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Swami Sadashiva Brahmendra Sar (Nil)     25 November 2010

Congratulations to Nitish Kumar

Many Congratulations to Shri Nitish KUmar, for unprecedented victory in Bihar Elections. Truly, it is victory of efforts for good governance and development . In Lalu era someone had written "Lalu Chalisa" in praise of the then Chief Minister Shri Lalu Prasad Yadav. I have written "Samvidhaan Chaalisa" in the praise of  the Constitution of India. I have tried to appreciate the spirit of the Indian Constitution in 40 verses of the chaalisa. I am gifting it to Shri Nitish Kumar on his blog and trust that he will continue his policy and method of governace to uplift the State of Bihar to new hieghts in tune with the spirit of the Constitution.

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Bhartiya No. 1 (Nationalist)     25 November 2010

Thanks a lot Dr. V N Tripathji for this thread.


This election has  so many great message for the entire Nation and is Historic.

The remarkable thing is that, not even a single drop of blood shed and incidence of violence reported in spite of greater voter turnout.

Now people does not like Old raga of Politicians.

New Raga is of Development i.e. Perform or Perish.

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Arup (UNEMPLOYED)     25 November 2010

win of mr nitish kumar is great.

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Democratic Indian (n/a)     25 November 2010

"I have written "Samvidhaan Chaalisa" in the praise of  the Constitution of India. I have tried to appreciate the spirit of the Indian Constitution in 40 verses of the chaalisa."

Really impressive work by Tripathiji to convey the spirit of Constitution! Politicians always try to show that Constitution is insufficient and want to do amendments, to get political mileage by fooling the voters. Example creation of Article 21A. It was an eyewash to fool the people. Right to Education is already embedded in Article 21. Nothing was preventing the State from providing free education, directive principles are already there. What was the need to amend Constitution unnecessarily?

Just like Right to Information is embedded in Article 19(1)a similarly RTE is embedded in Article 21, where was the need to do Amendment to Part III? Part III is the sacred most part of Constitution. This Amendment to create Article 21A is superfluous. Just a political gimmick. It creates an impression that Constitution was not adequate. It has lowered the dignity of Constitution. Constitution is not a playground in hands of legislature to achieve their political goals. Why don't lawyers file case in court to get this corrected?

I would like to draw the attention to illustrate the great spirit of our Constitution by citing a quote from Gita, which also talks about the human right of RKBA of people, which translated into English would roughly mean:

"The State that protects the nation and its people with arms, only there the people can talk about arms"

And the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution in the Bill of Rights(on which the basic structure and doctrine of the Part III of our Constitution is based, please note that RKBA was also seperately enumerated as a guaranteed fundamental right in our draft Constitution and it is stil there in Article 21) says:

"A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."

The basic structure and doctrine conveyed by both the quote from the Gita and the 2nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is essentially the same, which is also reflected in the Part III of our Constitution. If one wants to understand in detail, a detailed discussion has been done by one author at



In the concluding part the SAMVIDHAN CHALISA it is said;


ram raj lig tum Avtara ! l9` deiq bis*# ibcara !!


Over all the chalisa is OK but this line fails the entire chalisa.  This line appreciates "KINGDOM OF A KING" and "Bashishth" was promoter of "KINGDOM OF A KING" which has no place in democracy.  In democracy there is no place of any KING (Ram) and promoters (like Bashishth) of a KINGDOM are ANTI-NATIONAL elements for working against the CONSTITUTION OF A DEMOCRATIC STATE.


So chalisa is flop due to this one line.

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Bhartiya No. 1 (Nationalist)     25 November 2010

In Democracy Majority rules,

And For Majority of People "Lord Rama Is Maryada Purushottam" and wish for "Ramrajya".

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I think very few about 15-20% fundamentalists like to pull back the India in old age thousands kingdoms so that they can continue exploitation of poor & weaker sections. 



Majority means 51% or more.  Please enlighten me who are these 51% those want "Ramrajya"?  If so, show this majority in Parliament and change the constitution, what for waiting?

Bhartiya No. 1 (Nationalist)     25 November 2010

Do not worry that too will Happen. After this Jungle Raj, "Ram Rajya" too will come.

Even Muslim countiries like Indonasia, Malayasia, too adore Lord Rama as we.

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Very good Ashutosh ji and than I will also welcome the decision of majority as I am a democracy lover.  Just as we all are congratulating here to Mr. Nitish Kumar.


