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Fake 498a,307,309,326a,324



Hi Friends,


I married a bad girl(age:28) on 26-12-2013. I am working in Bangalore in a MNC Software company.I am from poor formers family from kadapa dist,Andhra pradesh. She was with me for only one month. She dont have parents and she was staying with sister and brother-illaw. I thought she dont have parents and dont have studies also(10th pass), so she love my family. But she already having illegal relationship with her sisters husband.Just for society and for property she married me and spoiled my good life.  She came back to their their sisters house on 30-03-2014 from Bangalore. She didt come to Bangalore.

She and their sisters family is a jungle persons. They done baanamati and chetabadi against me. I went to that bad girls house to bring back that bad girl. That stupid girl already removed "TAALI BOTTU" and "LEG METTIES" and not like to come with me. She and their sisters family demanding 5 lakhs.

In that situation i depressed a lot and i committed suicide in front of that bad girl house. In stomach in with knife i cut 12 times, She and her sisters family dont help me to hospital also, and they filled false cases against me 307,309,324,326A,498A.

I was in jail for 17 days. She demanding 5 lakhs to divorce and 5 lakhs for case compromise.

All my dear frends what should i do, shall i pay 10 lakhs.

But 5 cases filled na, how many days it will take to clsoe all cases and taking the divorce also. Please frends and layers help me to come out from these big problem.


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Register FIR against them immediately. File Writ petition (Article 226) with all circumstantial evidences.


Dear Sir,

I have filled a case against our neighbours for pouring explosive fuel to my house mid night 1am -2am on May 8th 2014, we belong to SC caste, FIR been filed but charge sheet not been done on them they were absconding for 1-2 months, even this I have informed to them. I have sent letter from SC directorate and written complaint sent through registered post but there's response or action taken against them.  Our neighbours have Money and Man power.  Still our case is pending.  Now they both taken AB.

Now what step i can take, so that police will arrest them and theirs AB should get cancelled. I want Justice for the complaint.  Kindly help me sir.




Manjushree,  You should engage a very good criminal lawyer sympathetical to S.C., S.T. and poorer sections of the society.  There is a long legal fight waiting for you.  The offences they committed against you and your family amount to very serious in nature and come within purview of "prevention of atrocities against S.C. Act".  But the police mostly belong to upper castes collude with the accused and let them get AB or bail.  So engage a good advocate.


Hi all, I want to know what are the preconditions to apply speedy trail? Another question: As all know police is not doing proper investigation in family cases. Simply copy past of FIR is CS so is there a way we can get proper investigation like CB CID kind investigation we can request? I want to prove my innocence as soon as possible and nail out the issue. Thanks in advance
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Mr. Jack,


Yes your can. First of all you have to apply for certified copy of FIR & Charge Sheet. Then you can apply for Writ Petition (Article 226) with Article 21, CrPC 482 and 483 and Indian Evidence Act 1872 and prey for -


1) CID investigation

2) Quashing

3) If quashing not granted then direction of time frame of 6 months of the entire trial.


You need to justify with Indian Evidence Act that police did not submit any evidence except the FIR to file the final CS. You also have to submit your evidence if any and legal grounds for quashing (If not granted the speedy trial as per Article 21).

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Four Judgments (CITATIONS) are there to ask the judge to decide perjury first but just writing the citation only won't suffice. One of my friend needs the actual judgments which he wants to use in case of Rotak Girls who filed false case on innocent boys. So if anyone has the weblinks of the below four citations then kindly inform as even & other sites not showing these. Also anyone kindly suggest if the judge asks to provide complete judgments then what he shall do ? 


Citations are as follows:-


Order dated 09/01//2013 passed by the Lucknow Bench of the Honble Allahabad High Court in Writ Petition No.(M/S) of 2002, Syed Nazim Husain Vs. The Additional Principal Judge Family Court & Another;

Order dated 17/06/1994 passed by this Commission in M/s. Remex Engineering Pvt. Ltd. And Others Vs. Vijaya Bank and Others, reported in 1994-(002)-CTJ-0845-SCMAH;

Decision dated 25/01/2010 of the Punjab and Haryana High Court in CRA NO.197 SB OF 2010 (O&M), Sunny Bhumbla Vs. Shashi.



Please be handsome, smart, good looking and look for a good unmarried girl and start leave-in relationship until you get divorce.

As per legal system, would it not be adultery for a married man to have a live-in relationship with an unmarried women????




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