definition of cyber law

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Provide me a proper defnition of Cyber law

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Dear Dinkar,

                               You have asked a very important question: Had it not been in this forum I would be reluctant to attempt to answer your question. Your question is something like "What is God" I mean it is very difficult one hard to find the correct answer. Cyberlaw is not really a classification of law; rather it is an informal term used to describe how traditional classification of law such as civil and criminal law are applied to online activities as Manish has defined it in brief.  However, I would add that Cyberlaw is law governing the use of Computer and the Internet focusing on a combination of State and Central law, decisional and administrative laws arising out of the use of the Internet.

                                         The subject matter is new but the law that is applied is based on  traditional laws.




CyberLaw is a term first coined by Jonathan Rosenoer as the title for a service aimed at explaining legal issues to computer users. It derives from the term, Cybernetics. CyberLaw (tm) was first published on an AOL user group no later than early 1992, as a version of a series of articles published in print, under the name "The Legal Side," by major US computer (primarily Macintosh) users groups, such as BMUG, and on The WELL. Many of the CyberLaw articles were published in a book titled, CyberLaw: The Law of the Internet (Springer Verlag 1996).

Cyber law (also referred to as Cyberlaw) describes the legal issues related to use of inter-networked information technology. It is less a distinct field of law in the way that property or contract are, as it is a domain covering many areas of law and regulation. Some leading topics include intellectual property, privacy, freedom of expression, and jurisdiction.

Advocate/ Asst. Manager(Legal)

thanks to reply shree. these is in very precise words


hey can anyone tell me about cyber nuisiance

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The laws relating to the I-net are termed as cyber laws


Sorry I am late  .

Cyberlaw is a clone of  civil+criminal law  emerged due to scientific progress especially in technology.  The original crimes, motives are same  but the way of committing offence are supported with technology .

Thus cyberlaw is the TECHNOLOGICALLY EMPOWERED bridge, which bridges the gap between traditional laws and modern criminals.




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