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Cheating girl

I met a girl through facebook a year back we exchanged phone numbers and got closer eachother, later it developed into relationship and we both decided to get marry, on this hopes she demanded things and i got her mobile phones, postpaid connection paid bills,dresses,few jewels etc etc and i took her to my parents and they agreed and she also promised and stopped my parents idea of arrange marraige idea, that she would tell her parents and arrange to meet, i got her a job in company also few days later she started acting indifferently by avoiding and got to know she was cheating, when we approached their parents in polite manner her brother and father started threatening and finally with her high political influence they filed a false complaint against me for no fault of mine, saying i blackmailed and harrassed threatened to kill etc etc, when i stated i have a photos sms conversations n few phone records of us in a police station they erased all the data in my phone n gave it back, but i had a backup in my computer, later the complaint was CMIS no FIR was done and sent me, few days later i got to know things through her friends source that she did the same to others too before when i spoke to them they agreed, now i consulted a lawyer and filed a PCR 420 and 506 section against her, her brother is threatening me in phone call when i got few photos of his with some girl, suspecting a whole family fraud now, meanwhile the sworn statement is postponed since 2 months police are booked these people are still continuing the trap tactics with no fear when i have all the evidences to prove, she and her family all changed there phone numbers deleted facebook profiles.......

finding a solution for this  


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Rahul Kapoor (Legal Enthusiast)     12 February 2013


have u got married ?


ABHISHEK KUMAR VATSA (Freelancer)     13 February 2013


See if u have evidences still with u you can lodge a complain . And if local police is not helping u  can send  the application to higher authority but i will suggest you that if she is having a good political background you can take help of local media. This thing surely work. Don't be afraid of these kind of person someone has to take action against them.


Chetan Joshi (Advisory/Advocacy)     14 February 2013

I would suggest you to avoid un necessary litigation...File a discharge petition for yourself...






no i am not married sir, but my question is "If the girl is cheated by a guy and if she lodge complaints in police stations they immediately arrest the guy and arrange the marriage on spot, this is happening everywhere even today" why cant we guys question if the girl cheats ??? i wud like to face it this challenge ...... plz suggest the possibilities sir

Girish (Senior Manager Operations)     21 February 2013

I unfortunately married a similar cheater girl without doing any background checks. Now when she has started threatening me of 498 & other stuff I took action first by going to Police. Now, that the Local Police are not taking it seriously I went to Commissioner of Police with a complaint. Next Step - I am going to Court & I am gonna file a Case under IPC 420 = Fraud & IPC 503 = Blackmailing. I have recoded call coverversations as bonafide & primafacie evidance. I am putting all the pressure on Police to take the Criminal Case & if they won't accept then I will go to the Court & file a case of cheating. The girl I married is already changed in another similar case of Fake promise of Marriage under IPC 420 & IPC 451 = House Trespassing. The entire family is FRAUD! Marriage is their BUSINESS!

I am going to take help of Media also. Keep in touch! Be strong!

Prostitues are better than these kind of FRAUD girls. For Easy Money Girls are doing all kind of businesses now.

I have also decided to run a social campaign now. Very soon I will make an anouncement.

Also, ask your mother to send a cmplaint to 'Rashtriya Mahila Aayog'.

raveenasen (Manager)     21 February 2013

You may file a criminal complaint of cheating with the local police,however, your remedies will depend upon the documents available with you. It may be better to engage a local lawyer.


OMG help me out with this issue plz, the gal is  giving no. of complaints aginst me in different police stations n harrasing me how to stop this act help me out, even whn i evidences they r not taking ne counter complaint n supporting her by saying women has powers, whr shud we guys shud go..... befrore marriage it wil be harrasment eve teasing and after marriage it wil be dowry etc etc r we still living in a civilaised country ? wat kind of of law it is ? before it was religion war later it was caste war n now it has become a gender war .... i need justice for no fault of mine plz suggest ........

Manish Udar (www.Mehnat.IN)     08 April 2013

You go to a magistrate to fight this case.

Sir I hav filed a case in megistrate already in December but the judge giving dates for even sworn statement when my lawyer made it advance last week even though the judge is not referring it to police station .... Wats my problem her meanwhile this gals father is harassing me by filing false complaint, this time he even filed complaint n FIR was registered under IPC 506, 507 I took a bail but police is torturing me tht again I threatened her family n they asking me to come police station every week, they r saying ill put B- report close the case n I guess expecting bribe for that .....shud I go or not plz suggest !


can guys apply this new law against cheated women ???

Hari Krishna (Student)     11 July 2013

Mr.Girish if the police are not taking your complaint, just file a private case in the court.  

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