cash for vote- where was the media?

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For the past three years Delhi police remained in hybernation and did not progress the case in which 3 BJP Mps were seen showing currencies to the worth of Crores inside the Parliament in order to draw attention that ruling congress is trying to bribe them to abstain from crucial voting on the no confidence motion against the PM UPAI in 2008. If it si arguesd that Delhi police directly under the thumb of ruling congress in the centre deliberately delayed the procedings what about the Fouth rated Indian Media? Were they busy with Team India and those Liliputs who are good for nothing for our sports in India?

Why they did not do a follow up till SCof NRI( Non -Resident Indians) sorry India take a call and wake the Delhi police up after they lath charged some BA BA ABA BA ABABA rAM dEV's followers at the wee hours of night probably practising Kapal Bharti Yoga?

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Indian Media is only a puppet in the hands of the power-tanks and the ruling Govt. They broadcaste only what is beneficial to the Govt. or to them. In all they show what sells.






Have you read about PAID NEWS? Journalists are not Mahatmas.

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Its all too romantic to think that editors or the reporters( fondly called journalists in India) are the one who takes the decision what news to be fabricated and what's not. It is the Mudroc who was called to depose before the British Parliament , our colonial masters. But in India those media moguls are inside the ghunghat . People do have an impression that editors in India are all  powerful and do what they think right. It is other way round , mumbai club decides whats to be cooked up and fed to the general public.

Is it too difficult for our police force to unearth who when how got the money and who all were involved under whose instructions. In my view it is not. None of the major political parties is serious about case . They have a got up and media has its TRP . Lets the indian democracy suffers silently.




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