But, yet, Chakravarti Samrat Lord Ram is fighting in the courts of this democratic union of India for a very little land piece for a home in AYODHYA TAHSIL and you are dreaming his kingdom over union of India, WOW, that's the spirit Ashutosh ji.


Mere congratulation is not enough for a rare leader like are a role model for new generation leaders who must know that mere vote should not be the for you people and share their dreams..they will put you on the pedestal which you never ever new..YES HONESTY PAYS..
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Swami Sadashiva Brahmendra Sar (Nil)     26 November 2010

Dear Shri Ram Samudre,

Some people may not be clear about the meaning and concept of Ram Rajya. Gandhi ji also gave the slogan of Ram Rajya. Concept of Ram Rajya can not be percieved by random reading of selected episodes of story of Ram- Ravan and extradition of Sita and leftist critisism thereupon.

So far word "Vasishtha" is concerned , it is my first name. My full name is given on the blog and also in the introduction before the chaalisa. Why did you take too much pain to travel to prehistoric era to find the Vasishtha who was Guru of King Ram !

Chaalisa has been written highlighting the good aspects only. I am of the view that seeing a thing with positive approach, is best way to remove shortcomings in it.

I am deeply sorry if  the word Ram hurts you. But, I can't leave it as I love Ram samudre !!!

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Swami Sadashiva Brahmendra Sar (Nil)     26 November 2010

Now it's 26th november, the anniversery of enactment and adoption of the Constitution of India. For the sake of  convenience of my friends, I reproduce the Samvidhaan Chaalisa hereunder . Similar thoughts can be found on my blog

 संविधान चालीसा


(नोट: भारत के संविधान में देवत्व का आभास करते हुए इस "संविधान चालीसा" की रचना की गयी है और इसके द्वारा भारतीय संविधान के मूल दर्शन को इंगित करने का प्रयास किया गया हैचालीसा की पंक्तियाँ लगभग संविधान के अध्यायों के संयोजन के क्रम में हैं- डा० वसिष्ठ नारायण त्रिपाठी)

भारत दिग्दर्शक स्वामी जय जनता उर अंतर्यामी
जनमत अनुमत चरित उदारा सहज समन्जन भाव तुम्हारा॥
सहमति सन्मति के अनुरागी दुर्मद भेद - भाव के त्यागी॥
सकल विश्व के संविधान से। सद्गुण गहि सब विधि विधान से॥
गुण सर्वोत्तम रूप बृहत्तम। शमित बिभेद शक्ति पर संयम ॥
गहि गहि राजन्ह एक बनावा । संघ शक्ति सब कंह समुझावा

सब जन एक समाना। असम विषम कर करहु निदाना॥
करि आरक्षण दीन दयाला। दीन वर्ग को करत निहाला॥
हरिजन हित उपबंध विशेषा। आदिम जन अतिरिक्त नरेशा

बालक नारि निदेश सुहावन। जेहि परिवार रुचिर शुभ पावन॥
मंगल गुण संविधान के। दानि मुक्ति,धन,धर्म ध्यान तें॥
वेद, कुरान,पिटक ग्रन्थ के। एक तत्व लखि सकल पंथ के॥
सब स्वतंत्र बंधन धारन को। लक्ष्य मुक्ति मानस बंधन सो॥
पंथ रहित जनहित लवलीना। सकल पंथ ऊपर आसीना॥
यह उपनिषद रहस्य उदारा। परम धर्म तुमने हिय धारा॥
नीति निदर्शक जन सेवक के। कर्म बोध दाता सब जन के॥
मंत्र महामणि लक्ष्य ज्ञान के। सब संविधि संशय निदान के॥
भारत भासित विश्व विधाताजग परिवार प्रमुख सुखदाता
रचि विधान संसद विलग, अनुपालक सरकार।
आलोचन गुण दोष के , न्याय सदन रखवार॥
मित्र दृष्टि आलोचना , न्याय तंत्र सहकार॥
रहित प्रतिक्रिया द्वेष से, चितवत बारम्बार॥
देत स्वशासन ग्राम ग्राम को। दूरि बिचौधन बेईमान को॥
दे स्वराज आदिम जनगण को। सह विकास संस्कृति रक्षण को॥
बांटि विधायन शक्ति साम्यमय। कुशल प्रशासी केंद्र राज्य द्वय॥
कर विधान जनगण हितकारी। राजकोष संचय सुखकारी॥
राज प्रजा सब एक बराबर। जब विवाद का उपजे अवसर॥
जो जेहि भावे सो करे, अर्थ हेतु व्यवसाय।
सहज समागम देश भर, जो जंह चाहे जाय॥
सबको अवसर राज करन को। शासन सेवक जनगण मन को॥
सब नियुक्त सेवा विधान से। देखि कुशल निष्पक्ष ध्यान से॥
पांच बरस पर पुनि आलोचन। राज काज का पुनरालोकन॥
जनता करती भांति-भांति से। वर्ग-वर्ग से जाति- जाति से॥

