITSELF TO THE ENVIRONMENT, NEED. Above are real time photos. (There are many more. But, this sufficient to appreciate the reality). 

Mankind can also CHANGE, if s/he wants to & makes up his/her mind. It is the will power, inclination that makes all the difference.


More commercial products in the markets:

Image result for pumpkin products     Image result for pumpkin products


Image result for pumpkin products  Image result for pumpkin products 


Image result for pumpkin productsImage result for pumpkin products


Image result for pumpkin products            Image result for pumpkin products

Image result for pumpkin products      Image result for pumpkin products

Image result for pumpkin products    Image result for pumpkin dosa  


Image result for pumpkin dosa        Image result for pumpkin dosa 



Image result for pumpkin dosa


There are many more. I(tem-1 in the post # 26 gives one such big list). It will be of interest to note the following:

1. Pumpkin Dosa, uttapam, 

2. Pumpkin Chutney.

3. Pumpkin curry. etc etc.

4. Pumpkin samosa.

5. Fried seeds as tasty as the commercial products in the Indian markets (Groundnuts, moong dal, chenna etc).


Gvt need popularise these amongst households & also use them in community kitchens & distributed amongst the relevant populace under Gvt schemes. It is worth record that Gvt is already distributing food items like milk, powders etc. These could be added to the relevant list & distributed amongst the relevant segments. (Only that too much of a luxury will not be possible. Still, luxury will be made free for those who contribute through their might. Whatever it be, people have to contribute.).


In the above context, today, AUTOMATIC DOSA MACHINE, PURI MACHINE, PARATA MACHINES ARE AVAILABLE IN THE MARKET [with all the spareparts, service back up, AMCs (Annual Maintenance Contract) etc etc].


If someone still insists that s/he would want the protein, fat, vitamin etc OR festivals, funs, melas etc only from the blood, only in a particular manner etc, then the matter is quiet different.


MORE SUGGESTIONS (From ones already available on this thread itself):

1. The Gvt should consider banning the derogatory term: LIVESTOCK.

2. The Gvt should add value to life & life forms. It could build free crematoria across the country, use methane gas for the purposes & put system in place to handle all the dead.

3. Cruelty should be stopped right in the concepts. Thus, 'Farming' should mean agricultural produce out of plants & not include lifeforms, whatever it be. Thus, Gvt could subsidise, aid kindness in all it does & leave fantasies to the realms of the rich, the mighty, the political type etc who pursue such objectives & will not get deterred even at the sight of blood; the cruelty in actuality, in videos, in scenes etc. 

4. Indian History wherein, Kings of the erstwhile India, Gautama Buddha etc renounced the world for the comforts of the people, lifeforms could be popularised amongst the young & the old alike through new age media.


Learned Members of the forum may please contribute their best, in best of forms for the cause.

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# 28


Rajasthan HC judge wants cow as national animal, life term for slaughter

.... Justice Mahesh Chand Sharma also listed 11 benefits of cow urine while hearing a petition on the death of more than 500 cows at a Jaipur government-run shelter.

.... A probe revealed dereliction of duty by government officials at the shelter where the bovines starved to death after they were caught neck-deep in cow dung and fodder that had turned slushy due to rainwater seepage.....


Declare cow national animal, says Rajasthan HC 

.... While the Rajasthan high court directed the state government to coordinate with the Centre to declare cow a national animal and make cow slaughter a life-term offence, the Kerala high court declined to quash the central government order as there was ‘no violation’ of the Constitution in the rules notified. 

  ...... Rajasthan high court declared chief secretary and advocate general of Rajasthan as ‘legal custodians’ of the cow. 
  ........  As per Article 48 and 51A (G) it is expected from the state government to take action to get a legal entity for cow in this country. 

  ......... It is expected from the government that it should declare cow as national animal and for this purpose the chief secretary and advocate general of state are declared legal custodians of cow, 
......... The bench also granted liberty to any person or group to file a PIL to declare cow a national animal. 

......Environment minister Harsh Vardhan had said that the ministry had notified norms to prevent cruelty to animals. “Aim of the rule is very specific. It is only to regulate the animal market and the sale of cattle in these markets, and ensuring welfare of cattle in the market. The rule provides for a strict animal monitoring committee and an animal market committee at the local level,” Vardhan had said. 

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# 29


SC to hear plea against new cattle sale rules on June 15,  Economic Times, Delhi Edition, Page 3 (Hard copy Version), 


1. Main Document.

2. Supplementary Document

NOTE: On Cross verification, it was found that the LCI portal accomodates only one file per post. Thus, the documents are not operational.

(2). Alternately, the trouble could be with the up load itself.

Anyway, the above documents are posted as 2 separate documents in the next 2 posts on this thread.

The e-version has one more contention. That is not attended in the document enclosed.

Attached File : 109727 20170611204226 524803014 main.doc, 109727 20170611204235 524803014 suppl.doc downloaded 27 times
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