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Maari R   11 April 2019

Criminal complaint against advocate

Lost hope on judiciary (Corruption)

Hi Sir,

I Marimuthu R here, working in Bangalore the purpose of this letter is to launch serious complaint on judiciary department and advocate P.Johnson, his office located in the opposite Nagercoil district court, Court Road, Nagercoil, Kanyakumari district, Tamilnadu-629001.

P.Johnson(810/2004) is cheating and corrupting court in so many ways along with that he is doing serious criminal activity inside and outside the court campus. I filed RCR 67/2018 in Tirunelveli district, Tamilnadu on April 2018. Then they filled MCOP 39/2018 in Nagercoil, Kanyakumari district on 4-May-2018 without my knowledge the notice served on 15-May-2018 and 17-Jun-2018 respectively but notice was not received by me because I already shifted  to a different house in the month of April 2018. Then 1st August 2018 they exparte order rewarded that Rs.9000/-  per month (happened without my knowledge and notice not received by me but court order says "unclaimed" but  postman saying it was return I suspect court campus ). They Filed interim transfer for RCR 67/2018 in Madurai high court. After they started threatening to pay 30 lakh for compromise otherwise I will file DV act on you and I will put  your parents in jail. He threadned my father inside police station even police not care about that.Till now they are  threatening with the same matter and implementing some criminal activity like harassing me in front of everyone and triggering me with women laws. I already gave a complaint to the president of Nagercoil bar council but no action was taken. So fully corrupted.

He's misguiding my wife and saying that "I won't allow you to join again even she interested in you later" So this reveal his true colour, Hee made deal with them(my wife and her mother). I can able to observe my wife's mental flow. After this advocate, this appeared to this case my wife mindset entirely changed and she is not even speaking. He just manipulating my wife to cry in front judge and mediation. While mediation advocate Johnson always interferes with me when I speaking with my wife and threatening in front of mediator and mediator was also silent.

So everywhere made a deal for grabbing money. Advocate P.Johnson used his influence in all the possible way and  he is corrupting court all the way.whenever the appearance was there he is harassing and trying to make me angry kind of " Men harassment " Because he wants file FIR on me then only he can grab money from me easily. I am helpless, even though i was physically attacked by her my wife and her mother i couldnt react because they are women. I couldn't get angry because he is advocate and two ladies(women law) They are not allowing me to appear in the court because they  want to get exparte order in MC/39/2018 case. what should I do sir I understood ordinary man can't fight against me that's why I came to you. I need help. After RCR 67/2018 transferred to Nagercoil HMOP 274/2018. Till now I attended 3 mediation but in any of the mediation, I couldn't speak with her. During mediation, he is not allow me to speak with my wife and he's speaking unnecessary bad words. Whenever I try to speak her advocate become arrogant and try to beat me and used harsh words. Literally threatening. During mediation time they(My wife, her mother and advocate johnson) setup 3 unknown person to beat me. I aware and respect Indian law which supporting only women fine, but I didn't cheat my wife, I just want to live with my wife that's it. But here intention was grabbing money alone. but her advocate brainwashed wife guiding in a wrong direction. My point here is her advocate (Mr.Johnson) he is doing rowdyism activity instead of advocate profession. He insists me to pay 30 lakh to get relief from this case(relief means he will make her return back MC case and she will give divorce). I don't understand is it business??

One more recent incident wants to share about MC/39/2018 they went to high court for revision on MC/39/2018(happened without my knowledge and notice not received by me but court order says "unclaimed" don't know how it happened). but high court dismissed the case .i filled setaside petition in Nagercoil family court but even judge also supporting them and said that "Pay arrear amount then only i will allow the petition" and does .not reject petition and saying orally to me and judge said you appeared on high court for revision of MC/39/2018 why u didn't appeared for MC/39/2018 .(this happens for last 3 appearance). I wants to live with her then why I need to pay.  Please guide in the same. i dont pass this issue just like and i dont want pay single monwy and i want to bring out this issue to the genral forum please tell ,e whom i need give complaint.


 3 Replies

Kiran   11 April 2019

Hello Marimuthu,

I can understand your state of mind, but let me clear you, though the laws are towards women but not necessary that all women will get avail of it. I am exactly facing the same situation as yours that my husband is harrassing me without any fault. I have a kid too but my lawyers, his lawyers even judges are only harrassing me and totally biased towards my husband.Its been more than 6 yrs that I am contesting the cases and my husband has not paid even a single penny towards interim maintenance but no one is taking action against him.

I respect our judicial system but the fact is that it is in a wrong and corrupted hand, so remain no faith in it.

I hope that you will get a satisfactory and correct guidance on this portal which will be helpful to you.

God bless you !!!

Maari R   12 April 2019

Hello, Kiran, 

Thanks, understand my state of mind. My point is very clear that laws are there only for women Nobody ready to hear my point by default they considered me as accused actually they cheated the court, Infront of judge my wife acting like anything even though the judge asked me to pay the amount. but In your case, you can give "s*xual harassment" complaint against the judge, advocate whoever. at least people will consider your allegation. legally women are powerful.

Kiran   13 April 2019

Hello Marimuthu,

Actually, having legal powers and implementing them both are different things.

I dont know about your wife but for me ethics matters most. So, I never misused law and will never misuse it.

Well, try to get the proper legal aid...I hope you will get solution to your all problems soon...

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