अबुध दमित जन आदि समाजा। बिबुध विशेष बिहाइ बिराजा॥
भाषा भनिति राज व्यवहारी। अंग्रेजी-हिंदी अवतारी॥
विविध लोक भाषा सन्माना। निज-निज क्षेत्रे कलरव गाना॥
राष्ट्र सुरक्षा संकट छाये। सकल शक्ति केंद्र को धाये॥
राज्य चले जब तुझ प्रतिकूला। असफल होय तंत्र जब मूला॥
आपद काल घोषणा करते। शक्ति राज्य की वापस हरते॥
अति कठोर नहिं अति उदार तुम। जनहित में संशोधन सक्षम॥
बिबिध राज्य उपबंध विशेषा। शीघ्र हरहु कश्मीर कलेशा॥

दुष्ट विवर्धित लुप्त सुजाना। आडम्बर ग्रसित सदज्ञाना ॥
राम राज लगि तुम अवतारा। लक्षण देखि वसिष्ठ बिचारा॥
जिनको जस आदेश तुम्हारे। सो तेहि पालन सकल सुखारे॥
प्रभु की उत्तम पूजा। तुम्हरो कछु उपदेश दूजा॥
सो तुम होउ सर्व उर वासी। पीर हरहु हरिजन सुखराशी॥
यह चालीसा ध्यानयुत, समझि पढ़े मन लाय॥
राज, धर्म, धन सुख मिले, समरसता अधिकाय

॥ इति श्री भारत भाग्य प्रदीपिका संविधानसारतत्वरुपिका च संविधान चालीसा सम्पूर्णा ॥


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Democratic Indian (n/a)     26 November 2010

Tripathiji, I understand and fully respect by what you mean to say and you have cleared the concept of Ram Rajya. I would like to mention that if Ram Rajya would mean a true Democracy where the sacredness of our Constitution is fully upheld honestly, then people will certainly want such a Ram Rajya. But many people have apprehensions(such apprehensions are not without any reasons if one reads of incedents like these that Ram Rajya would would mean enforcement of Chaturvarna or Manusmriti under some disguise to impose discrimination/dictatorship in a modern way, then people will be very cautious/worried because of these kind of things have already happened in the past as mentioned below:


In Manu Smriti different punishments are reserved for the same 'crime', depending on the culprit's caste like,  If the Sudra intentionally listens for committing to memory the Veda, then his ears should be filled with molten lead and lac; if he utters the Veda, then his tongue should be cut off, if he has mastered the Veda his body should be cut to pieces.


In the epic Ramayana, subsequent to Lord Rama's assumption of the throne of Ayodhya after his return from exile, a Brahmin accuses him of causing the death of his son by his toleration of Shambuka, a Sudra who recited the Vedas. In order to redress the situation, Rama finds Shambuka and slays him. The Brahmin boy comes back to life. 

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Dear Tripathi ji, ours is a democratic secular constitution of a democratic secular state and also it is a UNION of various religion & language.  I believe that you will also consider that "Ram", howsoever you treat it as a name or word, related to a particular religious community.  Whereas the constitution is too wide.  Using/including this word to describe the constitution of India is not justified.


I suggest if you replace the word "ramraj" by "lokraj" than your such great efforts will be succeeded.


As regards your name "Bashishth" in it, I can understand it as OK like;



kha> myqane ka drvaja gailb Aor kha> va[j

pr [tna jante hE. kl vo jata 4a ik hm inkle


Like gailb” here, "bis*#" is your tqLlus.



Typing correction;



kha> myqane ka drvaja gailb AOr kha> va[j

pr [tna jante hE. kl vo jata 4a ik hm inkle



and one more suggestion, please put your name in inverted sign like; bis*#” so it will be clear. 

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