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My name is Aakash and I m 21 years old and my gf is 26 years old so sir we want to marriage with eachother but our parents are not ready for marriage bcoz caste issue we both are Hindu but our caste is different so sir we want to maariage in court but we don't want to inform our parent don't want that application form comes in our home so suggest us what we do please and we have leaving certificate instead of birth certificate please help this out please

thank you

Dear! Thanks for the question!
If you both are above the age of 21 years (As you stated), then the guardianship of your parents end and the notice to them specifically needs not be sent. However, a general public notice on the notice board of the court/registrar office is hung for 30 days, giving them time to object if they have a reason. If no one speaks against, you can get your marriage confirmed.
The documents that are required include the proof of date of birth and your scholarly crrtificates should do!(Birth Certifucates won't be needed). Other documents required are -

Application form in the prescribed format with the prescribed fee

Passport Size Photographs of Marrying Persons

Residential Proof of Marrying Persons.

Date of Birth Proof of Marrying Persons.

Residential Proof and PAN Card of Three Witnesses

Death certificate or divorce decree whichever is applicable, in case one of the parties had any marriages in the past.

Also, have 3 witnesses from both the sides ready and managed for the registration!

I hope this helps you!

thank you sir but I m living in Ulhasnagar here they said birth certificate is mandatory so what I do where I go for marriage

The issue must be with the Leaving certificate as it is denied mostly. Try applying your X or XII standard certificate.

The court marriage can be given shape in any of the towns that you both have as your address proofs. 


My 21 years will be completed in Nov 15 and Nov 16 I register my marriage and Dec 16 I will do marriage but where I go for marriage in Ulhasnagar or in Mumbai
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File RTI and seek information on copy of that order/circular/ notifications that  state of essential documents for marriage registration.

DOB in qualification certificate is valid proof of age as per Central Govt. Notification.

The place where you normally reside and have such residential certificate or the place where the marriage has taken place.

To avoid all this, go to Aryasamaj mandir which si a better place for these marriages.  They can also issue such certificates. 


where is Arya samaj Mandir in Mumbai and I live in Ulhasnagar will they accept our marriage in Mumbai??
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Search in google /or google maps.  A marriage can be performed in any approved temples or at any place on ground, in sky, below the ocean per wish of the would be couple.  Most of these marriages generally take place at a distant place from residences, so that no one can identify them.


Spoon feeding every information by the experts should be avoided for "illegal" action of under-age groom.

The marriage is "void" if solemanised.


sorry sir I don't understand can tell me this reply in hindi



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