compliant against councilor of my ward


I'll clearly explain what had happened with me and our Ward Councilor. 

We are doctors running  Siddha and Homepathic clinic. Just to bring awareness of our new office we opted for some promotional activities to create awareness among public about our clinic. We had some banners and thought of posting a couple of banners in our street main road, so that it covers all local people. We consulted our area councilor.

She said, we need to pay Rs. 1500 for some legal papers containing number, so that we can put it in the banner and no one can destroy it, since it's a public place. This happened three months before, that is, in the month of March 2014 and after few weeks in the mid of April she asked for another 3000 buck, for which she said it is also for some other legal purposes as well and we'll get the number and legal papers in a week time after this payment. We had no other go we paid it too.

After that, that one week time span never came to her, we are still ringing her but every time she picks up the phone she'll be saying "i'm in municipality office, here and there" For the past two days she is not picking up the phone either. It's completely switched off. And in between when she picks up the phone, she hears our voice and switch it off again. We know she is bullying us and whatever we paid is gone.

My question is;

1) Which is the perfect place for us to file a complaint about her. Whichever it is we are ready to do it.

2) Is there any such rules of payment things that we have to pay for government just in order to put an ad banner in public place, if so what is the exact amount? Or did she fool us altogether and took it as a bribe?

3) and If she has took it as a bribe, from us where do i need to compliant about that?

Can anyone quickly help me in this. 

I'm ready to take her to court too.


A. Shamnaz




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