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Sonu (na)     01 December 2013

Car fraud on promise to marry


My sister has been defrauded  by a GUY to the tune of Rs 4.5 lacs. He promised to marry my sister and in return asked for a car. My sister broke her FD and she made the payment to car dealer in gurgaon through cheque and online transfer both and the guy got the car registered in his name at his address in delhi .

Subsequently he refused to marry and  my sister got the FIR registered under section 376/406/506  dated July'13 in gurgaon. The FIR mentions the car number too.

The GUY ran away on knowing about the FIR and he left the car in a hotel in  Lucknow.The hotel informed the lucknow police and lucknow police brought the car to lucknow police station. The lucknow police informed the delhi police (since car registered  in delhi ) and delhi police informed the gurgaon police.

The gurgaon police have got the car from lucknow and at present the car is in gurgaon police station. we do not know whether gurgaon police did some formality in lucknow court or not

Now We need to know how to transfer the car in my  sister's name. The original papers of the car are not there since the guy has taken with him.

The gurgaon police is saying that the car can be transferred in my sister;s name only when the guy is arrested. But the issue is guy is not traceable. The guy's parents tell police that they have no relation to their son. The GUY has other cases against him too filed by other  girls in other court. He is a fraud.

The gurgaon police also says the other option is to sell the car. But we do not want to sell. I have four questions.

1 ) Pls advice how to trans fer the car in my sister's name. she has made payment to car dealer and so ideally she is the real owner. The gurgaon police has authentication from Bank manager that payment is indeed made from my sister's account.

my sisters statement has already been done in front of magistrate in gurgaon  three months back in july'13 by the police

2) How can we get the  car through  court in gurgaon. Till date we have not hired a lawyer .How to get a govt lawyer or pvt lawyer to file the car transfer case in court ?

3)  Gurgaon police told that we need to pay for the petrol expenses for bringing the car from lucknow. we agreed. But now they did not ask for any money. I need to know whether such expenses are paid by the  police or do we need to pay. But strange why they are not aksing for the petrol expenses !

4) How to trace the guy. my sister feels that his father is also involved with this episode since the guy does all the fraud with  his voter id registered at his parents address. The guy changes his phone/sim and targets girls through matrimonial websites



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2BHelpfull (Other)     01 December 2013

get the duplicate RC copy of the car for RTO.


get the copy of the bankpayment towards car .


as u have already filed FIR ,FIR copy.


File a case of fraud against the man .

n possession of the car case .


As the car is consfisticated u will get it onlythrough Court . ask the police where the case  will be heard and resonable expenses must be paid to police via deposit  in court or as the court order direct.

Hardeep (Business)     01 December 2013

Hi !

What 2Bhelpfull says seems to be the logical course to follow.

But I am curious about your statement :

" The gurgaon police also says the other option is to sell the car. But we do not want to sell."

How can you sell the Car when the Car Papers/ RC etc. are not in your/ your sister's name ? What does the Gurgaon Police have to say about that ?

Look forward to your clarifications....

T. Kalaiselvan, Advocate (Advocate)     01 December 2013

The legal course of action is to establish that you purchased the car and you funded the repayment and the guy who is absconding is a good evidence for your claims.

Nadeem Qureshi (Advocate/ nadeemqureshi1@gmail.com)     01 December 2013

Dear Sonu

car can not be transfer in your sister's name without court order, contact a lawyer personally.

Sonu (na)     02 December 2013


I need to know one thing. The court also give a govt lawyer. Can my sister's get it. If yes, then how. How can we start a case in court. Will the police need to help us in getting a govt lawyer to start a case in court for fraud and car recovery.

2nd question, is a govt lawyer a good option or do we need to hire a pvt lawyer. If yes, why so ?


3rd, how much is the fee normally charged by lawyer for just getting the car released to my  sister and secondly, how much fee is normally charged by a pvt lawyer for a full fledged case against the guy ?





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