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Reddy   07 January 2017

Case against royal enfield bike

Hello Sir, I bought a bike Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500 on 14 November 2016. Till date its been 10 times I reached service center for getting multiple issues fixed like engine noise issue and whistle noise issue but none of the issues are fixed. This bike costed me 2.05 Lakhs and now it has these many issues which is too painful. I have sent across email to Royal Enfield people multiple times and there is hardly any response, Service Center or Royal Enfield mechanics are saying engine noise is normal issues and have no impact on bike's performance. I am looking for bike replacement with new bike that has no issues or complete money refund that I have paid for the bike. I am planning to proceed to District Consumer Forum but many of my friends are saying me that, nothing will happen to Royal Enfield People as its big brand / organization and they will be having the best lawyers, their lawyers already might have dealth with many like you. So its not going to help you. Can anyone please help me to come out of this situation and process / tips to win this case. Thanking you very much. Best Regards, Reddy


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Praveen Goud Vanga (Advocate)     07 January 2017

Dear Friend,

you can file a criminal case on them, dont file in the police station but get it court referred after complying the process as mentioned in Priyanka Srivasthava Judgement.

simultaneously file a case in consumer forum

U need to have all the documents, Invoices, bills etc.

Wheather it is big brand or small brand every one is equal before law.


Praveen vanga

Advocate (Hyderabad)

Reddy   07 January 2017

Hello Praveen,

Thank you for your email.  Can you please provide the link of Priyanka Shrivastava Judgement.

Reddy   07 January 2017

Following is the complete email content I sent to Royal Enfield CEO/Div Manager on 04 Jan 2017.

There are multiple issues I am facing with the bike Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500 Marine delivered on 14 November 2016.  In the below email workshop refers to Platinum Auto Workshop located in Fatima Nagar, Pune.

1st Visit:- 14 November 2016 - Day of Bike Delivery - I was the the happiest person to take delivery of Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500 Marine but I was never aware that this would become the reason for my sadness going further.  The first issue I reported was at the time of delivery - There was engine noise in the bike delivered to me, but I was convinced by Platinum Auto workshop guys saying that its been in idle state for long time and engine noise will be stopped in few mins.  With the trust on Platinum Auto Workshop guys I drove bike to my residence. 

2nd Visit:- 26 November 2016 - Due to busy schedule and unavailability of time, I went to Platinum Auto workshop on 26 Nov 2016 for the second time with multiple issues.

  • Engine Noise
  • Tank Noise (Whistle Noise)

I handed over the bike to workshop guys and it was delivered back to me on 28 November 2016, where none of the issues were resolved.  Due to daily transport requirements FROM and TO office I was not able to go back on the same day.

3rd Visit:- 10 December 2016 - I went to workshop to get my bike serviced as it reached 402 kms (as per guidelines provided in Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500 user's manual) and to get the issues fixed reported earlier i.e., 1. Engine Noise 2. Tank Noise (Whistle Noise) and 3. Friction or Vibration at Break Pedal.

4th Visit: 12 December 2016 - I went to workshop to collect my serviced bike expecting all the issues will be fixed, but again none of the issues were fixed.

5th Visit: 17 December 2016 - Even after multiple visits to workshop none of the issues were fixed, and so I have sent across an email to Platinum Auto Workshop Manager, HR Manager, and Manager along with Royal Enfield Support Email.  With which I received a call from Platinum Auto workshop Manager Mr. Pratap asking me to get the bike to Platinum Auto service center.

Hence, I visited Platinum Auto Workshop - Mr. Pratap checked my bike and asked me to comeback again on 19 December 2016 convincing me that its weekend time and there will be Royal Enfield Expert arriving on 19 December 2016 to Platinum Auto Workshop and so he will fix the issues in my bike.

6th Visit: 19 December 2016 - As discussed with Pratap, I handed over my bike to Platinum Auto Workshop to fix Engine Noise and

Whistle Noise issues with a promise that all the issues in the bike will be resolved and will be delivered by 21 December 2016, but it got delayed with everyday postponement till 24 December 2016.  Considering that all issues in my bike will be resolved by the time of delivery, even I was waiting very much patiently so that I should not be disturbance in fixing the issues and thus travelling in UBER/OLA cabs for my every requirement.

7th Visit: 24 December 2016 - I went to workshop to collect my bike Thunderbird 500 Marine with full expectations that all the issues will be fixed, but again none of the issues were fixed and for Engine Noise I was convinced that there were valves replaced under warranty.  These new valves need some play so asked me to again wait till my 2nd service and that will fixed during second service.

8th Visit: 26 December 2016 - Observing that even whistle noise was not fixed, I went back to Workshop again and spoke to Mr. Pratap - then after waiting for 2 hrs my bike was delivered by fixing whistle noise thru gasket replacement under petrol tank (I was said so).


Even the bike registration certificate I received even it has errors in it, i.e., Model Name is wrongly printed as Royal Enfield Classic 500 Marine instead of Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500 Marin, approaching RTO Pune, answer from them was, the inputs provided by showroom people will be taken and the same will be printed on Registration Certificate.  So none of the work is done smoothly by Platinum Auto.

After these many visits, today I am again facing the same issues i.e., whistle noise issue from Petrol Tank, Engine Noise and Whistle (Don't know what to say exactly) Noise from silencer, oil leakage marks/issues on Engine Head and Friction at Break Pedal.  The number of visits I had to Platinum Auto can be clearly identified in the expressions of the workers over there starting from Security till Manager, where everyone started showing sympathy but none can fix the issue.

Performing calculations based on above mentioned dates or duration, starting from 1st visit i.e., Bike Delivery date 14 November 2016 to 04 January 2017 - ITS TOTAL 51 DAYS OUT OF WHICH BIKE WAS IN PLATINUM AUTO WORKSHOP FOR MORE THAN 10 DAYS AND REST OF 40 DAYS WITH ME.  No one will be able to bear such situation with newly purchased bike by investing more than Rs. 2 Lakhs.  Dates along with the points mentioned above may have minor differences i.e., a day or two differences but rest is all same.

I am not ready to live with such kind of bike that has got its engine/engine resources repaired with in a span of one month after delivery.

Common Answers at Platinum Auto Workshop by their own guys, these issues are quite common in Royal Enfield bikes.
I have tried in too many ways by sending across multiple escalation emails and provided negative feedback against Platinum Auto but nothing was helpful.  Now I am no more ready to face this mental agony, that is disturbing both personal and professional life.

Finally, I would request your help or support to overcome this situation which is possible thru one of the below mentioned solutions:-

Solution 1:-
1. Replace my bike with Brand New Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500 Marine with ASSURANCE THAT I WILL NOT BE FACING ANY ISSUES AGAIN WITH NEWLY PROVIDED BIKE, as I am not ready to face the same mental agony again and I would be in need of following same process.
2. I will be providing you all the invoices or bills for multiple visits TO and FROM Platinum Auto Workshop and my residence - which should be paid to me by Platinum Auto.
3. Amount I have spent till date in Platinum Auto Workshop for replacing few bike parts (due to defects or issues reported in existing brand new bike parts) and labour charges to fit the same.
4. Compensate the mental agony I am facing till date starting from November 14, 2016 by paying an amount of Rs.40,000.

Solution 2:-
1. Refund all my money that I have paid for purchasing the bike Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500 Marine, Registration Charges, Road Tax,
Insurance, HDFC Bank Loan Processing fees and its interest, and overall interest for the amount I have paid till date that includes point 2 and point 3.
2. I will be providing you all the invoices or bills for multiple visits TO and FRO to Platinum Auto Workshop - which should be paid to me.
3. Amount I have spent till date in Platinum Auto Workshop for replacing few bike parts (due to defects or issues reported in existing brand new bike parts) and labour charges to fit the same.
4. Compensate the mental agony I am facing till date starting from November 14, 2016 by paying an amount of Rs.40,000.
Awaiting reply !!! In case no reply received in next 5 working days - will be proceeding legally against Platinum Auto and Royal Enfield by filing a case in District Consumer Forum with all the evidences for every issue and every visit and payments made to get them fixed.

Shobhit Chauhan (Founder/President)     07 January 2017

It is very common for people to say that nothing will happen to big companies. Its all a way to prevent you from going against the companies. If all big companies and people have some special or super natural power than there would be no cases at all in the courts. 

We have been fighting a case against Mahindra and we have got the Car's vehicle replaced by the company and also received Rs. 70, 000/- against actual losses incurred due to their faulty car. And all this just through strong communication and notice directly to Shri. Anand Mahindra. but the company was very unlucky, they could not fix the issue evven after replacing the entire engine assembly. So we filed a case in the Consumer Forum. Now the case is in final arguments and we are winning the case. Even if we loose, we will file an appeal but wee will fight. 


You can view details here:    https://harassedbymahindra.blogspot.in/ 

Praveen Goud Vanga (Advocate)     08 January 2017


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